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So went to LoT this past weekend and have put some battle reports up on the blog so thought I'd link them here rather than take up a bunch of space. Overall the tournament was a blast and got to meet a bunch of people who I knew online only and some complete strangers. Games 1, 4 and 5 were all fantastic but due to being half asleep (up late painting!) in Games 2 & 3 was a bit less enjoyable, nothing on my opponents though (you'll also see the massive mistakes I made in game 2). Because of this only Games 1, 4 and 5 have full pics and across from some very nicely painted armies, too (My army can be seen here on H-O).

So without further ado here are my bat reps. Points were 1750 btw:

Round1: Tyranids vs CSM (Khorne-mech)
Round2: Tyranids vs Eldar (Hybrid)
Round3: Tyranids vs Space Wolves (Loganwing)
Round4: Tyranids vs Blood Angels (Hybrid)
Round5: Tyranids vs Space Wolves (Double-Raider)

hope you all enjoy and c&c welcome.
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