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This is my quick tutorial on getting more bang with your buck with magnets.
Here is the site I get them from
use the 1/16 x 1/32
get a 1/16 drillbit and pin vise
drill a hole in the bottom of neck drop a tiny bit of super glue and put in the magnet

drill a hole in the gorget the neck depression on the chest .

Make sure the magnets are lined up right so they attract not push away

I do this by stacking the magnets to find polarity
put a drop of glue in the gorget hole and stick the magnets on like so

then I take away the extra magnets

Be careful not to drill too deep or you'll use 2 magnets instead of 1
however when doing arms it is helpful to use 2 magnets each side for a total of 4(more magnets=more pull)as the arms are way heavier.
and thats about it.
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