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Lone dreadnought

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my stroy has no name as such explaing the inaccurate name. i could use a hand with I am take sugestions. and now with out farther adue,,

The air was heavy, wet with rain yet to come. It was silent not a noise filled the air save the wind and the rhythmic thumping of Dreadnought Elliot Vander legs. He stopped, sawed off Autocannons scanning for targets, with none are range he moved on though the thick jungle.

As he moved though the jungle a new noise filled the, a rustling of life moving though thick undergrowth. With out a thought Elliot turned and fire his search light up with a clank of high voltage come to life.

Nothing still he searched, then the light traversed a being, it was a 3 foot tall on two legs with 4 arms. A Hormagaunt and were there was one, the Autocannon roared to life killing the Gaunt and traversing it though the jungle for 10 feet to each side. As it fell Silent Elliot hyper sensitive microphone ears found no new noise. Turning slowly he kept moving pounding foreword in his slow way.

Suddenly he heard foot steps behind him. He turned just in time to see a Warrior to leap on him with a brood of Hormragaunts behind it. Smashing the warrior out of mid air with his fist he fire his heavy flamer into the gaunts, a few got to closer and he smashed one he turned for another (stepping on the Warrior that was just getting up) and hammered the last one one with his fist.

Turning again he heard nothing new. Turning he walked on, toward were he knew his brothers had set up defensive works. Darn that gargoyle that flew into his Thunder Hawks engine knocking it down. They had been on a seek and destroy mission, split the hoard keep less of it from attacking the defenses before ready and now he was all that was left.

He reached a log that blocked his path, if he destroyed it with his fist or cannons it might gather more of them toward him. The mark II dreadnought pattern was significantly more agile then latter marks, infinity more complex to be sure and parts were a night mare but even he could not climb this log.

Reaching down he tried to picked it up. His servos in his army wined, and he gave up out of fear of damage. Sighing inside his armor he decided to risk the attention and with his power fist glowing smashed it apart with 2 blows.
Whirling around he watched for any new Tyranids,,, nothing. He turned a kept moving a little while longer while shouldering his way though a mass of vines his foot hit something, metallic.

Kneeling down he looked to see what it was, brushing some of the vines and ferns that coated it. He found a water pipe. Turning one way he saw it run into the ground. The other end ran into the jungle. What kind of building was here in the wilds of Kelof IV? No habitation was listed as here. The chance to find civilians was great, his brothers could wait. One less Dreadnought was not going to make a huge difference.

He plowed into the jungle his ears always open for more Tyranids. He kept following for 6 yards and then got into a clearing, though it to was chocked with plants, just not trees. It was ringed with chain linked fencing backed with barbed wire, or it used to be in many places it was knocked down trampled by Tyranids most likely. In the center was a chapel some,7 story's tall, surrounding it were 9 some odd barracks. Elliot walked foreword toward the nearest barrack. Kneeing down he yanked the door off its hinge looking in he saw rows of bunks each with a rack next to it similar to the ones used to hold power armor back on Casandra. Standing up he kept looking, opening each one in turn until he had looked in all 9, nothing.

He approached the Chapel. It was a huge object made of a sort of local black stone lovingly crafted so each stone was indistinguishable from the next one solid efface of rock engraved with symbols of the Emperor. The doors then selfs would have been 12 feet high and likely a foot thick. No way he could break that, if there were not already broken.

Or rather melted they wood laced with Adamantium had a hole in just large enough for a dreadnought. It edges shined with acid that had not yet been dissipated due to weather.

He walked into the and found the floor coated with dead Tyranids and a rough barricade at the far end of the floor. He walking down the length of the hall toward the Barricade. At the end he found the men, in a manner of speaking. The floor around them coated in bolter shell cases were 50 some odd sisters of battle. Each one had died not from the Tyranids but from a single bolter round to the chest. They had rather die by human hand the by the inhuman monsters that were the Hormragaunts.

He imaged the last moments, bark of bolter, screech of Hormaguant, the howl of heavy bolter the screech of a Gaunts in there death throws. He raised his arm and gave them the only thing he could, he fired his heavy flamer cremating them prevention them form being consumed by the hive and walked on, he ran into 4 more such barricades and in turn he torched the dead behind them. As he kept exploring he heard a noise in front of him, as quietly (as a 8 ton dreadnought) could he saw a brood of some 48 Hormaguant scrapping and gnawing on a door. Aiming his left arm he fired his autocannons there roar filled the silent chapel echoing, reverberating though out. The Gaunts upon seeing him charged only to be cut down to the last before they got near. Walking foreword he reach the door, already heavily pitted with marks of acid from there maws.

Reaching down he grabbed the door and ripped it off its hinges. A scream filled the air followed by the chatter of a bolter. He let them ping of his armour “at ease sister, I am no monster.” when she walked out he got his first look at her. She was young no more then 19, he thought sadly, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was trying hard to look stern but relief was was oozing into her very form

“thank you for the rescue.” she took a deep breath “what happened to my sisters?”
Elliot responded “dead I did what I could which was preventing the swarm from there body's, but why are you here? And who are you?”
the sister "I am sister Gawain of the Order of Metal Martyrs, and was I defending,” she shrugged “something I don't know, never told me the real reason. You?”
Elliot spoke his low synthesized voice rumbling “I am Elliot Vander, former Captain of the 3erd company entombed upon single handed defeat of a Avatar, attached to task force Arctic Thunder for operation armored spider.” he wondered how she would react.
“I asked for a name not a title.” well that much as clear, she had spunk.

“fair point. Let us leave we need to get to the rest of my chapter from the,” she interrupted
“not with out Saint Barbaros Bullets.”
Elliot questioned “who?”
she waved her arm “follow me.” she walked down the hall way with Elliot following. “Saint Barbaros was a holy Ecclsarch who's home word was invaded by Chaos he single handedly save his word rallying defenders in a firestorm of faith and led them to battle. He lead the attack against the Chaos and in the Final battle he defeated the Chaos Lord in single combat. During 4 year long war that started with the heretics landing and ended with the death of the lord he used ever weapon the Imperium arsenal, Autogun, Bolter, lasgun Heavy Stubber, every thing. This shrine to ,insure it purity, has a bag of casings from his Bolter, Canticles of Purgation, which he used to defend a shrine from a heavy push of chaos the Canticles killed thousands of mutants, traitors and heretics that day the shells from that battle were gathered by the Pure and were carried as a standard of purity. How they got here is, fuzzy you know the state of Imperial records.”

Elliot would have nodded if he could but he was a dreadnought. He though was eying her. She had wound hidden under her robe, though a bolter was hung at her hip she wore no armor. The pain had to be intense from his memory he know only the sheer adrenaline was keeping her up.
“your wounded.” it was a matter of fact.
“a Tyranid got me before I manged to get into the shrine.” he was confused
“why does a chapel need shrines?”
“solitary mediation and prayer.”
“oh” when we got to the back of the chapel we got to a door to small for the Elliot “go sister I will defend the door.” she nodded and entered,

she walked down the hall way she then ran into a solid Adamantium door reaching into her dull red robe and pulled out a cylindric piece of steel the size of her fist engraved with a cog with the Imperial eagle in side the hollow gear on one side the other a simple device of praying hands. Fitting it into a slot she turned to the right, left right then she pulled it flipped it round and push it into the same slot. The door gave a hiss and opened sliding into the wall gently. The walls of the chamber were lined with suits of power armor, bolt guns, frag grenades, melt guns, flamers every thing a Commandery of sister has want of on the field of battle.

Approaching a suit of armor the pain of her arm hit her hard, her legs trembled and gave way she fell against a wall and turned it into sitting down. Wrapping the blood soaked bandage tighter she fumbled in her robe for another pain killer/adrenal shot. Feeling better she stood back up and approached a suit of armor she took off her robe and put each piece of armor on in turn, chanting quietly under her breath. Once the armor was on she put the robe on top. Reach into her pocket she slipped the shots into the suits internal drug dispenser.

Moving on she grabbed 8 more clips of bolt gun ammo, and 4 frag grenades. Slinging a Melta gun over her shoulder she moved deeper into the shrine. At the rear of the armory/shrine were 4 plain pillars. Each tipped with 10 round of bolter ammunition. The round them selfs were lovingly crafted a simple brass casing refitted with a primer, powder and bullet. Holy rounds of ammunition the bane of chaos each bullet forged by a true Martyr a living saint. A intricate clip engraved in gold with the life of saint Barbaros sat in the center piller. She took the clip carefully with great deference and careful not to so much as scratch the bullets filled the clip and hung it on her belt.

She walked out to meet with Elliot once there she looked up and told him
“we can leave.” as they both began to walk out of the chapel. “ok Elliot were are your brothers?” she asked looking around the jungle
“to the north. Follow me.” the walked on the sister just ahead of Elliot, who had noticed the Melta gun. “I see you brought a melta gun, for me?”she turned and looked sharply at him.
"Its for Carnifexs and Hive Tyrants. You impute my honor of a sister of battle in suggestion I would attack my rescuer.” Elliot spoke up trying to put as much apology in his artificial voice as he could
“you are right I am, sorry forgive me please.” she stopped thinking how many marines had she met that were so prompt to beg forgiveness.
“Apology accepted, lets move out its not safe here.” the walked on to word the base, a moment faint, so faint only Elliot artificial ears could hear it, gun fire opened up ahead of them.
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chp 7 she swung a chain sword okay im not being mean but a chain sword is heavy crap its like 100 pounds and or heavier ever read the ultramarines series they had a guardsmen male try it it took all his strength so yeah just saying
Your not being mean it constrtive criticizeism, but for give me if i feel the need to defend my self.

there are two points, first she as sister of battle in full power armor with the armor she could likely use a Ultramarine sword. second they make swords light enough for guardsmen so what the problem with her useing it.
chapter 18 sally and battle Part I

he next day Philip was hammering out the basics of being a company commander. “so at this point I am a company of one.” he said to Inquisitor Holzberg assigned aide “yes Holzberg did not promote you to your own company, he made a new company with you in charge no name quite yet.” he sighed “so how do I get men.” he smiled “tell me who to get and I get them. But word of warning there are only so many troops I can get roughly 2 platoons worth as this word is still under Tyranid attack. “

he sighed “do you get me full platoons or just men.” “Just men.” sighing again “recruit them from the 77th the Yothens are better trained and geared for this.” though in doing so he lost out on men trained with anything heavier then a demo charge. “very well, the honorable Inquisitor has also given you full reign to acquire any weapons and gear you wish any request?” “Le,,”

the rumble of a massive landing craft interrupted him walking from the importune field barrack for a company that did not exist save on paper. They saw the landing craft set down on the landing field “who's landing?” Philip had to yell over the craft. “likely the 1st or second Cassandrin Infantry reinforcements.” “can you recruit form them?” he chuckled “don't count on it the Cassandrins are a law upon them selfs, records show they were always pompous but since that chapter set down on there planet they became positively revolting.” “the 88th ain't that bad.” “there not true Cassandrin they regiment were sent here roughly 200 years ago so suffice to say any and all full blooded Cassandrin's are long dead along with there arrogance and pomp.”

