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...So how do you guys feel about DakkaDakka? Yes, THAT DakkaDakka.

Because they're launching their own 28mm Tabletop Wargame.

The ruleset for the Maelstrom's Edge tabletop game has been written from scratch by one of the world's leading authorities on tabletop wargaming: Jon Regul (yakface) of Dakka Dakka. For over a decade Jon has fixed other people's rulesets for tournaments, and all this time has been developing a ruleset of his own. This ruleset now exists in the form of Maelstrom's Edge, and is everything we as gamers felt was missing from what's out there today.

The game is a squad-based skirmish level game which is optimal at a scale of approximately 20-30 models per side. The game features dozens of unique and inspired mechanisms, from multi-unit alternate activation to our iconic suppression tokens, which add a strong cinematic style to the battlefield. You can read a detailed introduction to the basics of the rules at http://www.maelstromsedge.com/rules.pdf
Currently, it has almost funded - though I fear it may stall before reaching it's funding goal of $20,000 USD.

At any rate, the Kickstarter Page can be found here if you're so curious for more info, or if you decide to back. Just be warned that this one seems a bit of a gamble.
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