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Hi all,

I'm having a clear out of loads of miniatures from many moons ago (many are Rogue Trader era) on ebay at the moment.

Posted tonight we have:
Original metal zombie dragon
chaos dwarf hellsmith (the ltd FW show only one)
Epic 40k thungerhawk
BFG space marine battlebarge
Rogue Trader era Castellan Class Imperial Robot
The latest WD subscription model
Original metal (RT Era) Keeper of Secrets
Warhammer World exclusive mini - Joseph Bugman
There are also 8 original necromunda minis from when it was white dwarf based and called Confrontation.

Having a big clear out so over the next week there will be:
Heaps of RT era Eldar (fire dragons, guardians (all lead, some with plazzy arms - some with mad as fuck weapons), dire avengers, banshees, gun crews (D-Cannon and Missile Launcher), scorpions, warlocks, one dread (and one for parts) dark reapers, avatar (newer type).
various undead
terminators of various types
some chaos fellas (may only be three of, two nurgle, one khorne)
more harlequins than you can poke a shitty stick at (avatars, high avatars, a few five man troupes, death jesters, warlocks, high warlocks, etc).

No worries if no one's arsed, thought I'd let the fellow heretics have a heads up :)

Helps if I put my page up eh?...

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