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Losing a Game!

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Ok I know its going to happen to me as Im a total novice!
But to make me feel better can any body pass on any bad luck stories?
Such as;

most games lost in a row and what did you do to change the trend
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Well it's an on-running joke at our store that I must have done something to seriously piss off the goddess of luck because I can't get rolls to save my life. I started playing around 3 months ago now and not one game has passed that I have had good rolling with my SM. Some examples: My chaplain with 2+ save and 3w, i make three saving throws and wouldn't you know, 1s, all three. Having my librarian use veil of time and not putting a single wound on a squad he charged.. there are tons more to my shame, but you get the idea =)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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