“you were saying about armament?” “what? O, “I am unsure what we exactly have, before I got my shot gun I was given the standard Mk 36 laser rifle but the 88th used a different model what was that?” “the Cassandrin pattern modular las rifle. By replacing parts any guardsmen can turn his lasgun form its stock semi auto mid range form, into a automatic sub rifle.” he shrugged “stick to the Mk36 it hard to retrain troops to use the Cassandra as its so different form other marks.” I see though I did not. “stick to the standard issue gear and weapons.” “yes captain.” the aide said and off he went.

Gawain was trying to avoid all the hard looks form the other sisters in the dinning hall. They had given her a set of power armor, given it was the gray set she had when she first started this insane adventure after Elliot saved her from the Tyranids. They likely thought it a insult it being gray rather then there golden red but she liked it better.

“Gawain.” she winced Canoness Jesika had a way of talking at a perfectly normal tone, and yet loading it with so much loathing that it dripped emotion like a kids ice cream cone drip's chocolate syrup after hes been given his way.

“come here.” Gawain turned to face her the room got even quieter then, well a sister battle in church. (I am in a puny mood to day.) Gawain took a deep breath and walked toward Canoness Jesika in the head of the hall. When she got to her Jesika just stared at her then before the whole hall she spoke, “know this, no matter what Inquisitor Holzberg says or does not say, you are not a sister Superior as such you will bear none of the responsibility of the title as far as you are concerned.”

if she thought that to be a stinging blow it must as well have been a bullet for all it pinged off her. “yes Canoness this, promotion, was just as unexpected to me as to you.” that seemed to throw Jesika for a loop. “explain.” “it was never my intention to be anything other then a sister of the Metal Martyrs and had the Tryanids not invaded I would have stayed there.”

Jesika gave a short sharp hiss “just the thing I would expect you to say if you had ambition.” “well what do you want me to say,, Mistress.” she gave another short sharp hiss “well Holzberg says your a sister Superior and he demands on two things, one you lead a squad of sisters so you get squad Reptia,” Gawain did not know the significance of that, “and two you become the custodian of Saint Barbaros Bullets, you know my feeling on the subject you do not deserve the honor but Holzberg demands it.”pulling the clip from her belt she handed it to her.

Gawain went to grab it and when she grabbed it she pulled her arm back to take it but Jesika held tight. “know that if these come to harm in your care you will become a sister Repentia faster then you then your skin can feel the pain of the tattoos that mark your shame.” only then did she let go.
Gawain put them gently on her belt. “sit back down.” it was a order and she did.

Elliot was readying him self “stand still,, still, it going to take longer if you struggle.” or rather 6th companys master of the forge Scallen was readying him. “eck you did a number on your delicate servos,” the tech marine walked around Elliot with a scanner scanning the damage “so how bad is it?”

Scallen shrugged “well the tech marines fixed your outer shell and locomoters, but you reactive armor is pretty much shattered, your jet turbine has been chewed on by a ripper that crawled up you intake pipe,” Elliot groaned his jet turbine was a old mark and parts were a nightmare.

“it still works but you down by 25 percent from full function, next you your arm servos are functioning but the ceramic around your shoulder has been stressed what you punch Carnifex?” “yes.” he chuckled “tell me the story some time, you life support fully works though there are dents in your life support tank try not to fight brass scorpions any more ok.” “very well.”

“other then that there nothing more I do with out parts.” “care to give me a new load out?” Elliot raised his heavy bolters “what do you want.” “Lazerian is found of Dedra engines and tanks, a Multi melta.” “humm, very well, show me you arm.” putting it out in front of him at Scallens level.

Scallen pulled a Multi Melta off a rack and went to work. First stepping up a foot stool up to Elliot's shoulder using a sonic screwdriver, a rare tool made just for the mark II, he undid the coupling between Elliot's nerve core and his left arm for intent and purpose acting as a anesthesia.

Slipping the tool in his belt Elliot commented on it “glad you found that thing opening me up like a tin can each time I need a recalibration was a pain.” Scallen chuckled “yup I remember the time we tried to do with out, damn near put a whole in are wall when your reflexively set lashed out when your arm was repaired.”

as he walked over to the heavy bolters and began to loose hidden bolts in his armor. When the 12 jaw chuck grip was loose he slid the heavy bolters loose, then reaching into the gap he undid a few fitting, Elliot had never seen up his own arm so he did not know what he did.

Then he slid the the melti gun power pack in place, locking it in place with the wires spilling out the end of the arm. Plugging the Multi melta in to the power cables he slid the Melta gun in place. “you know this is harder then just replacing you whole left arm.” “yes, but this is a lighter system.” “yup give it that, I going to reset you arm, try not to fire it.” walking back up the his arm he pulled out the sonic screwdriver and reset the coupling.

As nerve impulse flowed back down the arm the Melti gun reacted to this uncontrolled flow and started to fire charging slowly up. Quenching that Elliot stopped it just before it did fire. “whew, thought I might have to get a new instant chapel barrack.” Elliot nodded his PDA chimed looking at it. “seems the land speeders found “well then have at him.” Elliot stood up.

Philip looked over the Guardsmen Holzberg aid had chosen. Before him stood 2 platoons of troops looking expectantly at him. The aid whispered into his ear “they expect a speech.” Philip nodded then asked “whats you name any way?” “Auburn Colonel Auburn.” Philip nodded again and cleared his throat “troops,, at ease,” as soon as he started they had stood to attention. “in the field and likely from now normal chain of command will last, but for now this is informal information gathering.” a few muttering this was unexpected, then again the Yothen lower class's did not advance past platoon command so this whole thing was new.

“I am unsure what Colonel Auburn told you, but these are the basics, we are a special operation company, officially we are the Yothen 1st spec-op. Are goal is complex and we must collect 2 relics from heretic hand and you use them to stop a plot that would do great damage to the Imperium. That is are mission and anything we do will be toward that goal. Any questions?” a man raised his hand “is that why we were reissued are flak armor now painted black?” “ya,” another chimed up “and are helmets now look like something from a Arbiters barrack?” he held one up. The black tinted eye slit, the slatted rebreather, it was a dead ringer.

Giving Colonel Auburn a side way look “I am unsure.” before he could go farther the door opened and with out preamble a Commissar walked in the men when on attention immediately Philip was unsure if company commanders went on attention, he decided they did.

The commissar looked at him then spoke “the regimental commander requested I join your company, I am commissar Von Cellab and I will make sure your loyalty ganger.” Philip frowned they had given him then Colonel Auburn spoke up “Commissar Von Cellab, did your commander check with Inquisitor Holzberg?” if the name of a Inquisitor raised his ire he said nothing “why should I? Is it not the right of a Commissar to watch over guardsmen?”

before another word could be spoken a guardsmen ran in, not one of the new company, “Captain Philip!” he came to attention “speak.” the Commissar barked “uumm,” he was unsure “the heretics have been spotted the space marines are have left to set up a ambush they expect you to help.” “good.” turning to the troops “to the Valkarys.” the Philip said.

Lazerian had not left planet left as his dreadclaws had been taken and right now as he stood over the flaming wreck of a land speeder thinking,, it was hard over the the Slaanesh Havocs having 'fun' with the surviving crew.

His cruiser Blood storm was still in orbit, hidden behind and some what with in, the cadaver of a dead hive ship. It still had some Dreadclaws on board along with half a dozen Arvus shuttles, perhaps if,,” “NOOO ARRGUGU.” the scout marine screamed among laughing marines.” standing up Lazerian walked over toward the scout his left arm mutating under his robe.

When he got there he raised his arm making the sleeve drop reveling the bolter. Firing into the scout he killed him “shut up and focus! This is no time for, for games! In case you did not notice we are on a hostile planet in Tyranid territory! We can't afford to make this kind of noise!” as he yelled his flesh bubbled and slightly steam all over his body one of the Havocs lounged against a tree with his heavy bolter next to him “come on we were boarded.” he wined Lazerian temper was close he could feel it, but right now he could not afford the lose of troops “when we get back to base your going to the box!” the box was a smooth steel chamber with no light or sound, total sensory deprivation as normal punishment did not work on Slaanesh followers (they liked pain) under there helms they faces were pleading

“no not that!” they said all most at the same time. The slight humor calmed him down enough he got his nature under control. “then act like marines!” stomping back to the land speeder the marines had taken there heavy bolters and lasconnons and started scanning the jungle. His temper calm he started thinking so if the lander could bring a beacon then,,”

from the jungle a Genestealer watched, linking its mind to the Synaptic Predator above it simple mind only a rely to the true hive it could only receive thoughts not send them. The thought went from the stealer to the predator to a four armed axe handed hive Tyrant. The Tyrant would have frowned if it had lips chaos here? It thought for a second, these chaos marines were raiders and raider need to go home. Thinking it over it sent a idea to the hive mind, and it consented. Nodding the Tyrant sent the commands to his underlings which scurried off. At his silent wishes Raveners dug under ground to watch them with there sensor net, agile and limbic Warriors swung though the trees to keep the Raveners from attacking, tall spry Lictors crept though the shadows to ambush and watch,

the whistling of Thunder Hawks filled the air followed shortly by the hiss of a Lascannon vaporising all the water in its fight path (thats what las guns sound like, a boiling pot of water) looking up he saw the red after glow of a Lascannon arching upword it missed but the hawk had lifted up rather then risking staying around and drop troops. Lazerian gave the last order though his high power radio in his suit (or rather head) and then whent radio silent standing up he yelled “are evac point is 5 kliks north west we'll have to cross some dense bush so lets move!” the marines cut though the bush chain swords buzzing they used them clear the way like machete's. With the Alpha Legion mercenary erasing the trail behind them.

“this is Thunder Hawk Icon 8 commencing bombing run.” the radio squawked the command. Thunder Hawks incendiary bombs cleared a 20 foot radius of jungle followed soon after by Thunder Hawk Icon 9, 10 and 11 out of the front of Icon 10 jumped, with a earth shattering thump, Elliot behind him the 2 squad of tactical marines rappelled down, from icon 9 jumped a squad of Assault marine followed by a demi squad of Devastators. Icon 11 dropped off its cargo of tanks. 2 Vindicators each armed with a massive jungle shredding Crab flail. Whirling the Vindicators plowed foreword as land speeder began a (Mars pattern) search over last know locations.

Elliot was in charge of strike force Omega and he had command radio privileges “this is Strike force Alpha we have landed and are beginning search.” “this is strike force Beta we too have landed and begun search.” then the voice of Mich cut in “squad Indomitable landed and heading to map point B-11 until counter commanded.” “this is commander Fabian Nearda we have landed and began operations,” “this is Chaplin,” just then the Vindicator got there Crabs to full speed and hit the jungle running roaring like a giant wood chipper Elliot missed about 7 seconds of sound “just started, these crabs are working well.”

