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Hi all i'm just curious as to what the style and feel of a demonhunter army is. If anyone can give me a quick some would be much apreciated. Thanks all
Whatever the style they play like currently, I think it will change with the new Codex when released early next year, and hopefully for the better.

You said DH so that means including IST's in Rhinos, which you should mainly give 2 Meltas to help fill the void of anti-armour, otherwise you're limited to Dreads and LR's for that...unless you ally, but that's a whole other story, plus it's disappearing once the new Codex hits anyway.

GK-wise..they're good at controlling the midfield with their SB's, which is good as they mainly hoof it because the only transports they can take are LR's. Competitive lists often max out on LR's..Crusaders for getting GK(T) with Incinerators or standard build (NFW/SB) across the board quickly and safely (hopefully), or Phobos Pattern to give some long range AT capability and late=game transporting.

They do have S6 c/c weapons but are actually better used as counter assaulters than charging in first..they die just like standard Marines but are far pricier points-wise, so whittle the enemy down before getting stuck in.

So in a nutshell..use weight-of-fire from the SB's, stay out of c/c until the numbers are in your favour, use IST's as cheap mobile anti-armour and Dreads for longer ranged anti-armour. Take LR's as transports and for it's firepower capability.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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