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Like the name says, this list is pretty lucky. The dice gods have smiled upon it and it has triumphed many times. It's my semi competitive list I use against a buddy who is out to win but still adjusting to 6th edition. Curious to see what Heresy thinks, I know some of my choices stand against some of the things I usually say in commenting on other people's lists.


Furioso - FC, HF, DP

Furioso Librarian - unleash rage, wings

Priest - PS

6 man DC - 2x PS, PF

10 man RAS - 2x F, 2x HF in a LRR (Priest)

10 man RAS - 2x MG, PS (actually wished these were PGs in-game...will experiment)

5 man Scout squad - snipers, cloaks

Baal - TLAC, HBs, pintle SB

5 man Devastator squad - 4x MLs

Stormraven - TLAC, TML, HBs (rec+DC right here)

The Scouts and Devastators deploy in cover for support, and the jump RAS hide behind the DP and other AV13/14 threats to just kinda be there. They smoked a squad of scouts that infiltrated behind my vehicles and then jumped out front to take down a rogue melta squad that was a real threat to Furiosos leaving combat in front of them in the last game this list played.
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