Elliot sighed at there lack of radio discipline, though he decided to break it to “what you doubt us?” then Logan's voice cut clear and clean though it “both of you can it, radio silence unless reporting, the less said the better Alpha Wolf out.” Elliot spoke privately to Logan “are you sure Papa Smurf,” there code word for command Fabian “will not have some 'unintended' friendly fire?” “Elliot, I have reservations as well, this is are first joint combat op in over 4 millennium, but I feel we can trust them so far as there duty's concerned, and a Inquisitor breathing down there neck.” “and about him.” “no time Cronus,” Elliot code name “get your mind back in the op. Alpha Wolf out.”

Elliot Watched as his motion sensors went wild “Hostiles!” pointing it out to each marines integrated sensors soon bolters blazed a out a anthem of death though the jungle and cryes and screams of dieing Tyranids but that did not slow them “this is flight group King fisher we have found them there crossing a river at grid point CC 8.” Dang Strike team Omega was deployed opposite that. But team Beta and Fabian Nearda force were close enough to act.

The hive Tyrant walked closer to a group of bright blue Marines. Its mind flooded with information. The Purple ones had engaged some 'wild' (not under full Synapse control) Hormagaunts but more important the Raiders were strung out now it was time to act.

The Alpha legionary known as Orreng was standing behind his brothers his squad had ranged up and down the Imperium in 20 millennium of war but now was his time to be out stealth. His silenced bolter passing back and forth across the jungle he never saw the Venomthrope that grabbed him. Wrapping it tentacles around him it flooded his super human system with incapacitorgence knocking him cold in a second.

Dragging him though the jungle silently it then slid its arm down his throat injecting into his body with one Genestealer larva into his body, his super human physic allowing it to grow bigger then if was a normal human with out killing him. Then flooding his system with anti toxins he put him back on his feet right where he was taken.

Orreng stumbled rapidly shrugging off, what ever was wrong with him, for he did not remember the Venomthrope, “Orreng?” he turned to his brother “fine.” he said using the curt brief speak they always used.

Even in the roar of battle the Hive tyrant felt victory, as his axe thudded though another space marine sawing this one half he readied more commands. Soon a vast wall of Tyranids separated the chaos marines and any opposition, that Larva must be taken to this raiders home, hopefully full of rich bio mass for the swarm.

Elliot almost roared his anger they had faced wave after wave of Tryanids and land speeders said he was not far. How was he controlling them? Strike forces Beta and Alpha were in similar binds, the two Ultramarine forces were forced together and were right now holding out atop a hill that they had cleared with more incendiary bombs. But the four axed Hive Tyrant was leading the attack so it was hard fought. Elliot fired up his radio “this is Cronus requesting air left for strike force Omega.” “this is Alpha Wolf confirm Thunder Hawks inbound prep for hot jungle extraction.”

Squad Indomitable were just as unlucky as Elliot they were just as off course but they were closer to the Ultramairnes. Looking at the battle field Vanem commented “there going to die.” Kell pulled the slide back on his bolter make a slick smack, “so let help.” Mich nodded he was in charge of combat operation though the whole team chose the ops “may the chapter forgive us.” he muttered.

(to be continue)
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im sorry i have not posted but 2 things happend at the same time, one my computer diead on me, two at the same time i lost my copy of lone Dreadnought, (I still need a better name,) so i first have to get a new copy of the heresy website then i can work on it. once again sorry i could not add to it.
These are some nice stories. I look forward to future chapters.
Chapter 18 continued Battle and escape

new chapter! yaaa.
very action orinted this one,

The bolters rattled and the heavy bolter roared and each round flayed many a Gaunt, but still they came one. The Ultramarine had fought this war before, on Iracon, Jordine, and on Macragge it self, and they had payed for the battles in blood. Fabian bolter swept up and down the the front of the swarm each bullet slayed a target.

Then his bolter stopped, clicked once, he was out. Quickly he dropped the bolter, extended his lighting claws, and drew a bolt pistol, just in time to spear the first Hormagaunt that lept over the pile of rock of the hastily assembled firring line. As more spilled foreword he claw swinging back and forth on autopilot he spoke into his radio, “we need aid or evac is eather available?”

the ground shock instect drove him to jump to the side as Trygon emerged from were he stood. The thing turn slightly and discharged a bolt of energy at a Predator Annihilator. Stunning it, the best turn on Fabian he stood back up when his radio spoke “aid is here.” “were are you.” looking around all he could here was the roar and dint of battle, nothing different to suggest that anything new was there.

From the tree line Agemman looked down his scope, right down the eye of the Trygon, “one shot, one kill,” he muttered

over the dint of battle Fabian heard the sharp crack of the 65 caliber, special issue custom Exitus Rifle firing a turbo-penetrator. And saw the impact, it blew a hole in the thick carapace the beast recoiled from it but it was not dead,

Agemman was annoyed, it was not dead, yanking the heavy slide back, he had 4 more rounds in the 5 round clip, “if not one shot one kill, then 5 shots will do.”

once more the crack rang out, and another and another. In quick sensation 4 more shots hit the same spot, the beast roared once, then fell dead as a bullet finally hit it brain, tumbled, ripped the gray matter to pudding.

Fabian stumbled back form the falling beast then a heavy bolter rang out turning he saw a marine in purple armor, ceasing fire he turned to Fabian “we are your aid.” jumping over down from a bolder that was part of the wall he went beside him “you?” Fabian looked him over, he was big, and held the heavy bolter like it was part of his arm but that was it for merits on eye inspection. “me.” reaching to his head set he turned his radio on “this is Mackivelia commence operation.” nothing happened, “what operation.” Mich smiled “we will destroy the synapse beasts need for control.”

“and you can do this how?” Mich pointed at the Trygon “that was Agemman and hes not are oldest member. Just are best shot.” as if to make the point another 5 cracks rang out each one slaying something big by the screams.

Mich did not wait for reply he vaulted the wall and set to work with his heavy bolter single handly breaking the back of a whole attack wave. Swinging back and forth the tracers lit up in a gaze of death were it swung broken body followed behind it. As the front of the wave fell dead those behind began to trip over them only to be cut down in turn.

Else were Kell was holding off a swarm of nids with Aeorum
his bolter roaring and Kells bolt pistols snaping, “my counts up to 220 you?” “hump. Don't care.” “fine be that way.” but he had a smile on his face. Turning quickly he shot down a gene stealer that had snuck though the jungle, twisting Kell spoke “this is all well and good but we have yet to kill a Synapse beast, and are ammo will run out.”

nodding Aeorum yelled over the hoard “indeed, lets move, ready?” flipping a pistol to his belt he pulled out a power sword “shall we?” Aeorum just pulled the massive 300 round drum out and slapped a new one in place and jumped into the hoard, spraying it with 300 rounds of Hellfire, Kell close behind. Each round of the magizan killed something and any who strayed got sliced by the sword of Kell each blow perfect and deadly. A Warrior a head of them saw them coming and under the Influence of the four axe Tyrant attacked.

Aeorum, first sprayed the hoard in front of him to clear a space then on full auto as he had been on for the whole battle and sprayed, a arm broke off, then it head melted by the acid. Turning he had a sneer on his face “that how you do it Kell.” the sneer dryed up when he saw Kell standing atop his own warrior, that one had it claws shot off by a bolt pistol and a single sword blow pinning its head to the ground. “you were saying?”

else were a squad of Ultramarines meet another such Hero, Vanem, the lone wolf, unlike Kell perfect blows he used a chain sword that howled and screamed he was a whirling storm of death, 3 gaunts lept over the wall, only to be thrown back over by the force the knifes had struck them with.

Roaring he cut a Gaunt in half only for a new beast to stride before him, a Tervigon. Hissing it released a flood of Termagaunts, as the Ultramarines sent bolter round to hit it Vanem lept the wall, and started sliceing though the hoard. He many a gaunt was cut in twain. When he got to the Tervigon he grabbed a leg, worms pattering off his armor, as it had the whole charge.

Raising his sword he stabbed it into his back for grip and then one handed started throwing envenomed knifes from the staps on along his arms and legs at it as fast as he could, about 1 per second, the thing started bucking and roaring, then it shuddered as the knives, which had been rubbed in the slime of a Venomthrope, sent the poison that coated them though it body. Hopping off he slid his sword out of it body, turned to the Ultramarine and said “you going to help?”

though out the battle field Squad Indomitable may them selfs felt at Fabians command the Ultramarines surged froward the Hive Tyrant was about to join the fight, when the Hive spoke to it, it had had enough, enough bio mass had been lost fall back, the Tyrant bellowed and took a step foreword only to have it body unwillingly taken from it. It was forced to walk away while it sprite raged against the hive, it wanted to kill.

Lazerian pushed though the last small tree and got to the clearing, landers were there with waiting death claws. The Traitor guardsmen who waited had already dug in there heavy weapons. As the Choas Marines entered the clearing Lazerian was approached by his 4th in command, Captain Vandis “did you secure the artifact my lord?” he nodded “good, but we can't leave just yet.” “why?”

Lazerian due to his demi-daemon nature had a temper like a Blood Letter but he never focused it on his loyal followers as that tended to make them less loyal, still he knew by the tone that if this was his fault then the anger would turn on him.

Captain Vandal spoke “if we took off now there Thunderhawks would shoot us down that we landed at all was due to the luck. We need to deal with them first.”

Lazerian hissed slightly then thought about it. “did you bring a summoning crystal?” Vandis smiled and pulled it out of his belt “I chose one filled with flyer's, you like?” plucking it from his grip Lazerian smiled as well “I do.”

the Valkyries of the new Yothen 1st spec op flew low and fast over the jungle, Philip looked out over the, now concluded battle the Ultramarines had fought, yelling over the jets he spoke to Colonel Auburn “thats a hell of a fight down there, do they need a hand?” “no,” he yelled back “were setting down in a clearing near were the chaos marines were headed were cut them off there.”

nodding Philip looked out the door, a few minutes later they passed over the clearing. For a few seconds he saw the it all, the positions, the landers, the dread claws the marines everything. Then the traitors opened up, as one Heavy Stubber's filled the air tracers the bullets pinged and zinged off the Valkyrie. Then one hit a engine.

The Valkyrie went into a wild spin. Philip hanged on tightly to a railing they hit the forest hard jerking and shuddering, luckily it did not fall into the forest, it had landed atop the trees. When it stopped they were a good 40 feet off the ground. In the silence of the moment Philip heard his heart beat clearly, standing up he check him self over, arms, legs, chest he was intact.

“lucky thing right Auburn?” turning he stopped Auburn was not lucky, he had a tree branch pining him to the side of the Valkyrie, he was dead. He stopped for a moment and then made the mark of the eagle out of respect, then leaned out of the crashed Valkyrie at the now circling ones, radio was down but he pointed at one and made gestures telling it to let the troops off, they were a good 20 meters from the Heretics, good enough they got the message and soon rappelling cables unfurled.

Philip nodded and then he and the survivors loosed there own cables and went to the forest floor.

