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Hello, i'm Rhys, i'm very excited to have found this forum. I live in Newcastle Under-Lyme, Clayton and am looking to get back into Warhammer 40k . I have a Salamanders army and would love to play a game against anyone and everyone haha! (soon to starting a AdMech army) I used to collect warhammer back in 2012 when i was like 13. Now i'm 23 and having dug out my figures it has reignited my passin and intruige to play 40k. I'm still learning the rules but i'm super friendly, very easy to get along with and pick things up quickly - so if you're down to chill and play some 40K and don't mind being a tad patient or even teaching me how to play , that would be awesome ! Hit me up some time, and we can organise a game (y)

Also looking for clubs/groups in the newcastle under-lyme area, any recommendations would be sweet :)

Managed to type this all our before my laptop died on me - must be the incense I lit, Praise the Omnissiah!
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