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I notice Alot of people dont mix SBs with Siren Champs. I for one like it alot. I always run 8 man NM squad in a Rhino with 5 SBs and the PW/DS Champ. This lets me roll up till my Rhino gets pop. And it will Pop against compentant players with Anti Mech (which everyone always does) and leaves that squad or to to hump it to the enemy. Well 5 SBs will alow me to shoot those units staying out of reach. Assualt 2 at 24" gives me 10 shots on those Fukin Orks or IG troops. The 2 Joe Shmoes are good as Wound Alocation since you will lose a man or more. Then with Lash and a little legging I can catch those Damn Lootas that pop my tank earlier. If you make them strictly CCQ and your Rhino gets pop by Vendettas, Lootas, Exorcists, LRBTs, Drop Pod filled with Meltas, WHATEVER, you will hating life as your troops are force to march to the closest infatry who is 24" away from you doing no kills at all. Or you can spend 25 Pts to do some damage as your force to march up. The Assault 2 also helps the DS Champ soften up units like PMs, Nob Bikers, Logan Wing WG Termie/PA mix units, and other T5, Mutli Wounds, +2 Save, units before you charge, it helps ALOT. Its just how you use them.
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