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LoT wtf?

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Concerning the FAQ and Njal, it says his first three abilities don't work if the SWs player goes second. Why? How does this affect your roll on a D3?
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No, it isn't the FAQ that's stupid, it's the Njal rules themselves. It specifies that it works "for the rest of the game turn" but only works for the enemy phases. Sounds like someone didn't think how useless that is when going second. Although you get what you get for paying 240+ points for a model with only 2 wounds!
Ya I was surprised when the faq chose that solution, the guys already extremely expensive and now 2 of his effects work in only 50% of your games.

They say its because the Space Wolf Player should be aggressive and take turn 1, but even if you do there's still a 1/6 chance that initiative will be stolen.:headbutt:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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