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LoT wtf?

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Concerning the FAQ and Njal, it says his first three abilities don't work if the SWs player goes second. Why? How does this affect your roll on a D3?
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You've misunderstood the FAQ Raptor- it means that if the SW player goes second then Driving Gale and Living Hurricane don't work because they only effect the enemy in that Game Turn (i.e both player's turn)- but since you'd be going 2nd they won't have any efffect because they'd be gone by the time it came for your opponent to have his next turn (next player AND game turn).


Driving Gale/Living Hurricane is in play on Turn 2, but the SW has gone 2nd so the opponent won't be shooting or moving anyway. By Turn 3 the powers have gone...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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