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Hello, everyone.

I have created a free tool at Realized Worlds that allows people to create insights about aspects of 40k lore. It also allows people to respond to insights. The idea is to move beyond what we have with forums or even reddit. It asks people to reference sources where key information is found so that these can be linked. I am looking for people to start using it so that I can test it. I posted an insight, if anyone wants to check it out. Feel free to respond, if you want.

Here is the first insight I added in the tool to get things started Realized Worlds:

While waiting for assassins at the end of his life, Konrad Curze (in his insanity) raves at a corpse, as if it were his father. In this, we see his perspective that he believes his father to be evil for telling "a lie of golden futures" (60) to humanity. This, of course, is the lie that no supernatural powers existed, that all of monsters of the warp were not real. He then claims to know that his father knew Horus and the traitor Primarchs would betray him, suggesting that the Horus Heresy and all that follows is part of some grand plan. This is critical because it speaks to a core mystery of the 40k universe: is the Emperor a deluded, but powerful human who succumbed to his own hubris and failed, or is he working a long-game through some grand plan, which would allow for the suffering of humanity in its battles with the demons of the Warp. I am interested in seeing other passages that reference the Emperor as a failure or one that sees him as still potentially victorious.

(If you think you can respond to this particular post about Curze, or want to create one of your own, please do so in my tool, rather than here.)
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