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If you are to use Lucius Id strongly suggest both having him and a Noise Marine Champion in the unit. Dual Doom Sirens actually spells DOOM to a hell of a lot of units :)

Mixing models with Sonic Blasters and models without is generally a bad idea. It basically means that the unit isnt tailored for anything and thus lacks a real purpose. Thats not good if the unit costs 300+ pts.
I tend to view Noise Marine units with a Doom Siren Champ as pure CC units and thus skip both Sonic Blasters and Blastermasters all together on them.

If you ditch the SBs and 1 NM youre 10 pts short of fiddling Lucius in, ditch a second NM and youre at 990.

Regarding the Blissgiver Lord: You can not get +1A for 2 CCW when using a daemon weapon so ditch his plasma pistol and give him a combi melta instead. Cheaper, will kill that tank you aim for, and best of all wont burn yourself :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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