Vandis was caught off guard by the Valkyries after a moment of sputtering he found his voice and pointed with his power fist clad arm “what are you waiting for you sister (of battle) lovering Idiots, light em up!”

he watched as one of them crashed he then pointed to two of his most seasoned sargent, “you, and you rally your squads out of what ever drug induced stoper there in this time,” one of them was dedicated to Slaanesh “and find out if any one survived and if so kill them, quickly and come back if more troops are deployed fall send a runner back and were reinforce you.” the two nodded and gathered there squads and moved though the forest.

On the floor Philips shot gun swung back and forth like a hunting dog, seeking a scent. His command squad landed followed soon after by troops dropped by the Valkyries, all told about 60 of them. His platoons moved though the forest quietly. Then they ran into the traitors

Philip meet them first seeing the forms in the shadow he spoke the code word “Imperal,” he waited for the word glory telling him there were friendly, instead they opened fire. There bolters chattered though the forest cutting up leaves like a salad, Philip went to ground behind a slight dip due to a tree root and opened fire.

his shot gun sent a heavy 15 gage slug though the forest hitting one of them and smashed into his Carapace armor, the old thing shattered sending splinters of ceramic slicing though him killing him. Soon the wood echoed to the fire of bolters and the hiss of lasgun. The sheer disparity of fire power drove them back and they routed back to the clearing.

As guardsmen chased them into the open area with out cover they were sliced down by heavy bolters and Stubbers pointing down from AA duty. And they to fell back into the forest.

A marine chuckled “that should teach them.” Lazerian turned him “fool! A guard army with out Artillery is like tell a Berserker not to kill you new slave! If we don't leave this world soon we will likely be shelled out of existence!”

he then turned back the crystal in one deft move he shattered it and sprayed the dust though the air and he spoke words filled with the power of choas (if I wrote them down I would drive you insane)

the crystals threw a rainbow pattern though the air, but the dust motes soon grew larger and each shard turned into a a multi colored manta ray, Screamers. At a unheard command they flew out in random directions.

Philip heard a scream and looked up and saw the daemons, a guardsmen asked, “what are those?” “I don't know.” Philip replied. He then turned to his radio operator report to command that UFO have been spotted no ID use caution.” then he pointed to a pair of snipers, the heaviest weapon in the Yothen arsenal “climb the trees and see if we can snipe a few off.”

“incoming radio signal.” “play it.” Elliot said, “this is Imperial guard force Saber, UFOs have been spotted no ID use caution.” he responded “concern noted we are moving to engage the Heretics have you made contact?” in his mind something bugged Elliot why was he not informed of the Guards presence?

“yes contact has been made one Valkyrie was shot down, 5 dead then we made contact with the heretics main force.” “can you tell what the forces were?” “yes, heavy AA though all of that lighter pieces Heavy Stubber, many guardsmen unknown number, plus what ever Chaos Marines joined with them. We try to snipe a few dozen off.”

“Good,, Alpha wolf, Lordling, (Honor guard member Helon in charge of strike team beta) Fabian did you read Saber?” “this is Alpha wolf read 10-2.” “Lordling read 10-1 but understandable.” “this is Fabian, whats all this 10ing about?”

before Elliot could educate him on the code words his codex left out his Thunder hawk shock “we lost engine 1,, now two prep for crash landing.” now were did this ring a bell? Oh ya just before he meet Gawain,, were where the sister now that he thought about it?” but not here or now.

Thunderhawks have little wing surface area so next to no glide path. With out engines they fell like bricks, since space marines were so tough they almost always survived still,,

the Thunderhawk crash and unlike the Valkyrie smash though the top layer of the trees and fell to the forest floor leveling trees in its path. Until it hit a titan of tree, a 432 year old redwood with a 3 meeter radius. The Thunderhawk hit it side on and shattered in two the two half spun like top and only the super human strength of the marines kept them in. After hitting and splintering a few more trees the both stopped the silence that followed lasted for only a moment before bolters rattle shattered it followed by heavy bolters roar.

After walking out the hole made by the shattered hawk and looked up he found out why. The air was thick with Screamers he joined in, cursing his choice of a Multi melta, still when he did hit one it tend to be instantly fried he activated his radio. “this is Chronus were under heavy deamon attack, Icon 10 was downed. Need Evac!” “this is strike force Beta we saw you go down we come to assist.

While the Imperials were districted by the screamers Lazerian Dreadclaws and Landers took off. Philip watched them and sighed “tell HQ what happened, were go into the clearing and await pick up.”

in orbit the imperial fleets caught up in fighting the hive fleet got a rude awakening. From no were the cruiser Blood storm emerged, shattering the dead hive ship the Blood storm set upon the nearest target, a Lunar.

The heavily moddifed Battle Cruiser lunched a salvo of torpedoes, used the recoil to spin presenting it other flank then fired another broadside, all in less then 30 seconds. The Lunar shields sputtered and broke the first wave only for the second to tear it asunder. Massive gaps were carved into it by the torpedoes. Its void shield shot sparks and energy as techprest tried to calm it.

On board Admiral,(as he demanded on being called)Romula Horner was coordinating the attack. “she down, fire port weapon battery's and another half salvo of torpedoes.” the ship shuddered “Admiral, cruisers inbound.” he looked at a the scanner and saw two cruisers moving at her at flank speed

“I see, fire prow missiles.” the ship swung around pointing at each cruiser for a half second, time to lunch a missile at each incoming ship and it kept turning to a new heading. “assume orbit, prep docking bay but do not open doors.”

The two missile steamed closer to the target, at a range of a thousand miles the missile split in half. The first half of each fired a secondary rocket speeding them ahead. At a range of 5 miles the first missile (the ones closest to the target) detonated.

Suddenly 120 megatons of atomic fire lit up the void. Due to the stand off blast no damage was done, in deep space there no air, no shock wave, there heat and radiation but no force. But the EMP hit the ships shorting shields and disable counter battery systems, so the second missile could hit. They hit the front of the ship, and dug in, then detonated.

Once more a blast 120 megatons strong echoed in the void, in side each ship massive blasts fire 3,000 degree fire raced down the ships hall ways and hanger bays, then it was all sucked back out a moment latter. The blast twisted and bent the metal like it was tinfoil venting the burning and the ash of the crew into orbit. When the after glow faded each ship was now spinning slowly in space, the prows ripped off, vaporised in the explosion.

“hits Admiral, both ships down.” he nodded “to bad we only have 10, or rather 8 of them, on board.”

most of the Imperial fleet was tied up with the Hive Fleet. So when the chaos ground forces arrived there was no opposition.

When Lazerian arrived on the command deck he had a grin on his face. “Romula you been holding out of me, I had no idea you could wreak such wanton destruction under 4 minutes.” “it was the Blood Storm not me sir, you did retrofitted her so it was you who did it not I.” “It was me wasn't it?” then dead serous “fire up the warp drive and get out of here.”

“yes sir, all hand,” he spoke into a intercom now “prepare for warp jump on my mark.”he looked at a watch on her wrist counting down the number of seconds it would take, only 25. “Mark.”

The Battle Cruiser Art of War in orbit was steaming toward Blood Storm the captain was trying to put more power into it “hurry or there,” suddenly a red cloud shooting lighting and energy emerged in front of it. It was slowly pulled toward it until it touched it then it suddenly shot into it. The cloud closing behind it.

“damn it.” was the most printable of the obscenity the captain hissed that day. Then he spoke to the raido opratior “get me in touch with command Lazerian got away.”

PS if i screwed up in the orbital part of the chapter tell me i put it down here to keep from spoiling stuff
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Chapter 19 a meeting

forgive the gripe, but juat a note, can i get some feed back? i work hard on this and i enjoy you feed back from i like to this is C*** what ever just so i know that people are even reading this, thank you for this reading this anoucment, now back to are scedulde readin program

The next day a meeting was called of the commanders Philip, Elliot, Logan, Helon, Fabian, the Ultramarine Chaplin, Jeskia and Inquisitor Holzberg . Philip having to wait until nightfall for evac had only just gotten back and looked it, he was dirty, smelly and just plain scruffy. He was of similar in state to the rest of his troops. Compared to the immaculate sisters of battle who looked like they just step out of a spa with shining and glistening armor.

To say Philip was annoyed was a understatement he was fuming. Especially the high handed way Jesika told him off on it “the guardsmen should have had him why did they not have heavier weapons?” she turned her iron gaze on to a Elliot, the most visual element of the Space Marine task force

“and why did the marines not get him! You were less then 2 miles from him why then did you not get him!” Commander Logan huffed “fine thing to speak as you are, seeing as how you sat the whole battle out.”

her glare focused on to Jerrilyn “why then was I not told of this? By time the message got to me the battle was over!”

Jerrlyn nodded “I looked into the first thing, the message bounced from are first recon teams to me, then I gave it to a aid who was to give it to you. Turns out she ran to the internal message service as we always do for these things, the message went from there to a second department on the other side of the base for out go communication, were the Commissary opened it up read the message and promptly classified it, and lunched a investigation all the way up, every package carrier was interrogated until it was found it came from the internal message service;”

he took a breath “and then all the package men were interrogated until they found the man who gave it them. They then interrogated her, for a hour because they did not believe that I gave her such classified information they then moved on from normal methods to torture and then turned on me and that was the first I knew about it.”

he took another breath “when I was arrested and brought before a interrogated table I pointed out what they in there zeal missed, that it was going to you Cannoness Jerrilyn who had equal right to the information to any one else as I gave you in a internal memo equal security rating as my self. They spent another half hour checking, then they refused to trust any one out side of the Imperial guard command structure,” Elliot interrupted “out side the control of the Commissary.”
“and using there power as Commissars rendered the memo null and void.”

“I could not get them to change there mind, my rank meant nothing to those, those,” was shaking with anger. “so I had to send the letter again this time with the Commissars looking over my shoulder until I got a letter they called acceptable and then they sent it, to the internal message service who gave it to out going communication, who gave it to a guardsmen who went across town, and gave to a sister at the door and thats why it took so long for you to get it.”

“tomorrow I am lining the commissars against a wall and having them shot!” he looked smug now “Here here!” Elliot Holzberg spoke up “you can't do that its against imperial law.” “They directly harmed the combat effectiveness of a operation due to there own stupidity at not seeing were the message was headed and there own paranoia about the Sisters of battle, a purer group of soldiers can only be in those who watch guard the emperor him self!”

“be that as it may there Commissars, you have no authority over them.” “if they were any other being in the whole the Imperium they would be shot!” “there Commissars, there no more to it, let it be. Now tell me about the battle.” Company commander Logan was first he presented his battle report made over the course of the night, and went over the points. One by they all went over there small part in the battle after Philip did his about the crash and insuring battle Jerrilyn tapped his shoulder “your done here, go take a shower you and get a new uniform.”

Philip nodded his thanks and stood up while the others were focused on Fabains, report and left silently. Once out side the command bunker, and getting his shot gun returned to him, he walked down the stairs aiming straight for his bunk, after his shower. When he was intercepted “Philip?” he turned to see Gawain in her gray power armor overlapped by her dull red robe.

