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m00's Gobbos Galore !

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:victory: you guessed it, or read it from the title of the thread :p. But i got these last Christmas from my big brother and i spent about 3-4 months intermittently painting them. Saying that the first regiment of 20 goblins was finished in 10 days but i kinda lost my motivation slowly due to the fact there are so many of the little buggers. Anyway here are some goblins i'm proud of, since then i have added 9 squig hoppers and 30 squig herders with the army and i have an unassembled gobbla and skarsnik sitting on my table begging me to finish him. I will soon im sure. Oh and i also have a doomdiver which is about 70% completed, i just need to paint the flying gobbos ! yay Comments, criticisms and questions very welcome.

Squigs are the best ;) !:victory:

I will be reposting some of the pics of my army when i get off my lazy behind to take some better photos.
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Holy crap my jaw just hit the floor... i think that sums it up :shok:
Moo they are incredible! I may well be pestering you in the near future for a few tips!
Gotta agree with Squeek and Daemon there, they are a thing of beauty!

Too much to take in... brane shutting dow....n...:shok:

:mind-melted cyclops:
WOW! Amazing moo, quite definetely the best Gobbos I've ever seen!
Love the night gobbo's. Always one of my more favorite armies.
Outstanding work, love the different coloured squigs, +rep from me
Beautiful mate, absoloutly amazing.
I needa go clean my pants now.

Thankyou very much.
Beautiful as always moo :)
Thanks for all the nice comments, im really happy with my gobbos but i haven't worked with them for ages. I want to go back to them and probably retouch up the spider riders, maybe give them black cloaks to make them looking like night goblins and redo the trolls i rushed them and they don't look as good as they could be done.

Also with the bfsp i have most of the dwarves painted up but im actually thinking about selling them, i want a 2nd fb army but i want one thats quirky and fun. But i will think about this some more. They are also one of the few armies i used metallics to paint with. Anyway i still need to bulk out the goblin units make them bigger and get a few more fanatics. I might get a second doom diver unit too just cos i love them :D anyway cheers for the nice comments.
The Gobbos look fantastic and that banner is just pure delight, i love it. But here is the bit i don't like and sorry to be the only one (bring on the abuse one and all) I'm just not a fan of the squig herd unit, it just does nothing for me and maybe i'm being more critical as i would with others but you have set yourself a very high bar with the standard of work that you do produce.

Oh man i can hear the angry voices already :angry:

Great work with everything else for me Moo :good:
Great looking army and I love the squigs. (the one with the bloodshot eye especially) Very good work on your free hand. Top notch stuff as usual.:victory:
Good work moo, as always.

Do you plan on entering any models to the Golden Demon? I'd imagine you can place with that talent :wink:.
i approve of this thread.
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