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Lore of Shadows with WoC

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Okay there were 3 things that came up for me.
Basicly succesfully casting the lore of shadows allows you to switch places with the caster and a different hero/lord so the three things I want to know is...

1) Can a sorcerer who is in combat switch places out of combat with another character. And does a daemonic mount count as a ridden monster or just normal cavalry since they have to be the same troop type to swap

2) If a chosen champion has the book of secret arts and casts a shadow spell, does the lore attribute affect him (I'm guessing not since he is a unit champion and not a character just making sure)

3) If call to glory is cast on a unit champion can that champion then switch places with a sorcer who succesfully casts a shadow spell, cause call to glory effectivly changes the champion into an exalted hero, who now considered a character is by the rules of the shadow lore able to switch places.
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Have to disagree with the jackal on #2. Unit champions can never leave their units under ant circumstances. Which would tend to make me believe that #3 would also be not allowed either, unless you plan on boomeranging your champion back to his unit if Call to Glory is dispelled. Easier to pull a Betty Ford and "Just say No!"
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