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Losing a Game!

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Ok I know its going to happen to me as Im a total novice!
But to make me feel better can any body pass on any bad luck stories?
Such as;

most games lost in a row and what did you do to change the trend
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My most miserable defeat came at the hands of the Imperial Guard. It was a Second Edition game, and prior to the first turn, my opponent was already half-devoured by those wonderful Random Events that accompanied Tyranid armies. Practically every squad, character, and vehicle on the opposite side of the table was affected. All that good luck might have proved to be my downfall, however, as the bravado that followed goaded me into orchestrating a symphony of foolish mistakes. I still cringe when I remember how I sent two large and EXPENSIVE squads of Genestealers to make a mad dash over open ground.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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