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The Day before:

I woke up around 07:15 for my flight, which was fine except for the fact my taxi was booked for 06:15! Bollocks! Made it to check in with 15mins to spare, got on the plane, got to Nottingham by around 11:30, and was in bugmans for around 12:00, eating, drinking and reading a book.

Later i met up with the Flame on guy's, sat around having a damn good drink, Talked about what we thought was going to happen the next day at which point i came to the conclusion that i didn't give a bollox if i qualifed or not as i was only pie-ing for the banter!!

Day 1: Game 1 - Recon

Opponent - Stuart Robertson: Army - Tau Empire

Ok, well Stu had a JsJ Tau army, and i had a Zoom Zoom Tau army so i felt before the game that i was on a hiding to nothing in this game! To make things worse, this was Stu's first GT (damn!). On the bright side he's a good friend of Dakari-mane, a damn good guy and i got to listen to Dak being sarcastic to a guy from Malta about his Eldar (which was quite funny)

So after setting up i came to the conclusion that i had 2 options. 1 hide for the game then zoom out last turn, or zoom out 1st turn for a fire fight and have fun but probably lose! Well bugger it, i did the second! Yeah! Yeah!

His tactics were spot on. He hid from me, jumped out then shot the pish out of me. Two notable points of the game were that if my Railguns hadn't hit air then they would have hit almost nothing all game. Secondly i tried to tank shock one of his battlesuit units off the table. He passed his leadership test and i got slapped for it! Eventually i managed to kill his 2 main tanks, but well pretty much everything else got wasted!

Result: Stu = 1181vp's MarzM = 560vp's

Oh Dear, pretty solid win to Stu!

Day 1: Game 2 - Seek and Destroy (Escalgaytion)

Opponent - Andy Holmes: Army - Necrons

Ah Bollox!! Mech Tau Vs Necron really isn't pretty!
I was worried, i really hate playing Necron's with this army. Infact the only army i hate playing more is Ravenwing. Well being Necron's most of his stuff starts on the table. He had a lord, destroyers, warriors, immortals, tomb spiders oh yes and a monolith! (shock horror).
Turn 1 see's Andy's army wander forward while my 2 units hide. I try to come on in turn 2 on just one side, but due to rubbish luck with reserves etc the plan just doesn't seem to work. His monolith wasn't great, but his Gauss more than made up for it on everything else. My Railguns again were shocking. I constantly missed, if i did hit i rolled 1's, i was having a personal nightmare of a game! lol. Highlight point for me was 2 gun drones for a pirhana charging, beating and running down a unit of Necron Warriors, and they came so close to doing it to a unit of Immortals too!

Result: Andy = 2039vp's MarzM = 393vp's!
Great fun game but I got a whupping!

Day 1: Game 3 - Take and Hold (Escalgaytion)

Opponent - Steve Morris: Army - Necron's AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i dunno who was least happy, me for getting another Necron player of Steve for getting his 3rd Tau player. He had a couple of lords, the worlds biggest unit of Immortals, 3 units of warriors, 2 scarabs, a tomb spider (apparently! It never turned up!) and a Monolith. Most of his army started on, most of mine off. Steve won first turn and gave it to me. I pretty much did sod all! He moved his Immortals into the woods on the far side. Turn 2 my pathfinders and fire warriors turned up as well as my stealth team and a monat. I brought most of the stuff on the far left side and thinking that he would jump his lord + immortals i walked my FW onto a hill with the broadside (thinking he'd want to tie it in combat) and i walked the pathfinders on into a position where they could see the broadside and all around. Next i opened up on the Immortals and managed to kill 4! He jumped in his turn and killed the Fire warriors. In my reserves i got most of the rest of the army. My devilfish started shooting his scarabs on one side and i was still in a bad mood with the hammerhead so it got the scarab killing duty on the other. Then i lit up the Immortal unit, and once the seekers stopped flying, there was no immortal unit! His monolith was next to arrive but he had very bad luck with his particalwhippy12"thingy! My hammerhead shot it, miss! again! This happened for about 2 turns before my Pirahnas turned up and put the Monolith out of my misery!

Highlight moment for me. My turn 6, Putting my army of tanks between the objective and his army of gauss boyz! SHITTING MYSELF!! for his turn 6, Happily all i lost was the skyray!

Result: Steve = 567vp's MarzM = 1689vp's

Great game, Tris (one of the judges) kept taking the mick out of Steve about losing, it wasn't till near the end that Steve told me he worked for Forge World and he was actually Tristans boss! lol

Well, end of day one and it could have been better! 3 great games but the results had mostly gone all Pete Tong! Ah well there was always day 2.

So i went drinking!!!


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Well on to day two;

I woke up with a bit of a hangover, 3 Co-codamol and a full breakfast later and i was feeling better. I got to Warhammer world and the first person i met was Mathie (flame on member origionally from glasgow) and i instantly felt better coz he looked like death warmed up!

