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I am doing conversions of Warmachine Cryx Mechanithralls using other undead models. I may just get some Mechanithralls for the hands, but I wanted to have a look and see what else I could find.

I can probably do the steam boiler packs myself with scrap and green stuff, and the cables, but the hands themselves may be a bit beyond me.

So . . . can anyone suggest any kits with arms (bear in mind I need at least 10 pairs) or conversion parts from anywhere which resemble knights gauntlets, but without weapons in hand. Different hand poses would be ideal. I just need the actual gauntlet, not the arm.

There are 30mm miniatures but are markedly smaller than say Space Marines so a lot of power fists and the like, especially terminator ones, will be too large. Sci-fi stuff is not inherently out though, provided it has a kind of chaos or undead look to it.

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