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right had my first game in the run up to GT against CraigQ666's dark eldar(that came 25th at heat 3). i was kinda worried upon entering this game as id never played with this list and craig has nearly as many dark lances as i have models..... eep!

my list was:
libbie with fear in termi armour
4 termi retinue with 2 asscannons
5 termies with 2 asscannon
5 termies with 2 asscannon - tank hunters
5 termies with 2 asscannon - tank hunters
6 scouts w/ bolters and 2 missile launchers
6 scouts w/ bolters and 2 missile launchers
dreadnaught, assault cannon, missile launcher, EA
dreadnaught, assault cannon, missile launcher, EA

his was roughly :

lelith hesperax ( for cheeky 12" charge)
retinue of wyches in raider
3 wych squads all in raiders
3 squads of 10 warriors w/ 2 darklances
3 ravagers

while setting up my second dreadnaught behind what available cover there was i realised there was no way in hell i could hide all of my 20 terminators so decided to go for a risky manouevre of deep striking the lot

so after setting up the scouts infiltrating for a cheeky shot or two, we roll for first turn. my dice comes up with a 5 while craigs is a 2. not a bad start. taking first turn for cheeky chance of entangling a wych squad or two, i fluffed both missiles off the scouts and left my dreads hidden as i thought theyd be needed later.

craig the ever cautious had managed to hide his skimmers quite well in two flanking forces. one side with three wych squads and a ravager, the other with 2 ravagers and a wych squad. He then decided what with the incoming termis, he didnt want his wyches entangled thanks to crappy transports and so decided to get the wyches out of the larger flanking force out as it was the obvius target for me to apply my force. DL's account for two scouts.

right deepstrike time. the librarian decides to go for the very risky deepstrike into the middle of the opponents army to take advantage of fear. if i scattered 5" or more in most direxctions and id be toast. scoring a hit the libbie landed in a great position, followed by the other squads who DS to get LOS to his units/tanks.

the libbe casts fear and manages to force tests for : 3 warrior squads and 3 wych squads. lo and behold all but one wych squad decide to run off the board with the remaining squad being shot to death by the libbies retinue.

generally the rest of the game went similar to this with craig having appaling luck and surrounded by far too many S6/7 shots. the game ended on turn 3 with one raider left standing.

tbh i think we both knew from the get go it would be a massacre in one of our favours but luckily the dice gods favoured me this time.

better luck next time mate
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