Day 2: Game 1 - Cleanse
Opponent - Duncan Cormack (Team ****): Army - Dark Angels

His army included a jump chappy, jump librarian, 2 tac squads, 1 dev squad, dreadnought, pred and a terminator unit. His chapter is called the castigators and IMO were very nice. We rolled off, he picked sides and he also got to go first. Turn one saw him deepstrike his terminator unit straight into my army. A good scatter and they were down without loss. He then shot at one of my monats but failed to would it. I did a bit of zoom zoom, and with the help some markerlights 1 unit of dead termi's. On a side note this was the begining of the Super Kroot. 20 shots, 13 hits on 4+ 10 wounds! Killed only 1, but thats a lot of hits! On the other side my broadside killed the dreadnought. In his second turn Duncan started to mov through the difficult terrain between us and he also killed a gun drone from the stealth unit. In my second turn i killed his pred with the hammerhead (yes it actually hit). I pretty much waited for his forward units to come towards me, killed them and then took the whole of my army and killed what was left. The only muck up i made was i forgot my 2nd jump phase (i believe its called the assault phase) in one turn and so his chaplain managed to kill my Shas'el and one monat.

Result - Duncan = 177vp's MarzM = 2954vp's
A really good win and a great game to boot. Duncan was a bit unlucky, im still not sure if he did make an armour save or not!

Day 2: Game 2 - Secure and Control
Opponent - David Sharp (Team Moo): Army - Ravenwing

This army was on the table next to me in the last round, and i was so glad to avoid it, but here it was! Damn.
His army consisted of the master in speeder, lots of bikes with lots of melta's, lots of attack bikes with lots of multimeltas and lots of landspeeders with multi/ass combo's. Oh dear. Oh, and just to help, the god's of dice gave David first turn. My only chance i though was with deployment. I set up the hammerhead behind the only piece of level 3 cover i had then spaced my infantry out infront of my tanks, this way he could choose so shoot either or but not both. Turn 1 David shot forward and happly (for me) only managed to kill the Skyray and my fire warriors. In return i managed to stop a couple of speeders, kill one attack bike and wound another. Over the next few turns i managed to kill almost all of Davids army with very little loss due in no small part to the numbers of 1's to hit he rolled. By the end of the game the Super kroot were kicking ass, running away and then rallying then charging again. I held all the objectives and the game was done.

Result - David = 520vp's MarzM = 2950vp's
A Fantastic win, the come back is on! Table 76 to qualification in 4 games? maybe!

Day 2: Game 3: - Recon - Escalgaytion
Opponent - Andy Isherwood: Army - Nuns with Guns!

Now some people might recognise Andy, he is infact one half of Ibis Miniatures with Joe Sturge. So when i say that his army was stunning, i mean it was stunning. The only reason it didnt get nominated for best army was because one of the vehicals wasn't finish. His army consisted of 2 stormtrooper units, 2 sister units, 1 retribution squad, 2 inquisitors, a cannoness of jumpy doom, 2 exorcists, Celestine and an evesor.
I got turn 1, this meant that the evesor was getting SMS to death, turn over. Andy's first turn was just movement. Turn 2, lots of my stuff turned up and i managed to take one sisters unit to half strength, kill a stom trooper unit and kill a couple of guy's from the other. In andy's turn his cannoness turned up and attacked my skyray but bounced, sadly celestine ripped into the hammerhead with better affect. (on a side note not once all weekend did my decoy launchers save me). On the bright side i managed to Railgun the bitch in the next turn wiht the super kroot hitting the cannoness with 17 out of 20 shots and then wounding with 15! She rolled 2 ones and the shas'el took the rest. The skyray lit up both the exorcists and i seeker missiled them in the side armour but only killing one. The other then obliterated the skyray. On the other side, Andy's storm troopers killed a devilfish and then beat up two gun drones but was finally killed off by the fire warriors who were a bit annoyed they now had to walk. The combined fire power of the other devilfish and the stealth team managed to break the retribution squad but time was running out and the bitch was already back! The born again celestine had killed off the Super Kroot and Shas'el, while the exorcist has dispached the monat with ease. Andy had 1 sister unit in my deployment and his exorcist. I had a piranha, firewarrior squad and pathfinder unit in his, it all rested on the stealth team. Between then and victory stood an inquisior with bolter crossbow and henchman, The devilfish shot them, 7 shots, hit 3 times killed only 1! The stealth team shot him 12 shots causing only 1 wound. So i assaulted,15 attack, 2 hits 2 wounds, both saved! So i was stuck in combat and in Andy's last turn celestine jumps them and kills them off!

Result - Andy = 1239vp's MarzM = 1185vp's

A draw! Damn! Probably the fairest result. Andy is a great guy and it was a tense, close game all the way through. I ejoyed playing against him but at this point i felt i was out!

So i was sitting in Bugmans after the last game and i noticed that there appeared to be a lot of people on 102 points! Mmmm i wonder. I watch the presentation ceremony then got the results and bugger me i was in 40th! So i got my ticket then left! Funnily i got down stairs and was told there might have been a balls up with the computer system and i might not have entered a couple of people! So i hope they get given the wild cards, but i got my ticket and so far im happy. It was a good weekend, and i had 6 fantastic games anfd i dint have to play any pricks, i got drunk. I met up with old friends and made some new ones!

Looking forward to the final. Heres some more pic's



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You beat them once.:)

I know what you mean. (It's one of their better features in my opinion.)

Besides as you mentioned in your game against them they have atrocious dice for their multimeltas. (Mine as well, sometimes they do ok but often they just miss. At heat 1 in at least two games my speeders were far more effective at killing tanks with their assault cannons and heavy bolters.) I believe melta weapons are cursed. To be honest I often have more faith in my krak grenades in some circumstances. (One game against a hammerhead both bolters and grenades were more reliable than the multimelta.)
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