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LotR - interest piqued

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Hi all.

Have been perusing the GW site's LotR minis and I like the look of the Elves and the Easterlings.

I remember that LotR was really big when it came out a few years ago, but now it is really only the blue-shirts and a few local fanatics that play it. Because of that, I don't really want ot sink lots of money into it if I get little mileage out of it. They used to play the skirmish version of the game (I think) way back when, but now whenever I see anyone painting up their LotR they are doing masses of trays, So I guess they all play the bigger version now. What sort of 'points' values do folks play to normally (as a guide we play 2k 40K and FB here)? And how many units/ cash does it cost to get an army going? I seem to remember you needed a good and bad army; does that apply for the big game? I will ask for a demo next time I am in if I can knock together an army for £100-£150.
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Personally, I despise War of the Ring. And if any of your locals are true LotR gaming fans, they will too. If you can find regular SBG gamers, I would advise that. However, you haven't tried out War of the Ring yourself yet, so don't just take my word for it, you're better off taking the demo to try it out.

I believe in War of the Ring, a standard game size is around 1500 points, but I may be wrong :wink:.

You don't need a good and bad army, not in SBG or War of the Ring. You will only need one or the other (and of course an opponent with another army - note this does not have to be evil if you choose good, or vice versa).

£100-150 should be enough to get a small War of the Ring army, but it won't go too far as it does require a large amount of minis, and the rulebook is ridiculously priced as with all GW rulebooks. However £100-150 will get you a decent sized SBG army.
No problem mate. Yes I usually try and keep up with questions in areas I have some form of knowledge in, however I've been absent for a while trying to get on top of things and it seems the LotR area has gone very quiet since!

If you ever have any other questions just ask and I'll do my best to answer :)
You don't often come across 2000 point SBG Games, usually it's WotR that's that large amount of points. SBG is generally played with a smaller amount, like you say 500-750ish being the norm.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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