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Losing a Game!

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Ok I know its going to happen to me as Im a total novice!
But to make me feel better can any body pass on any bad luck stories?
Such as;

most games lost in a row and what did you do to change the trend
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I had a 1000 points of imperial guard and was left with a commisair and a leman russ my friend had a single assault marine (i was going to win) and it was the last turn his assault marine put a melta bomb on my leman russ and rolled a 6 and another 6 causin an expolsion rolling another 6 just catching my commisar and i lost my save and he made his and i lost. i mean that leman russ took 4 lascoannon shots each turn until 5, a muiti-melta, and a demolisher cannon, and the commisar was the loney one left out of 50 conscripts and killed of 4 terminators
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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