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marks of gods and psychic focus

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reading the rules it says if a psyker takes his spells from one school he has the psychic focus so gets the primaris free. with chaos marines that are marked they don't get psychic focus but automatically gain the primaris.

So my question is with my Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer he has to take a spell from the Tzeentch table, but because he already knows the primaris (so a spell from tzeentch), so with his lvl1 can he then take the a spell from daemonology ( as all psykers also get the daemonology table as well)?

just curious of other peoples interpretation.
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I know it's been said at this point, but the CSM book is pretty clear on this to my eyes.

If the Psyker has a Mark of Chaos, or is a Daemon of a
particular Chaos God, 1they must roll at least one, 2and may
roll up to half
, of their powers on the table that corresponds
to their patron deity.
1. if the psyker is ML1 and has the mark of a specific god, they must roll their one power on the corresponding psychic table (which of course gives them psychic focus since they generated all their powers from one table)

2. if the psyker is ML2+ and has the mark of a specific god, they can only generate half of their powers (I assume rounding up because that's the way of this game in a lot of other instances) from that specific table.

I can find no mention of this 'Chaos Focus' you guys bring up in the CSM 'dex. Based on what I read in the Codex, the only way a Chaos psyker can get psychic focus on a table is if they are ML1. What's all this about 'Chaos Focus'? Even in the Daemon book I can't find this sentence anywhere:

If a psyker has a mark of chaos or is a daemon of a particular chaos god, that model automatically knows the primaris power of the discipline that corresponds to their patron deity, in addition to any other powers it knows.
Where's it at?? :scratchhead:
It's in the BRB actually, on the same page as the Psychic Focus rule.
Perfect! I was wondering, since I knew I had even read it before.

When you're level 2, things get complicated. You MUST ROLL one power, but you CAN'T roll two powers, because it says 'may roll up to half'. This disqualifies you from maxing out and getting the Primaris. That's why Chaos Focus exists; so you always have the Primaris from the Mark table as a consolation prize.
This is right on the money, it's totally a consolation prize for not being able to gain Psychic Focus normally.

Just looked up the rule again. Yes, it looks like Horrors could get away with it. Demons can skip rolling on the god's powers, but Chaos Psychic Focus still gives it to them. THAT is the loophole, since it's meant to be one Psychic Focus or the other.
Pink Horrors generate their powers from the Change table only, and as such would get normal Psychic Focus without needing Chaos Psychic Focus. How do they get to skip rolling or gain powers from another discipline?
As INTENDED, Horrors could take Daemonology and get the free Primaris.

As WRITTEN, they take Daemonology, get the free Primaris, and get the Change Primaris.
Checked and double checked and I fully agree. Not that I play Daemons/Chaos, but I face them a lot so this is pertinent info for me.

Unless I'm mistaken (and at the risk of starting a whole other discussion) psykers can only cast a number of powers equal to their mastery level.
You are mistaken. While this may have been the case in previous editions I'm still trying to forget, it is not the case in 7th edition.

iven the issues I have getting multiple psykers to cast even a single power each reliably, it doesn't sound all that broken to me
I've faced Daemon lists with 15+ masterly level points. They do what they want in the psychic phase :laugh:
The number of powers they can cast is dependent on their level.
:laugh: tell that to Librarius Conclaves.

There is another line further in the psychic rules that basically say 'keep casting till you run dry of dice'.
This one is the key.
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