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m00's Gobbos Galore !

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:victory: you guessed it, or read it from the title of the thread :p. But i got these last Christmas from my big brother and i spent about 3-4 months intermittently painting them. Saying that the first regiment of 20 goblins was finished in 10 days but i kinda lost my motivation slowly due to the fact there are so many of the little buggers. Anyway here are some goblins i'm proud of, since then i have added 9 squig hoppers and 30 squig herders with the army and i have an unassembled gobbla and skarsnik sitting on my table begging me to finish him. I will soon im sure. Oh and i also have a doomdiver which is about 70% completed, i just need to paint the flying gobbos ! yay Comments, criticisms and questions very welcome.

Squigs are the best ;) !:victory:

I will be reposting some of the pics of my army when i get off my lazy behind to take some better photos.
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Those squigs look AWESOME. Man, they're so colorful, I'd be scared shitless if I saw a swarm of those coming towards my (future) Brettonians. Colorful armies ftw!
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