“yup under the grime its me, so how was you day?” the question was vaguely threatening. “fine, I am sorry beyond words about not being there on the day of battle.” “not your fault.” and he told her what had happened “well I blame these Commissars. Have they got a plan on stopping Lazerian?”

Philip shock his head “we need a sword forged on mar itself and blessed by tech priest and sister alike and finally the crown of Lethid.” “given how the sisterhood feels about tech priest that could be hard.” a few moments of uncomfortable silence “so,, anything else?” Philip asked “not that I can think of.” Gawain said “I had a question and I had it got answered. And I apologized for missing out on the battle.” silence then Philip broke it “I got to go, I need a shower and then sleep. Goodbye.” he turned and left

Gawain had her thoughts on the subject interrupted “and he said onto them, “don't be lead from the path of the pure, by the alleys of temptations, “ she turned to find a Celestian behind her looking aimlessly over the horizon “do not betray your oath's loyalty and purity for flesh and know to who you belong.” the 21st book of the Emperor Martyr Isseladon 122:66 Cassandrin edition.”

she then turn a stern look on to the 19 year old sister. “be wary, and know what you are, a Sister of Battle, those who are spiritually wed to the Emperor, remember that.” “I have.” Gawain said “so I hope, but accuse I did not.” the Celestian walked down the stairs to the Basilica.

Inside the meeting Philip left the next step was planed “we need to find Lazerian he has the crown, you said squad Indomitable would do it?” Logan nodded to Inquisitor Holzberg “indeed if any one can they can.” “what about this second item a sword forged on mars and blessed by the sisters?” the Chaplin asked Holzberg spoke “the easiest thing to do would be to make such a item, we need a sword made on mars and then we find a Living Saint and have her bless it.”

Elliot huffed “Find a Living Saint that’s easy here I got five of there phone numbers in my little black book.” Logan chuckled “date one in high school.” the reference went over every one else head

“never mind,” Logan corrected him self when Jeskia started looking hard at him “the point is were can we find one? Do any such swords exist meaning we don't have to find a living saint?” Holzberg thought hard then “Forge world Skillon has a sword dating to the dark days of the Heresy I can think of no item more blessed by the Omnissiah in a 180 light year distance.”

Logan coughed “Good they owe us for fending off the ork invasion some 83 years ago,” looking smug, “not one landing craft got to the surface.” Fabian was unimpressed “good you go there bring Philip and Gawain with you,” Holzberg turned his gaze to Jeskia “and give Gawain her squad you been holding back but now you must.” she gave a short sharp hiss

“and with that I call this meeting to a end.” Holzberg said. They all stood up to leave to there posts as Jerrilyn left to head to his command desk, he still had to plan a war the war for Kelof IV Logan grabbed his shoulder “what were those commissars names again?”

5 hours latter

Jeskia was annoyed it reeked off her and Gawain was forced to follow very closely down the passages of Basilica Beatus refero. “Holzberg told me to give you a squad, I am sending a small detachment of troops to go with these foolishness,” she stopped in front a door “so I present your squad.” and with that turned and left.

Gawain looked at the door it had writing on it cover

“Sqadla Martia
Pro Sins of preteritus ,
verus devoveo of tendo
Pro Imperator es ago in posterus.”

“Squad Martyrdom.
For the Sins of the past,
For the true devoted of the present
For the Emperor are lives in the future.”

not the Moto of any thing that does things by half's.

Opening the door she found SquadRepntia they were on bunks, praying silently to themselves each faceing a small shrine set into the back wall. They did not notice her till they finished and then they, weirdy turned to face her as one.

The first thing that she noticed was that fact that each sister had a brand, or tattoo below there left eye the Flu de leas. Next that each sister had a overly solum look even the barely a sister (by there standards) 21 year old there.

“um I am Sister Gawain.” the silence continued then “psst.” she looked to see a sister cleaning a bolter her right side facing her, not looking at her, in the shadow under a bunk bed “your are new Superior?” “yes.” Gawain said more surely then she felt. “I am.”

“psst,” she looked up showing the right side of her face, and the red glow of a bionic eye. “you have not the wisdom nor piety to be what you claim, I know what Holzberg said, and he is wrong you do not lead this squad in truth.”

Gawain took a deep breath then spoke “well no matter what you think or do not I am sister superior.” “athority doses not equal respect.” the to locked eyes at each other, blue eyes to brown, and a robotic red one, eye to eye.”

The sister stood up and walked walked out, bumping Gawain as she walked, scraping the two sets of power armor, and left the room.
Turning to the other sisters she asked “so who she?” a voice chirped up “Sister Ellion she grew up on Cassandrin.” another one chirped in “a few years before she came to us she got caught in that big chaos raid on the Mechanicus.” “in the battle she got in melee with a sorcerer, and won.” “but during the battle the chaos magick got to her.” each voice added in turn

“got to her right eye so she took a knife and gouged her own eye out.” no wonder she did not respect me Gawain thought she had the will and skill to be a leader. Gawain shook the thought out of her head “dose any one know were she went? I need to tell her were leaving for Skillon tomorrow and she needs to know.” no one knew so she sat down on one of the bunks to wait.

“leaving warp in 4,3,2,1.” on the count of one the Blood Storm emerged from the warp in the asteroid fields of Incondra, a Pulsar around it spun the remains of its planets and the Guardian.

The Guardian was a relic of the dark age technology it was a sturdy well built star base. It only feature that made it note worthy was the Trojan power field. It used the Pulsars electromagnetic field to power it own systems and weapons it made more then enough power for itself and in fact a number of space hulks had be welded to its frame and it proved power enough for all of them.

The end result was ungainly and ugly looking, but effective. And it was Lazerian primary base.

“you got warp jumping down to a science don't you?” he Lazerian said Romula smiled “as much as it can be.” the Blood storm pulled into docking bay of the Guardian the Battle Cruiser was like a toy next to this intergalactic structure. Soon the crew of the blood storm left leveing only the designated crew who stayed to watch over it.

Getting off Lazerian was intercepted by Jackson a Space Marine commander he had “Lazerian.” “while you were gone we had visitors.” “imperials?” Lazerian was concerned the damage he inflected was often disproportionate to the number of marines he had a and determined assault would significance damage and possible take the base form him.

“no, there in the cantina there leader wishes to speak to you.” the two made there way down the hall way “anything about them?” “first of all there all women and there devoted to Slaanesh.” “anything that makes this group worth noting?” “there have power armor stolen from sister of battle and some how turned it to chaos, they are very heavily armed with sonic guns, and a few blastmasters, have you ever seen seen a sonic pistol?” “humm, interesting.” “they also came with a decent contingent of heretical guardsmen and hinted that space marines might be coming.” the sliding door opened reveling the room.

It was the heart of the base in times of battle it was a briefing room, and a command hub, a place to address troops before operations and in between such times it was a pub compleat with dancing girls.

But now in the center were the strange warriors. There armor was in shades of pink and purple, but oddly there armor did not bear any imperial symbols, Choas armor typical had some, defaced to be sure but there were there. The room was quiet as if they did not want to annoy the strangers.

When he came it went silent expect for one of the Amazons as he had come to think of them. She had bight purple hair, dyed likely by the brown roots on her head. Her blue eyes were pirceing. Her armor was the most intricate and well built.

“so your Lazerian judging by how it went silent.” Lazerian face crunched up. “you have me at a disadvantage my dear, why are you here?” she stood up still holding her drink (a Khorneate surprise) “for the reason you just left for, did you get the artifact?” “I ask the question on my base, I ask again why are you here?” putting more threat in it.

“what did the prophecy say you need?” Lazerian thought about it and said it out loud “the crystal skull, the Skull of Aragath, the Helm of infinity and the soul of a bride of the Empe,,” he cut off “your that bride?” he said in suprise

she drunk her glass to the down to the dredges down as he spelled it out “took you long enough.” Lazerian rallied quickly “I thought it meant a sister fallen as in killed not, you.” “what can I say I say, I am chosen.” “a claim not to be taken lightly.” but given how if they were as zealous to Slaanesh as they had been to the Emperor it could be a valid one Lazerian thought even as he said it

“perhaps but we have the power to back it up.” “I see, I never did get a name.” the, Canoness? Chuckled “you might know it, Gawain.”
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is any one reading? i dorp a atom bomb of a plot twist and nothing? can i get some feed back here?! I like knowing if people are reading this? i keep writeing but if no ones read this i might not be posting.
chapter 20 part 1 to there goals.

i doubt any one reading this, but i will post for forms sake.

that night Lazerian was having a private word with one of his chaos sorcerers, Lekin “so where did this Gawain come from?” “Lekin was sitting a chair he thought about it for a moment then replied “I can think of only one place.” Lazerian turned from his window “well?”

“you recall that raid on Cassandra? I lead a detachment on my own goal in the 8th company stronghold, there I took every book I could find. Only a handful where the spell books I hoped seems we broke into the true vault minutes before they rallied and we had to leave and despite that the book were interesting despite the lack of spells..”

“of the books I found a few were on pre-Imperial philosophy, or it was a experimental mathamatic book.” “well was it philosophy or experimental math?” Lazerian said sitting down in a second chair.

“both, the philosophy it spoke was backed up with the math. It seems in the long gone days the old Tech priests of that spent a lot of time wondering about the universe, whats it made of and were it come from.”

“the theory the book expounded was that the universe was made of strings.” “yarn?” “no, it form what I gathered it made the assumption that electrons and quarks are 1 dimensional there four strings.” Lazerian chuckled “techno heresy brother Electrons are 0 dimensional. So the adepts of mars have claimed.” “since when did I care?” Lekin chuckled

“true, true you were saying?” “well in order for the strings to exist you need more dimensions then just the 4 we live in, length width, hight and time. The math showed up word of 11 such dimensions.” “So she came from one of these 11?” Lazerian asked “no, the strings of are universe form a membrane or just brane. The branes exist every were but you can not see them there closer then your clothing to your skin but you can't touch them.”

“and she came from a brain?” “Brane is the spelling the book used but yes. These branes are each a Parallel universe with history's and time lines radically different from are own. In ares Horus lost, but in others he won, in others still he never betrayed at all.”

“I think I see, no wait were does the warp come in?” “it exists out side this. I spoke only of the physical world. There are many worlds but one warp.” “good, it hard enough dealing with gods as is, if there were more then 4, so then how did she get here?”

Lekin smiled “need I answer that one?” “what?” “you your self seek such a gate, “a gate between realms” the temple said.” he spoke “this portal would work like a chaos gate save in leading to the warp it leads to a Parallel universe. The only other way to get to such a world would be though the physical and only the Necrons might have the technology for that.”

“hope not if so they could pull troops out of a world were they already rule the universe.” Lazerian thought out loud Lekin smiled “or one were chaos rules. Think of it a black crusade at the drop of hat.”

“lets not get ahead we need two more artifacts and I know were one is. The helm of Infinity is in a inquisitor stronghold we need get and take it. Were deal with the skull next.” “how do you plan on that?” Lazerian “we got to get some help.” “you plan on going to the Maelstorm?” “Indeed.”

