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Hi all I want to hire a talented sculpter/converter to make me a Chapter Master Tu'Shan miniature as a centre piece for my Salamanders army. I've got a few ideas of what I'm after as far as pose and wargear go, but there would be quite a bit of creative freedom as well.

I'd want him to have a similar pose to the Ultramarine below leaning on his thunderhammer, only I'd prefer the hammere to be more ornate and instead of a power fist he'd be have a stormshield, also very ornate, I'd leave it up to youi, the expert, to decide how he'd be holding it so long as it looks natural and in linme withe rest of thge pose.

He'd also have the ritualistic honour scarification like he does in the picture below.

I'd like him to have a looincloth/belt buckle like the Salamander captain below, complete with the claws at the foot.

His armour is to be of a similar level of ornateness to these sternguard veterans, with all manor of scroll, honour markings and decorations, perhaps more orintated towards the Salamandedrs' theme.

He'd have a Salamander cloak similar to Vulkan He'Stans

Finally, just so he'd look extra bad ass I'm interested in him being truescale so he'd be be taller and bulkier than his fellow marines, but only if it can be done while still looking consistent with the rest of the marine range.
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