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I'm looking for a Painted Dark Eldar Army. A competitive army preferd.

When I say painted it doesn't need to be a high table top standard. But not slopped on either.

Willing to trade world wide.



Items for trade (pictures upon):



Brother Captain Stern primed chaos black

Chaos Space Marines:
Emperor's Children Champ w/Doom Siren well painted

Space Marines:

Blood Angel:

a set of heavy bolters sposons from New Baal Predator
Blood Angemany shoulder pads



Dark Angels Codex

Witch Hunters:
Sisters of Battle Squad (HF, flamer, SS w/Bolter) well base coated/some highlights
Seraphim Squad painted (10 total)
4 Sisters of Battle w/flamer;
1 Sister Superior w/ PW
1 bolter Sisters of Battle unpainted
Immolator upgrade sprue


Dark Elf:

Codex Dark Elf
Dark Elf Battalion New in box;
Dreadlord on Cold One unpainted
Sorceress NIB
15 Warriors with spear and shield
10 Warriors w/crossbows primed chaos black
5 Dark Rider (1 musician)
6 Executioners unpainted;
Executioner Command (3 models) Pro painted
Black Guard New in box
15 Black Guard w/Command primed chaos black
2 Reaper Bolt Thrower unpainted
1 War Hydra NEW

Fantasy Mini 7th rule book

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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