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Losing a Game!

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Ok I know its going to happen to me as Im a total novice!
But to make me feel better can any body pass on any bad luck stories?
Such as;

most games lost in a row and what did you do to change the trend
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I have a ton of stories where the Mountain Angels' have somehow offended the Ancestors and have subsequently been, as the scientific term applies, seriously p'wned.

I have lost a 8-man Veteran squad with five 1's and four 2's.

I have used the Venerable roll on a Penetrating 5, only for him to roll a 6 and wipe my Librarian from existence as well as the Dread.

I have scattered innumerable drop-pods and teleporters into rocks, units, off the board edge, etc.

I have had my commander, Janus, take six straight lascannon rounds, one after the other (without a wound!) and then drop dead from a laspistol shot.

Ah, all the times that my enemies cherish.

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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