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The first 3 Horus Heresy series is pretty much based around that, and the 4th is pertaining to the events on the Eisenstein. Deliverance Lost refers to the events shortly after, while Crimson Fist is about the IFists going out after the punitary fleet to discover what happened immediately after. Fulgrim spends a small bit there.

Edit - ignore the above bit, wrong Isstvan.

At the same time that's happening, you have Calth, and Signus, which are referred to in Know No Fear, Mark of Calth, and the immediate aftermath in The Unremembered Empire, and Signus is in Fear to Tread. There's a small section in Vulkan Lives IIRC.

I recommend just starting at the beginning at reading in publication order. It still makes sense even if the Timeline jumps a little, but I think there's a rough timeline on the Black Library.

If you're playing 40K, I recommend picking up the Horus Heresy books from Forge World which goes more in depth to the battle rather than just the character oriented perspective. There are rules for playing 30K (which is what the Space Marines codex should have been IMHO), but bewarned, there was a bit of stealth errata included in the small Legion Crusade Army List and Legion specific Rules.

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