“well gods speed, you bringing that new ship?” “no I have a a plan for that one, one your part of. You will command the ground force.” he smiled “very well.”

“Lazerian?” Romula asked he had been asked to the ship bay were new ships were striped down for parts or modified. Lazerian turned to face him “good your here I have something for you.” “sir?” turning Lazerian looked back out the window, “there what do you see.” Romula walked over “I see a new cruiser, another Blood Strom?” “in a sense, same modification, but one difference, shes yours.” “Mine?” he was surprised

“indeed you served me well, so well you going to be given your own ship.” “sir, I,” “ no need for thanks.” Lazerian said “there are conditions, one tenth of any loot you do get, second your astropath must be one I provide so no one can trace you back to me third you must get me the skull of Aragath.”

“tall order, where is it?” “Aragath was tricked by the Raven Guard into attacking a overwhelming ork force he was killed and his head was put on pike, with luck it should still be there.”

“any idea how I suppose to do that?” “Your a ground force for the job we may be able to bargain the head from them failing that we have my Alpha Legion squad to take it form them if that fails then were wipe them out if we must.”

“right, then she mine?” “ Lazerian smiled “indeed incentive works wonders. Then the whole one tenth of your loot and astropath thing comes in.” “a crew?” “I think you have enough idealists to form a skeleton crew.” unlike most of the traitors out there Romula Horner was not a Heretic he just did not like the Imperium.

“You have a name yet?' “Lazerian said Romula smiled “the Hyperion.” “not my choice but your ship now get me that skull!”

they were now in the docking bay minites after sending Romula out on his mission the Blood storm loomed before them. “sir the blood storm ready to leave.” “excellent.” Lazerian said then a voice stopped him “you going some where?” turned he saw Gawain, followed by 10 of her sisters“yes why do you care?” “me and my sisters are going with you.”

“I already have the max number of marines that Akeladon allows foreign lords on his planet.” “but were not marines.” “he not going to except that logic.” “I am coming.”

Lazerian thought about it, it was a small thing pick your battles was his motto “very well, squad Murder stay behind.” the grumbled but they obeyed. Then all of them went up a ramp to the hanger by it closing behind them.

The bay sirens went off evacuating the bay. Then the doors opened and in a pulse of flame the Blood Storm surged from the bay. A moment latter the warp drives flared to life and the ship surged into a cloud of red lighting all drives full to the dark maw.
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Chapter 20 part2 Lazerians plan.

Meanwhile on Kelof IV

“ah good you came Elliot.” Logan said “indeed, may I ask why?” Logan sighed “you will make for forge world Skillon in a hour, and ive lender you one of my Nova Escort's Vessels the Star Walker for transports but I will not go with you.”

“Commander?” Elliot was puzzled “Holzberg has said, well forget him since when did we care but the prophecy?” “Kelof is still under the shadow of the warp we can't leave it to be consumed. Fear not though the 8th company will meet you at Skillon, last I heard almost 50 brothers will be there lead by Toran.” “Toran? Of the second Blood War?”

Logan smiled “indeed the child himself. But you need to get ready to leave when the time comes you will need to be ready.” “indeed, good bye Logan may we meet back upon Cassandra.”

at the landing bay Philip company loaded upon a Shuttle along with Gawains squad “so what we waiting for?” Philip asked no one in particular “Elliot.” another said. Then Philip heard a new voice “this the 1st spec op?” leaning out form his seat Philip looked them over. They were Casandra's with urban camouflaged great coats standard for regiments supplied by Cassandra. Every other man lugged a heavy weapon between them.

“yes, you joining?” “Jerrilyn assigned us to you for heavy weapon support.” “well get strapped in were leaving soon, I think we been here a while yet.” “we are leaveing.” Philip winced it was the commissar “who are you? Why are you here?” Philip interjected “there been assigned to the 1st spec op to give heavy weapon to are arsenal.” as he spoke the men sat and strapped in.

“I see.” the shuttle doors shut “time to leave.” Von Cellab walked back up the shuttle to the cab and the shuttle shock as it took off, until it did then it was a smooth ride into space. Aboard the Star walker the Guardsmen rapidly mad themselves home.

The intercom flared to life “attention all Guardsmen and Sisters of battle we are leavening for the Skillon system in 2 earth minties or 4 local ones. Please remember this is a space marine ship so be sure to keep you rooms tidy or we will kill you. Have a present day.” was it just Philip or did he hear snickering before it turned off.

He was sharing his room with one of the Cassandrin's who chuckled “ingore him just a scout playing with the PDA.” Philip was not completely sure.

The intercom went to life “disregard that part about killing you, prepare for warp jump in 5,4,3,2,1.” Nothing the jump was a anticlimax, now all that was a head was a week of boring travel.

The planet Sorradon, named after one of the 541 million names of chaos in the universe (itself was number 632,231)
ruled by Akeladon it was a major hub when pirates return they need a place to drink,eat and rest. Akeladon made a killing of them though he him self boasted an army of almost 200 marines and many times that in human heretics.

It had only one city on it , made of heretics (and a few non heretics) and rebels to whom the Imperium was intolerable, but were ready to fight it. It was words like this tha traitors got a fair bit of man power, from the children of true rebels. It was they that kept rebel in well arms to due primitive, simple and effect arms industry.

Out side of Asphodel the planet was divided into the Field of Slayers, devoted to Khorne were the land changed each at the end of 4 day, presenting new ways and tactics to slaughter, The Pits, were all manor of sickness and plagues were forged along with twisted beast of flesh and blood to carry them. The lands of the Da mad, were buildings of crystal with impossible shapes rose skyward curropting and twisting the mind of those who stayed and lived within and last the Fields of Flesh a perfect land that drew you in never to leave it as it drew you farther and farther and into parano and living only for feeling till what you had was nothing you wanted more.

suffice to sat Asphodel was the one relative safe point on the planet.

Akeladon had only one rule to visit you could only bring less then 80 marines with you and only 30 could go on world at a time. Lazerian was walking down it streets as he made a path to Akeladons palace. Behind him trailed 10 marines, and Gawain. “So this is Asphodel, not like New Terra.” a few of the 'citizens' turned to look at her.

Turning Lazerian stared at her “you know shut up don't tell about where you from.” she giggled in that annoying way Slaaneshshals did when theres a slight hummer only they get. “it a poke in the eye of Earth the anthium of all they hold dear.”

“Well don't talk about!” turn he kept walking at the main gate he spoke “you can go enjoy your self this is private meeting.” as his troops went to there favorite bars he spoke to Gawain and her troops “don't cause trouble, I been regretting this the more they stare at us. I am on thin another ice here as it is.” “why?” he thought that over, hold a ace you sleeve if she did not know why bother. “none of your Emperor blessed business.” and with that he pushed open the gate, got eyed by a half dozen snipers, and entered.

Inside the compound he entered the main buildings hall way were Akeladon was holding court. “and why did you fail me again?” the poor Marin in question was almost babbling “my lord,we had no chance, the loyalist came at us to strong, they had to many guns, to much armor, to much,,” “suddenly a chain sword spun though the air and cleaved his helmet apart. “Failure on your part?” he said with smiled clear from under his Terminator helmet. Then he noticed Lazerian.

“But lets brush such unpleasantness aside. We have are favorite little spawn!” standing up he walked down form his throne “so how is life this side of Sanity treating you?” “madness has it perks, but I wish to speak to you of a, transaction.” motioning to his guards “leave us.” nothing happened, but they were hidden any way.

“so why are here? Another grand plan?” “hay you could have rich off New Vagus but you turned me down.” “I am a Chaos Warlord! I don't rig slot Machines!” “and what about Dark Eldar deal we made we made those poor imperials never knew they built the city atop a warp gate.”

“I did not say they do not work, I just said you have one every other week.” “this time I need a item from a Inquisitor strong hold, I have the equipment but not the men.” “tall order, what kind of equipment?” Lazerian smiled “artillery, as many as we can get on world.” “what kinds?” “any and all, though the Manticores are what I am most proud of.” Akeladon shock his head “you never run out of things to pull out of your sleeves.”

Lazerian smiled his supply came from a armory world that was over run by Hivefleet Kraken. Having no need for the metal weapons of war Kraken left them alone hidden in there countless bunkers under the crust. Though they broken open and drank the biological weapon other things, tanks, ammo, gun, missiles, rockets, even unstable atomic weapons and rearer still devices were untouched.

The Imperium meant to come back. But they are slow and forgetful at best. And the longer they took the more weapons would be turned upon them. Meanwhile weapons by the macro ton were being moved to , a barren useless word he him self had found once. It had nothing worth on it and all explorers to it died horrible mysterious deaths.

Still only a fraction of the caches had been found on a big planet. That had to be more, much more. So he would not tell of his source, it was all he had to keeping his small warband strong enough for his visions of what could be.

“ so you have the guns, how are we suppose to take it?” Lazerian pulled a roll of paper from his robe pocket “this is how.” “the fortress is built on a frozen world, almost 13 Kelvin.” “Kelvin?” “o sorry tech priest measure, negative 434 Fahrenheit Ulla is so cold it has seas of liquid Neon, rivers of Helium, and Hydrogen lakes, its atmosphere is thick enough of to compress some of it in its gas's to solid form.”

he gathered his thoughts “even space marines in full power armor would be hard pressed to survive, though watching a Space Wolf try would be fun. However the strong hold has a massive flaw.” “and that is?” Akeladon questioned “when building it the sought only the most in hospital planet they could find but the stone and metal walls are fragile if anything touch them at even this rooms temperature would shatter them and I got plenty of incendiary weapons.

“That could work, what about orbital support?” “are ships should be able handle it. Ulla is on a shipping lane so the ships are all hidden 5 light seconds away when they do show up they be attack and we have time to lays some mines and dig in.”

“I go along with this, 60:40 my way.” Lazerian chuckled “I put the most out for this, my guns and ammos worth more then you Marines, 40:60 my way.” he gave a grim smile. “50:50?” Akeladon put his hand out Lazerian thought about then he grabbed it “deal.”

the detials would be hashed out when they got there forces together. Akeladon was walking him out “so why do you want this stronghold so?” “it has a item I need.” “for?” “if it works you find out.” Akeladon shock his head “I wish I was chosen to Tzeentch some times for all I can't follow you plots.”

at the gate Lazerian frowned, there was Gawain, surrounded by four high space marine. “your follower?” Lazerian shrugged “ally, for now.” “should I stop it?” “no, let see what she can do.”

She was playing the little girl thing to a par “no I don't think so, I waiting for some one.” the nearest one grabbed her hand “come on we got a good time planed.” she wrenched back “I think not.” he reached again more forcefuly“come we I got,,” they never found out what he had. For Gawain had had enough. Extending from her wrist joint a long flowing whip of bight purple energy came out and in one one stemless movement sliced though his helmet and cut 5 inches into his head and into his brain.

Then she turned on his cohorts spining around she wrapped the whip around a second one shoulder, right were the big pad meets the chest plate.

