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Making Helmet Crests

By Viscount Vash

This is a very quick and simple way to make a Marine Unique and can be used for other races as well as SMs.

What do you Need?

The Head of the model , A craft knife, needle file, superglue and some easy to score plastic (Foamex PVC).

Doing the do!

The first thing (as always) is to clean mould lines off the chaps head. Then cut a strip of the Foamex slightly narrower than the ridge on his helmet for the crest mounting and bend it to the same curve as the ridge. Then glue to the ridge on the helmet and then trim to the length you require.

The next stage is cut a larger strip of plastic for the horsehair crest, cutting a curved notch in the underside of it to match the curve of the Mounting you have made.

Then stick it on like so and trim it to size and shape like so.

To make the texture for the horsehair crest by carefully stabbing the top surface with your knife and gently score the sides,front and back as shown.

Thats It! You now have a horsehair Crest, just stick it to your dude and Paint him.

Hope its useful.VV

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And there I was trying to make them out of green stuff.... your way is so easier
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