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First thing; I've gone over the list again and again in Battlescribe, and I come up with 2006 points. Might be a glitch on their file, maybe I inputted it wrong, but....

You have a lot going on with the list, and I feel like it might need some focus. Units that just aren't as good as they could be for what you want. For instance, you have that Inquisitor in the GK list with the daemon blade... but Inqs really aren't all that good in close combat unless they're bringing a ton of grenades with them, and that usually means OX, I believe? Being able to lower toughness and hurl Psykotrokes...

Similarly, IQ2 is tooled for close combat with a power sword, but is going in a shooting squad, while your Divination Inq is staying in the backfield... with who?

You've got a lot of points in toys, MC'd stuff... You could probably drop the GKQ and take a second Brotherhood Champion with those points for more combat 'oomph'.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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