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Out on the eastern fringe lies the planet, Ve-gas Prime. A hotbed of rogue trader activity, and gangs, but also home to the fortress monestary of a Space Marine chapter. Some claim they are ddecended from the RAINBOW WARRIORS, others say they are the bastard hybrids of the ulramarines, and space wolves geneseed. They are the THE SONS OF LUCK. (Name subject to change) most of the chapter has a latent psyker ability that makes them "lucky" from gambeling, to combat, they have an edge. Their battle cry is "only the lucky escape death". they have gotten in trouble with the inquisition many a time, but all the inquisitors have come back remebering only walking into a bar and being served a drink....and then waking up in the cargo hold of their ship with reports already filed. They constantly buttheads with the ultramarines, and the chapter master El-Vis Presle has been reported making statements questioning the ultramarines manlyiness and making clames about their mothers....some of witch might be true. Their armor is mainly white, decorted with arcane symbols they assoicate with lluck, such as a diamond, a spade, a club, and a heart.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, and for the spelling.

They may also become a modelling project.
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