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"The mysteries of the Horus Heresy only get deeper in this teaser to the upcoming Blood Angels Heresy novel. A tantalizing read that leaves you wanting more!."​

Well I have returned, taking a break from The First Heretic to write this, with more reviews for you all. Starting with the 2010 Chapbook, titled Bloodline. Now since this is a limited run book and not everyone was fortunate enough to get a copy, I will provide a synopsis of events, its no substitute for reading it but at least you'll have an idea of what happened. The spoiler tags will reveal the truth of the bloodline.

The chapbook itself was a very good read. It was tantalizing, creating more myths of the Heresy and despite being only thirty pages was a very good addition, it was my first chapbook and will definitely not be my last.

The characterization would have been difficult to write. Since Meros and Rafen are two characters separated by so much, having them interact could not have been easy and I think Jim Swallow has done an excellent job of it, showing how two characters differing not just by personality but by history itself interact and suspect each other, but despite all that they are still kinsmen.

The pacing was quite good, the moments of swapping between perspectives was very well done, and the story never felt rushed, rather it moved at a solid pace, speeding and slowing when it needed to for the story.

The action scenes, though few, were quite good. At first Rafen and Meros fight as individuals, and thus are unable to achieve victory against the vicious sand-spectres. However once the two begin to trust each other it shows in battle as their combat becomes much more skilled.

My rating for Bloodline is a 8/10. A very good teaser for the coming Blood Angels Heresy novel, which I now very eagerly anticipate even more.
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