Grabbing the other end with the same hand the whip came out of she gave a short sharp tug and the energy whip cleaved his entire arm off. And though a space marine can survive that they can not what she did next. Swinging the whip side ways she cut though the chest plate and slashed his left lung and bits of one of his heart apart.

Spinning around she cracked around one of there chainswords
yanked it out of his hand she caught in her other hand and then threw it back at him motor screaming the whole way it when right into his chest plate and stuck there.

“ERRAAGH!” The last one had a chain axe draw and now was charging. swinging the whip wide she wrapped it around his forearm, yanked him off balance and on the ground the she drove the spike of her high heel though his armored glove, his hand, and a good inch into the cobblestone. Then with her left hand (the one with out the whip) she drew her sonic pistol pointed it at his head and fired.

A ear pirceing screech filled the air more then a handful of window shattered. Lazerian morphed a pair of sonic compensator in his own ears and the screams turned in to words, chaos words of great power. (if I wrote them you go insane) he promptly turned compensator into a less effective model making it unintelligible again. But from what little he heard it was in essence selling his soul for personal favor to the Slaanesh, clever.

After a 15 seconds the scream stopped, at some point during that the Marine died. Turning she gave him a smile, she knew he had been watching the whole time, would she have done that anyway or was it for his entertainment? Lazerian shock his head it did not matter. She was need that was that. Akeladon “ouch,” he rubbed his ears even if they were under a terminator helmet “allys like that bare close watching less they become the one giving the orders.” Lazerian was defensive in tone, that hit his only nerve he had enough problems with orders due to his nature. “don't fret, its all in hand.”
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chapter 21 docking on Skillon

“emerging from warp in, 3,2,1.” the ship shuddered for a second then it stopped the intercom flared to life “we have emerged from the warp roughly 1,500 miles from Skillon if you look out the port side view ports you should be able to see the forge world.”

Philip was in the mess hall in no such positron so it meant little to him. “Philip, Gawain and Elliot please report to hanger bay A.”

that did matter to him so stuffing the rest of his sandwich in to his mouth as he could he stood up and walked down there. He got there last Gawain was leaning against Elliot's left leg “stop that.” he rumbled “you leaven finger prints on the paint.” she simple laughed “if there's scratch from your armor your going to buff it out.” Philip could not tell if he was joking.

“ok.” Elliot said “the plan is to to land on Skillon and form there we convince Arch Magos Gatong to lend us the sword. The 8th company battle barge Justicar should be there they know what we need and should have opened the diplomatic wrangling which to be frank you to will have little to do with.”

“works for me I can't convince my brother to lend my money to save my life,” Philip said the in a mutter “which he didn't.” Gawain nodded with the sentiment “good, shall we go?”

the Star Walker pulled into a special reserved docking bay for space marines,inquisitors and other imported guests. A docking boom extended and locked around hanger bay then a green light flashed “the out side pressured.” Elliot said and started to walk out it with Gawain and Philip close behind.

No one meet them they walked down the boom arm in silence then “if this is a snub they have a lot of explaining to do.” Elliot said. Then a voice piped up “not a snub.” turning “Just, in awe.” they party of three stopped and stared at the new comer.

He stood on the celling, it seemed the artificial gravity allowed the floor and roof to be used interchangeably for coming and going. He spoke again, it was a young voice, “I have been sent to greet you in the name of the Forge world of Skillon.” he calmly dropped form the ceiling and spun in mid air landing on his feet a dark red robe covering form head to toe.

His left arm was a mechanical one with wires and servos exposed his right was a massive wrench which right then he opened and closed along his back 8 mechanical tenticals extended each paire had a different sort of clasper or more electronic fittings like plugs and at lest two arc wielder, (one per arm pair.

“I have never seen a fabled Mark II dreadnought so forgive my silence I was curious.” Elliot chuckled “the folly of youth. perchance whats you name young sir?” he chuckled him self reaching up to his hood he should him self.

He had blond hair that framed a fair face (though the nose was a bit pronounced) he had blue eyes, and oddly a bar code tattooed between his eyes but odder still was the face it self, she was a girl. A young one but a girl none the less.

“I am Keela daughter to the late Arch Magos Gatong.”

shock then Philip “not counting Gawain I have never seen a female Tech Priest.” Elliot then, and his words has more weight to them due to his age and nature, “nor have I, I was aware that Gatong had a, female companion but I did not know that it had born fruit, nor that it could honestly.”

then a bit belatedly “Late Arch Magos, what happened to him?” “he died a fort night of years back a viral infection.” “a virus killed Gatong? I thought Magos as technologically upgraded as he was did not get sick.”

“you mis under stand, a computer virus, it was playing havocs with are systems for a month before hand we had just got it under control when it hit him. His whole brain being what it was it stopped his heart and sent him into shock at the same time.” “I see.” Elliot said.

“very well follow me Arch Magos Reming will want to see you.” she led them out of the boom and down the arm to the main wing the base. “so miss, Keela how common are female tech priests.” Philip asked “not very. One of the first every still lives to this day, Magos Penelope though she likes the term Explorator.”

Elliot spoke “you know why we are here Keela.” “no its not for a lowly one such as me to know. Though you fellow marines got here a week back.” she turned around but kept walking backward maintaining eye contact and foreword momentum. “they seem quite agitated with Reming so it dose not seem to be going well.”

“yes and the fact that we are not supplied from here means we don't have to be light handed.” “indeed.” and with that Keela spun around and walked normally.

Philip noticing Gawain had dropped back did so as well. “you've been silence whats wrong?” she sighed “what am I? A Metal Martyr. Are Ordo always been a controversy one, we take fire from both the Sisterhood and from the Tech Adepts. The sisters say we worship the machine and that we have no right to be sisters of battle. We don't but try telling a Canoness that. On the other hand the Tech Adepts say we don't worship the machine, therefore we have no right to repair what we do. It a never ending battle the sisters know were needed, but they don't have to like it.”

“is it any wonder I am silent? If you don't say anything nothing you say can be thrown back at you.” Philip nodded and just followed Keela silently.

They soon got to a sort of mono rail in the center of the main arm from which the booms extended “my apology but we had to get a cargo lift here for you Elliot forgive the lack of comfort as befitting you station.”

“no problem for me.” he walked onto the flat bed behind the passenger car.

High intensity magnets locked him to it to keep him from coming off of it. Now that he stopped walking Keela head perked up “you have a knock of some kind your turbine, whats wrong?” “a ripper got in and chewed on it.” she winced “thats a old rare mark of jet turbine. That said we may have one I don't know you have to ask Reming that question.”

“I may at that.” he replied as Keela, Philip and Gawain got in. the passenger car which then accelerated rapidly.

Inside it had soft leather seats, plush carpets and a full drink table, along with in each corner a Skitarii griping a auto gun in steel arms. “don't worry bout them there protection.” “For us or from us?” Philip asked “for you of course.”

“ya.” right Philip said then he sat down on a leather sofa. “sheesh this is,” he searched his slang vocbulary “ten times ten Spec's” “what?” Gawain asked “ten times what a worker on Yothen makes, Ten Spec's of Cassandrian coin. Means very, very extravagant. So how long this trip take.”

Keela smiled “we need to get from the docking boom were the Star Walker docked, to the capital spire were the Magos lives. Not counting in any unforeseen problems should take only 10 hours.” blank looks then “the capital spire is on the other side of the planet from the docks, a oversite by are great founders we can do nothing to over come that.”

another smile “a drink perhaps?” she reached over to a box beside her chair opposite there couch and opened it Gawain shock her head “no thanks I'm sworn off intoxicants of any kind.” Keela: “no problem we got plenty of non intoxicating drinks.” Gawain thought about it “Spiced Mulberry tea?” Keela pulled a bottle out “how do you take it?” “plain,warm.”
Philip shrugged “a plain coffee please.” “you two have no fun.” Keela said as she pulled out another two more bottles, (with the servo arms on her back) and popped the the caps on all three.

She pulled cups out from the chest her servo arms doing all the work quickly. After giving them there drinks she waited for them to finish. Then she started asking questions.

“so why are you here?” Gawain siped her tea, “we need a item from you forge world Reming knows what.” “thats not what I meant, why do you need the item?” Gawain and Philip exchanged looks then Philip spoke “we need it to stop a choas Heretic.”

“really? What's his plan?” she said as she poured them a bit more to drink. “we not sure something about a gate between realms.” “interesting,” Keela muttered “did you add something to the Tea? Tastes a bit, off.” Gawain said “of course not. Now more about this gate.”

the train stopped and the magnetic grapples loosed on Elliot's feet. The train station had a elevator at the rear of it that was big enough for even Elliot the dreadnought.

“This way.” Keela said as she lead Philip and Gawain off the train. “so how was the ride?” Elliot said over his shoulder Gawain spoke up “not bad, it was fun.” and laughed.

Elliot turned “Gawain?” it was like she, no they were drunk and while Philip may fall to that sin at times Gawain was a sister of battle. “did you have something to drink in there?” “ya Keela was nice she kept refilling are cups.” Philp, not quite a slur but not by much.” “Keela.” Elliot hissed spinning sharply and in two steps was right behind her.

Swing his arm up he grabbed her and slammed her against a pillar and, with a almost comical pifft, lit his heavy flamer pilot light. “you drugged my friends, give me one reason not to torch you.” she looked smug, or rather as smug as some one could look in the grip of a 8 ton dreadnought, which is quite smug if the said dreadnought is surrounded by “how about the 8 Skitarii sounding you with melta guns?”

rotating slightly he saw them, 4 to the left 4 to the right and they did indeed have Melta guns Elliot loosed a word that would have earned him a week of kitchen duty from a chaplain had he been a scout.

Not letting go of Keela he spoke “whats you angle?” “a message of sorts. Know to whom you deal with.” “so why drug them?” “I need to know that which they knew and they would not speak the facts before me.” “you know how close you are to me killing you?” “very, but you won't you need something from us, need it bad, and should you go public with this incident Toran will bring it up and good luck getting the sword of Skillon.”

“you need us, and should we come to you it will be because are forge world is on the line, as it was before and in such life or death odd you will come to us.”

Silence then Elliot let her go “you should have been a inquisitor.” “perhaps, but Skillon big enough for now.” then turning to the Skitarii “so where do they fit in?” “I can't tell all. Come Reming waiting.”

she led the 3 onto the elevator then it lifted them up to meet them with Reming.

They stopped half way up to drop Gawain and Philip into there room where the promptly slept off the alcohol that was sneaked into there drinks. And Elliot went to meet with Reming master of Forge world Skillon.
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Mind Blown :shok::shok::shok:
Is Gawain the one who's 19? and she's slaneesh ummmmmmmmm if so WTF amazing writing!

so she's like good but actually bad...
I haven't red this all yet mate; but something I can tell from looking at the structure...

Each different speaker should have a seperate line. So when you said...

Silence then Elliot let her go “you should have been a inquisitor.” “perhaps, but Skillon big enough for now.” then turning to the Skitarii “so where do they fit in?” “I can't tell all. Come Reming waiting.”
It should have been...

