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Hi there :)

I am looking for a sculptor to make me a 28mm grimgor ironhide model from the warhammer fantasy battles series. I have many issues with games workshop's current design, but they mainly center around the size of the orc warlord as compared to his black orc comrades, and his pose being to static.

Size: it is common knowledge to us orc/ork and goblin/gretchin players that the biggest, meanest, toughest, strongest git is da boss. Am i right? So then why, if he is the fiercest and mightiest black orc warlord to have ever walked the face of the old world, is grimgor no larger than your run of the mill black orc? He should be massive!! Now, thats not to say he should be the size of an ogre (even though that would be sick!!) but you should be able to look at his unit, and immediatly notice the size difference between he and his bodyguard. As it stands, the size comparisson would suggest he is no tougher than they are!! Its just not right. A size along the lines of the AoBR ork boss would be the minimum size for a black orc of his stature, perhaps even a smidge larger.

And second

The pose: read up on grimgor ironhide if you would. Wether you love him or hate him, its for the same reason. He lacks the humor of most orcs, having only the thirst for killing everything in sight and finding and slaying the mightiest opponents he can find. Think along the same lines as a dwarf slayer, except its not because of broken oaths for a death wish, its because of orcish battle crazed insanity to prove he's the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. He's a frenzied lunatic, especially on the battlefield. So then why the hell is he standing still in his pose. Sure he's holding a head, whatever, i dont think grimgor would even take the time to claim a trophy like that from what looks like some standard empire knight. Not when theres more killin to do. The model needs to be far more dynamic. Maybe springting forward with that battlecry face of his, similar to the savage orc big boss model, but in a more menacing way, that i leave up to the sculptor.

In any case, ive been searching everywhere, sending emails, and all repurable sculptors schedules are jam packed. I didnt know where else to post, so i turned here. Im willing to spend between to 200-300$ on this model. I dont know where that will get me, but its a start. Im looking for any and all sculptors who would be interested in this project. If so, post your opinion, and some pics of your most recent work, and hopefully i can get my hands on an amazing custom grimgor model that mork and gork would be proud of. Thanks guys :)

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