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After a series of local tabletop games have fallen through, I am really pining for some roleplay. In the absence of good real live alternatives I figured I would start searching for the next best thing, an online RP group! I am generally interested in anything not Space Marine centric (So preferably not Deathwatch or Black Crusade). It is also my general experience that live sessions (chat/skype/etc) are significantly better than 'play by post' or 'play by email' so that would be my preference. I dont know these would be a dealbreaker if I found a good group using another format, but that is out there.

I am an experienced tabletop roleplayer and somewhat of a 40k buff. I play an Adepta Sororitas army (with Inquisition/Grey Knight/Guard Allies) in the wargame and am an avid reader of the novels.

I have very limited experience with the FF d% system but have bought a number of the books and should be able to create a character to join up with any pre-existing gaming groups or newly launched campaign.

I look forward to hearing what might be out there for me.

Very Hopeful,
Cho Kai
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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