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I am looking for some monster sized undead, or rather undead monsters. For example Trolls, Ogres, Minotaurs or whatever. I want to make some custom Cryx Brute Thralls for Warmachine and as such will need 3 (eventually maybe 6) different models, all of which are big enough to fill a 40mm base but small enough they will sensibly fit on the base (Warmachine bases are lipped).

This could either be a 25-32mm scale monster sized model, or say a skeleton in a larger scale (I could convert its head and make it a cyclops or something).

So far I have only found a Troll from Reaper:

Any ideas of some models I might use, or companies/ranges I might look through? I have been through GW, Reaper and Mantic.

This is a Brute Thrall, I will be making the boiler and fists myself.

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