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Angels Wing:

8 x DC JP's
8 x Vets 2 x PF 2 x Melta
5 x Marines: Flamers, Rhino EA
5 x Marines: Flamers, Rhino EA
3 x Attack Bikes (singles)
3 x Pred Annihilators HB's

Would I miss the proposed Mephiston, six attack bike list.....

Game 1: Escalation / Cleanse
Necrons: Steve Callis
Necron Lord, Res Orb, Veil
Necron Lord, Warsythe, Destoyer Body
3 x Destroyers
3 x Destroyers
3 x Wraiths
7 x Immortals
1 x Heavy Destroyer
1 x Heavy Destroyer

After a damn heavy night on the booze, feeling rough as hell I headed of to the lower tables to face Necrons.....
I had a very succesfull warm up game the night before against a destroyer horde (Gus/Karma) so was fairly confident due to the more static nature of Steves (Cool Aussie bloke) Necron force.
Steve chose sides with some decent 4+ cover with his Necrons, Immortals and Lord all In a conga line set to unleash guass hell, my armies Is mech-ish so starts off the board.
Luckily for me I get first turn and chose to go second leaving Steve to advance his Crons turn one and two maybe a little too close! :?
With the Necrons advancing I chose to use my Rhino's as screens for the DC. With the footsloggers now within 18" they chose to shoot up my smoked Rhino rather then retreat leaving the DC to charge on through his lines the following turn. :eek:
With the DC charging and wiping out the Immortals they kindly consolodate Into the lords squad, then as expected veil was announced but unfortunately for Steve his unit scatters big style ending within 18" of the Vets meaning It was technically game over by turn 4 with the bikes mopping up the right (heavy destroyers) with help from the preds giving central ranged support.
Phase out soon arrived at turn 5 with a max VP total of 3000pts with all quarters held a Rhino and Pred detroyed (left In reserve!)
Units of the match being the Rhino's with their 18" move the DC and Vets were ripping up the Necrons turns 3/4 gaining the phase out.

Game 2: Escalation / Secure And Control
Eldar: Josh - Leamington Steele
3 x 3 Jetbikes, Shuriken Cannons
6 x Dragons, BL Serpent
1 x 6 Harlies, Kisses
1 x 5 Harlies, Kisses
2 x Falcons twin Shuriken Cannons
1 x Prism
Me and Josh had been looking to get a game of 40k over the last six months unfortunately on this occasion with me hoping for non escalation we get esacalation AND secure and control, giving Josh the upper hand from the start! :cry:
With the counters spread I decided to split my preds from my main force to try and occupy/contest most/all of the objectives from the start, looking back I probably should have castled up condensing my limited AT and going balls out looking to claim counters late game.
As It turned out my Preds and bikes managed a grand total of 3 glances over 7 turns!
Josh played a great game to be honest with me going first Josh also had the last Jump, he concentrated his skimmers on the preds on my left flank and won the AT firefight convincingly knocking them out by turns 4/5, from then on In the Harlies went In for the kill and he started to spread his forces leaving the DC to charge a prism (single shaken result) and my bikers failing to damage his tanks, Vets were thrown to their doom on my left flank In exchange for six dragons. :oops:
Overall badly played on my behalf and well played by Josh, heavy loss for the BA's, next time Gadjet! :wink:

Game 3: Gamma, Recon
Necrons: Gus O'Connor
Lord: Destroyer Body And Toys
2 x 10 Warriors
2 x 4 Destroyers
8 x Scarabs
3 x 2 Heavy Destroyers
After the heavy loss to Josh my hangover was In overdrive so I was hoping for a more pleasant matchup, but ended up being matched with fellow FLAME ON'er and pogonologist doubles partner Gus who I had Just played the night before! :eek:
I wouldn't have minded swapping as a loss to either side would leave someone damn close to non-qualification but Gus seemed to be up for the challenge and I wasn't In the mood for arguing.
I had the choice for sides and chose the side with the most terrain but after futher Investigating I wanted to change sides but Gus seemed adamant It was too late! Oops theres my first mistake then.
With the terrain I had I could hide my Infantry but with the terrain all rounded I couldn't completely hide my preds AND Rhino's leaving possible shots, again I probably should have looked to hide the preds leaving the non-scoring Rhino's In the open, seond mistake.
Unfortunately Gus won the first turn and managed to glance 6 two of my preds leaving me massively on the back foot from the start, my first few turns saw my vets and DC advance with one of the Rhino's stalling TWICE!
My other Pred was soon wasted along with my two Rhino's with the expensing Vets at risk of being Gaussed to death I chose to save them to score last turn while the DC went headlong Into Gus's Chateaux.
My bikes tied up his Scarabs on the laft flank being In a scoring position and out of harms way while the dwindled DC chewed through a good few destroyers/warriors.
Gus managed to score with 2 x Heavies while I scored with my Vets, and 2 x Attack bikes but due to my early losses I couldn't quite bring It back, ended up a norrow loss and the BA's on the brink of going home without a ticket for the final! :cry:
Looking back losing 2/3's of my ranged firepower lost me the game, with the preds gone Gus could concentrate fire on my Rhino's early on haulting my twin charge Into assault, Mephiston and the bikes certainly would have helped In this one.
Bring on day two!:(


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Damn! I feel for ya, mate, but why do you guys always have to get drunk before the tourneys? I haven't attended any GT level tourneys myself, but the local tourneys are generally pretty sober affairs.

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We don't have to get drunk, but we do like to treat the GT weekend as a weekend away letting off steam and having fun hence the drinking. Its essentially a Friday and Saturday night out with friends with 2 days of gaming alongside it.

We are also a nation of binge drinkers as our national press likes reminding us.

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hmm binge drinking is sensationalised isnt "binge" drinking what used to be called ... drinking, "and pepole binging over two or three days" yes and that was the weekend!!
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