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Looted Drop Pod?

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Okay, crazy idea, I've got 4 wheels from a trukk kit, a bunch of the axels and tie rods, and drive shafts, as well as the armor plates and whatnot...could...I buy a drop pod....and turn it on its side, and make it into a cool vehicle... showing that orks can really loot anything. hehe, put some little wheels on it, and patch over a couple doors with glyphs and armor.

Good idea? or utter crap?
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Well, their is the "funny" way, where its on its end like proper kind of "camoflauged" as a normal pod that creaks along the table and then opens up.

But, personally, I was thinking rocket powered assault vehicle, Put it on its sides, graft the drive to the bottom there (and glue up one of the 4 flaps to serve as the base to that) then model guys at the controls, cut off the two side flaps and reattach them roughly sideways like buckboards, put a couple guys hanging off and hollaring, and a big ass engine.
It. Will be done, as soon as I am finished building my stompa. (one project at a time, also I gotta justify 30 dollars on something of questionable table usage)

Although, to answer some of the questions, I am firmly of the "Wheeled/Tracked Vehicle" persuasion, simply because, orks already have ways to fly things straight into the ground and hope for the best. those are called roks. lol
God I love this community. For some reason this has the same feeling of 6 guys standing around outside a fast food joint pooling their singles going "We can make this work"

I can't back down now.
Alright everybody who contributed. I am buyin' a drop pod this coming week, I've got the big belly plate from the stompa kit (the mean face that goes on its stomach) and I am totally making a drop-pod dragsta
Fear my terribe skills of an artist, but something like this.

EDIT: I am regretting drawing that, but it was 3 am so I went for it.
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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