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All this for sale. Let me know if anything takes your interest

Space Hulk sergeant with Thunderhammer: Untouched and on sprue £offers

Blood Angel Baal Predator parts for sale: Flamer, Flamestorm parts available, icons etc. £offers

Captain Draco: Bought in error. Glued to base, weapon unattached. £offers

2008 Games Day Captain: Unassembled, has had a few tiny bits of GS on joining areas, but very easily removable: £offers

Assortment of Raptor rhino and land raider doors / front plates: PM me for more details.

Black Templar upgrade parts bag: Real big assorted bag of BT parts from the upgrade kits. Bolter hands, BP/CCW arms, few torsos and backpacks. PM for exact numbers.

6 x Chaplain Grimaldus backpacks: Unpainted. £offers

Chaos marine bits bag: Large number of winged Night Lord helmets, plus a few Chaos backpacks / weapons. PM me for exact numbers

5 Space marine bikes + attack bike: Bikes assembled and primered. Bikers still on sprue, attack bike completely on sprue: £35 for the whole squadron

Sternguard Veteran: Model with the bolter facing down. Unpainted / Unassembled. £offers

5 x Legion of the damned: 5 bolter legionnaires from blister packs. £25 retail, so £20 for all five.

Librarian in terminator armour: Latest model, can supply with storm bolter hand. £offers

Imperial Guard Hellhammer: Assembled but unpainted. £45

2 x Cadian at Ease: Unpainted / unbased. £offers

As for trades, I'm mainly after unpainted whirlwinds, baal predators and vindicator kits. I might be tempted in a different Superheavy tank, but let me know what you have
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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