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Howdy Y'all,

I have been here the past few weeks and as you can see from my profile, I am an Avid Necron Fan, and over the years I have invented my own custom Necron Fluff, based before the dawn of Wardian Necron's.

Now as time Went by the Wardian Cron's grew on me as I could see way's to still make a Necron faction to my BrightHammer liking (Only my main character is a bit on the NOBLEBRIGHTNESS side :p) while maintaining it believably within the GrimDerpness that is 40k.

Now I might as well tell about my original custom fluff as its what kept me involved in the Cron's for the most part, as I loved their ever marching Silent Death Hat, I wanted a sub-faction that broke free of that, if only partially.

So the Birth of Lord Necross as I called him. My Origin story for him was that he was the Necron Lord of Kronus, and in the collapse of him tomb after the bombs went off key parts of himself and the Tomb complex broke and it reawakened him with his hard coded restrictions broken, basically he had free will not enslaved to the Nodal Command structure and ultimately the C'Tan. He still remembered the Kronus Campaign and knew he lost, but he was unconcerned by the events and instead awoke a Raider class vessel and escaped the system.

The Events that happened next had him participate in a fairly brighthammer RP that make exception for the obvious amount of Heresy happening, I give Kudos to my former GM making it work very well. Ironically He kinda ended up working with Blood Angels, and we all know about their secret Cron friendship, and a Tau Shas'O and a Princeps.

We ended up in a long multi-phased RP that ended in the Shattering of the Nightbringer, and the eventual "Death" of the star god in the next part of the RP after he reassembled by dropping his ass in the warp thanks to an Imperial ship going boom. The Next phase of the RP never happened sadly, and it was going to involve taking on the Deciever, which made for many cool plot twists and dealing with imperial traitors influenced by him and massive conspiracies. My GM had to deal with alot more Real life stuff so it never got finished, but I held onto the character and the universe we made and polished it up and finished it.

Regardless of the outcome of the RP, I had it so that my Character managed to build himself a Empire by Usurping the Nodal Command of a few Tomb worlds, and moving his Empire to the Fringes of the Galaxy where they could grow and raid more tomb worlds and unshackle more Necrons.

My Necron Lord though wasn't the same though by this time, mostly as he had begun research into regaining feelings and emotions, and he came up with a radical idea that would lead to his own Apotheosis from Simple badass robot to a Star God. Basically he created a mini-C'tan, a Tabula Rasa that would be a synthetic soul that would reside in his Metal Frame, and it imprinted his mind upon itself and linked with him, he became it, and it became him. Now to note this began happening during the RP, specifically during the second part of it, I had my character get a taste for Mortal Energies, and had it so he was consuming the life force of those he slew. So he got a taste for Souls and Stars, a bi-product of his experiment.

Anyways the Bastard eventually reached Critical mass and became a full blow C'Tan, though a Minor one. In my custom Fluff he eventually found the remains of the Night Bringer, as the tough Star God wasn't 100% killed by the warp, but it did beat the shit out of him to the point when he re-emerged in real space their was no way for him to put up a fight, and so Necross ate him, and made sure to destroy any remnant of the C'Tan's mind so he wouldn't become an Outsider sort of freak.

About now is when he ceased to be Necross and became a new C'Tan, I decided to simply Call him the Shepherd. Where the Other C'Tan were killers and Manipulator's he was more benevolent, at least for the Necron's under his command. By this time the Cron's under his Command are next to identical to the New Necron's in regards to political Intrigue and squabbles among nobles, even the goals of them were different, some wanted to subject the mortals to their rule, other's regain flesh,, other regain the Old C'Tan's favor and so on.

Now my Fluff can stop here or continue, their are a few options, Either the Shepherd manages to devour the Other C'Tan or he doesn't and it remains the stalemate 40k is except with this new cron faction. For the one where he decides to be a glutton, he consumes the Deciever eventually after cornering the bastard to where he get out just as planned by the Shepherd and nomm'd on. Due to adding the Deciever under his belt, destroying the former's consciousness but taking his power, he then plans a way to get at the Void Dragon, his final quarry and something he sees as an eventual threat to himself and Humanity. Using deception and manipulation, he manages to get himself to Mars, and Nom on the conveniently Broken Void Dragon. However my C'Tan isn't a complete dick bag and doesn't immediately fuck the Imperium, but let's just say the Mechanicus isn't the least bit happy their secret heretical god is gone. This plot can happen or not happen depending if you want to keep the status quo.

After this, and returning to his Empire, basically no longer the Lord He was, that mind being destroyed long ago, not maliciously but to finally put the tormented lord to rest (Their was no fluff for it at the time, so My Necron Lord was very very involved in the Creation of the Star Bridge and giving bodies to the C'Tan, so his mission was to undo these sins). The Shepherd, having freed a good amount of the Necrontyr, then shattered himself, and spread his Shard's among the most loyal Nobles for their use in times of need. So what they do next is pretty comparable to the new Necron's except they aren't space Egyptians and actually have more than one hat than that.

But yeah that is my overly campy BrightHammer fanon. Criticize if you must, it all started when I was much younger and it kinda formed into a more mature fluff as time went on, as I added more Grim Darkness to even it out.

Grim Darkness that was not mentioned, his subjugation of Pariahs, and literally making a Pariah Factory, to make a force capable of handling Daemonic threats. I had a little side story where he found a Female Pariah and essentially tricked her into thinking she would be going somewhere better than a world that hated her, and turned her into Jenova essentially, making her into a birth machine to stable make a consistent amount of Pariahs, so they can rely less on finding them, while they still do that then don't have to put too much resources into finding more.

Finally some background involved his involvement in the War in Heaven, fighting the Old Ones, death of his family at their hands that helped him to justify much of what happened next, and enslavement by the Star Gods.

So yeah their is a summed up and simplified version of my old Fluff. Funny enough though, I could do most of what I did in the new Fluff as well, I just don't like a few things, one the lack of Pariah, two how they handled the C'Tan, they should have made the shattering of the C'Tan a Recent Event that could of changed the Status quo a bit, instead of their lazy Retcon, three the Space Egyptian hat they gave them for no reason they could have made it a bit more original, given more style choices and such.

So that's it for my Old Necron Fluff , I may also post my newer Fluff Ideas as well, as I was going to make a Fanfiction of sorts eventually once I brainstormed enough. I was intending on making a Fanfiction to drastically flesh out Immortals, to paint them in a less boring light and given them character beyond boring Robo Undead Soldiers, as apparently they have a sort of personality and I decided to push that and explore that facet, as well as painting a new hat for the Cron's to represent an Older Pre-Dynastic culture which I was going to shoot for a Pseudo-Greek and Persian style for the Particular Overlord of the Faction with my soon to be Immortal Characters.

Anyways let me know how good/bad/terrible my fluff is, or ask questions and what not. I always intended to try and make Models for my Custom Lord, but I need far more modeling practice first.
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