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Looted Drop Pod?

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Okay, crazy idea, I've got 4 wheels from a trukk kit, a bunch of the axels and tie rods, and drive shafts, as well as the armor plates and whatnot...could...I buy a drop pod....and turn it on its side, and make it into a cool vehicle... showing that orks can really loot anything. hehe, put some little wheels on it, and patch over a couple doors with glyphs and armor.

Good idea? or utter crap?
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That...sounds....awesome! You should defiantly do this!
What could you mean by looted? Do you mean rdy for drop again or use it for a weapon? Cause the drop pod deployed kinda looks like an doom weapon!
Looted means that the Orks (or the race in question for other instances) have captured the item (in this case the drop pod) and 'improved' it to make it up to Orky standards by nailing boards, wheels and armour plates to it.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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