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Are you planning on magnetising the weapons as whats good against the average marine army will struggle against the standard nid horde.
DA and firedragons are fairly standard in most Eldar armies and a well timed bladestorm should clear marines and nids alike and you can switch the dragons from tank hunting to big bug hunting fairly easily.
A farseer is also a main staple against most armies so I'd recommend getting 1 of them.
Guardians are so annoying to build and not that effective on the battlefield mainly due to their low strength short range weapons, when combined with their need to take a heavy weapon which in my opinion just ruins how the whole unit works but then if your just dumping them on an objective and shooting the hvy weapons they'll do ok although it's rare to make your points back with bigger units.
Smaller 5 man units of scorpions might struggle I'd reccomend either a unit of 10 or if points are tight a unit of storm guardians with fusion guns for marines /flamers for nids as back up and spare wounds.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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