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Magnetic Combi-weapon kit from Chapterhousestudios.com arrives

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It has been a while since our last release update (thanks to accounting courses and my full-time job).

One of the first projects I had in mind were completely interchangeable combi-weapons. If you are anything like me, you magnetize your army to save money and headaches.

One of the best options out there for imperial armies is combi-weapons. Alas, combi-weapons are very rare in any plastic form, and the ones you do see go for thier weight in gold.

Enter the Chapterhouse Studios Combi-weapon Magnetic kit.

As you can see, it is a standard weapon stock and barrel (could be a bolter, could be a heavy MG), we designed some useful tracks and grips so the different combi-weapon parts will fit nice and smooth. To add to the ease of use, we also have holes pre-drilled and include the correct size rare-earth magnets with the kit (5 total).

So in essence we have:
1) base ranged weapon
2)flame thrower attachment
3)grenade launcher attachment
4)plasma gun attachment
5)melta gun attachment
6) 5 rare earth magnets to fit in predrilled holes.

After doing some price research I think we should be able to sell the kits for $5.00 each. Consider that most shops sell the combi-melta alone for anywhere in the $5-10 range and our kit is a much better buy.

I dont have these on the website yet, if you want to order them, just email me at [email protected]. I have 40 in stock (well more like 80 but I need more magnets).

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If they were made completely out of magnets they would cause your minis to bunch up in magnetic piles.

As I said on another forum, no crossbow combi pieces? No matter, Im sure there are minis with crossbows you can cut up and attach.

Any plans to make more female heads? Preferably bald ones? If I sculpted some and sent them to you could you make up a few copies of them? A bit off topic I know, sorry.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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