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ust to let you know, I have a massive job lot on eBay, its been on a week, and got Nudda, so its back on, and cheaper!
Its RRP new is around £600
Includes FW bits, Bits, and OOP marines. (not included in RRP estimation).

Also, if people here make me a good offer (It'll have to be cash, or a VERY good deal) I'll happily remove it, and sell privately here.

This is all being sold, as 2 weeks ago me and my other (Better) half, were in a car accident, we're fine, but my miss's car was written off. She's back at college soon, and without a car, cant get to work, long story short, she's given time/things for my 40k, so its about time the 40k did something for her.

Please don't take that last statement as a guilt trip, its just to explain "why" i'm desperately trying to sell them!

Auction can be found here:

Obviously goes without saying, but items sold as seen.
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