Silence then Elliot let her go “you should have been a inquisitor.”
“perhaps, but Skillon big enough for now.” then turning to the Skitarii “so where do they fit in?”
“I can't tell all. Come Reming waiting.”

And then you can fit more desciption in to how they talk with eachother, who is speaking, etc. Makes it a lot easier to read, and I bet you will get more replies if you did so :)

At the moment I'm finding it hard to know who is saying what.
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I haven't red this all yet mate; but something I can tell from looking at the structure...

Each different speaker should have a seperate line. So when you said...

It should have been...

Silence then Elliot let her go “you should have been a inquisitor.”
“perhaps, but Skillon big enough for now.” then turning to the Skitarii “so where do they fit in?”
“I can't tell all. Come Reming waiting.”

And then you can fit more desciption in to how they talk with eachother, who is speaking, etc. Makes it a lot easier to read, and I bet you will get more replies if you did so :)

At the moment I'm finding it hard to know who is saying what.
thanks grammers alwasy been me weakness,,, ok i try to eddit the thing from scracht errgg i hate going over stuff i alrady done, well here goes.
Mind Blown :shok::shok::shok:
Is Gawain the one who's 19? and she's slaneesh ummmmmmmmm if so WTF amazing writing!

so she's like good but actually bad...
no bit of a mind bender. there are 2 Gawains, are good Garwin from the start of the story and bad Gawain from a pairirel universe brought to ares by Slaanesh to help Lazerian.
Chapter one looks a lot better mate; well done.

My main criticism now is the grammer. You need to use things like full stops, commas, Colons, semi-colons etc a lot more. Oh and apostrophes. If you have microsoft word, run it through there and it will come up with grammar sollutions for you.

Oh and capital letters at the start of a new sentence! :)

Just making the grammar perfect will enhance the story tenfold, will add a lot of structure and room for description, etc.

Have some rep for the very hard work though :)
omg omg omg they better have a how down :mad:
Chapter 22 Showing her hand.

“errg” Gawain said as she woke up, having never drunk before she had never had a hang over.
“wake up Gawain, come on dark as a heretic soul coffee helps a hang over.” she sat up her head pounding as she took the 'heretic' coffee and drunk it. Her head felt a little beater, placebo effect that fast. “Better?”
“a little I just had tea why does my head feel like a artillery bombardment in my head.”
“Keela sneaked alcohol in are drink for information.”
“so why does my head feel like the aforementioned artillery bombardment?”
“and people drink for this?” she shook her head “I am going to kill Keela.”
“can't we need her forge world.”
“indeed.” Elliot yelled from the elevator as the room was to small for him. A new voice chiped in

“she's telling us something, I don't know what though.” the Space Marine said as he leaned against a counter holding a ridiculously undersized coffee cup (though it held hot chocolate) “the politics of Skillon are all fracked up.” “I have never seen a forge world so political shattered and yet making as much equipment as they are.” Toran shock his head “Skillons a powder keg, if one man rally s his personal Skitarii the whole forge world could go up in smoke.”

“still it seems that those still jocking are the sore losers from a earlier contest to decided who rules one Reming won.”
Philip spoke to Toran.
“so do we have the sword yet?”
Toran gulped his (burning) hot chocolate
“no they want Cassandra to lower are tariffs, we can't do that so until we think of something else were stuck.”
“what about Keela? What she did shows she working for some one. Who?”

“I don't know.” Toran picked up a envelope from a table “she invited Gawain and Philip to see the forge world, she likely wants to say something you should go.” Gawain shock her head now that the “artillery bombardment” was winding down she noticed the marine
“and who are you any way.” he chuckled
“Captain Toran at you service my lady.”
“so we take Keela up on the offer?”
“you have no choice it seems if we wish to know more about the politics of this world. Don't take anything she gives you she broke that trust once I would not let her again.”

they watched Keela closely in same car from yesterday.
“you know I feel you don't trust me.” Keela said.
“ya I wounder why.” Philip said.
“so what part of the forge world are you showing us?” Gawain asked
“tank assemblage 44.” “Remming wanted you to see the ship yard but I thought Philip would be more interested in Lemans.”
“I would.” the train stopped and Keela walked out
“this is in fact my area on the forge world TA 44 is my responsibility. Put you ear phones on.” she said then using her wrench arm she twisted a nob opening a door.

The noise was like standing inside a metal grinder, steel crashing, bashing wielding, hot metal it assulted all the senses.
“lovely is it not.” Keela said softly though they could hear her due to the wireless link to there head phones.
They walked down a lane between assembly lines to ether side were countless servitors each mechanically bolting, riveting,

they walked down the lane getting a lift about mid way before she led them up a ladder.
“this one assemblage is 5 miles long were at the final assemblage of sponson.” at the top of the ladder “this is were the final purity of each tank is assured.” at the top there was a tech priest at work “and in lie of my job of working with you, my sister Brielle has taken over my job.”

she turned suddenly a look of surprise on her face. She wore a robe similar to Keelas her arms were replaced mechanical ones that were to big for her slender frame.
“Keela! What are you doing here?”
“I am showing are guests the assemblage, leave.”
“of, course.” she stuttered and left in a hurry.”

“she nervous.” Gawain commented
“indeed, and weak.” Keela turned and looked aimlessly over the noise assemblage
“Remming has many powers working on him, if he gives the sword out with out something in return it will weaken him. But there is a solution to this problem.”
“what?” Philip asked
Keela turned to face them
“offer him a deal, you will acquire a rare bit of technology for him, in return he will grant you the sword with no hassle save if you lose it.”

“why does he need this to come from us?” Philp asked
“he can't propose it, he wants the image that the great Mechanicus chapter wants on his will.”
“and us giving him a term does that how?” Gawain said
Keela chuckled
“he will deliberate and waste time.” see the look of incomprehension she added “show contempt, And your delegation will except it with out a word. He will give you a yes 2 weeks later. Say anything to the word of how long its taking and you will never see the sword. This will make his unstable regime stronger.”

“Politics.” Philip said with a sneer. Keela had a smile
“fun is it not.”
“so why are you telling us now?”
“so you don't waste time during those two weeks twiddling your thumbs during that time.”

“what is the tech you want us to find?” Gawain asked Keela had a strange smile
“it can be found on Orama.”
“wait, thats the moon of Yothen!” Philip said “a more horrid hive of scum, villain and debasement can't be found this side of loyalty.”
“you know it?” Keela said
“my brother held his bachelor party there, came back with zero money and reeking of the under side of a well used bar table.”

“that Orama.” Keela said “in one of the old factorys there a path that leads to the a chamber, thats all we know as Yothen suddenly grow frosty at are presence and chased us off.” Philip chuckled
“I remember reading about that incident in school before I dropped out the survey team lead was caught with the bribing local gangs, a crime on Yothen, as long as your caught and they don't look hard unless the governor tells them to.”

“a misstep, there not about to let us on that planet again so soon.” Keela said
“33 years is soon?” Philp said
“it is when the Governor has had his life extended to be 220.” Keela frowned, “we had him a strangle hold till Cassandra could make the drugs needed.”
“So whats the tech?” Gawain asked again
“nothing big just a rear mark of jet engine, the same Elliot uses. A rare mark now, but not when we get the STC.” Keela said

silence then Keela spoke up
“tours over lets go back so you may act upon this new intel.” she said with sly smile.
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omg omg omg they better have a how down :mad:
oh took me while to figer how down out rest assued they meet and sparks will fly.
chapter 23 meeting the familey and OBLITRATION!

Back in the royal suit Philip and Gawain related there experience. Elliot pieced it to gather
“there are two possibility's, first Keelas in Remming's camp as doing his will which would mean Remming is smarter then Toran estimated.” Toran huffed
“I doubt it, hes pious in tech priest way, but hes a few servos sort of a servitor I know I can judge one a mile away.”
So whats the second possibility?” Philip asked

“she playing her own game.” Elliot rumbled “how, or why is a question but if the first is possibility is wrong she has great personal influence. Would explain why she had to drug Philip and Gawain to get the information, or maybe.”

“What Elliot?” Toran asked
“Remmings a fool, but Keela has brains in spades she plays angles, is brilliant beyond what I would expect from such a young women.” he shrugged “no matter if we want the sword we need to get this STC no matter who rules. I say me, Philip and Gawain go get this STC while you Toran stay and keep the image he, or she we unsure who's in charge, wants.”

“I agree,” Toran said “but take some of my marines I don't really 60 of them only 20.”

“good should we leave soon?” Philip asked
“I see no reason why not.” Elliot said “I radio the star walker and get Keela to get us a transport.” unhappy faces “it that or a we ride a public shuttle.”

“Lazerian the Hyperion has returned.” Lazerian turned to face the heretic who brought the news
“good does she have the item?”
“they say yes, though they lost 55 men, 25 space marines and the Dark Eldar cult Forbidden joy swear ending vengeance against you.”

“theres a story behind those numbers, don't have time now for it. Tell him to dock and prerp for troop boarding Ill get the troops ready.”

Lazerian walked from his forge room were he had been interrupted all the why his internal intercom buzzed sending orders though out the base.

His team of specialists were soon ready and heading to the docking bays. He already had loaded the siege equipment and shells aboard the Blood Strom. A voice interrupted his seamless brain to intercom transmission.

“so you getting the last artifact?” Lazerian sighed, this alliance with Gawain was getting old, fast.
“yes, you and Captain Vandis will be left behind I doubt your armor can take where were going.”

“I will watch the station while you gone.” Gawain said Lazerian counted to 10 slowly getting his half demonic temper under control.

“no, you have a new job. This is a campaign we must complete are goal yes, but we must keep are foes from theres.” he had been walking to the hanger the whole time now he turned to face her “are spy's say a task force from Skillon is now heading to Orama the perfect place to kill them.”

“how is the shrine world of Orama the perfect place to kill them.” Lazerian laughed
“Orama? A shrine world? I literally don't know what universe your from but it's the farthest thing from that and still be loyal.”

“very well find there task force and kill them.”
“just about the size of it. She smiled
“good I can use the reinforcements that are due soon.”

Lazerian had turned to head to the hanger when he turned on a dime

“reinforcements? What Reinforcements?”
she giggled
“your a commander your self. You should know that you don't put all your eggs in one basket why should the chaos gods make the error.”

Lazerian stared at her
“remember whoas in charge.”
“all the time.”
“good, or I will be forced to remind you.”
“very well, have fun Lazerian the Obliterator.”

he was getting tired of false starts to the hanger at this point
“what did you call me?”
“the Obliterator, I heard men call you that you have to earn a title like that.”
so she does not know.

“you have the Alpha legion squad there my best scouts and assassins.” she gave him a odd look then accepted it.

She turned and walked off. She would have to take one of the stealth ships, still not his problem he only gave her the job at the last moment to keep her from his station he did not trust her.

With in a hour the ships were loaded and preped.
“Romula are the ships ready?”
“Yes Lazerian, both the Blood Storm and the Hyperion are fully functional and ready for warp jump.”

“Romula the Shade just entered the warp.” a sensor officer said the Shade was one of Lazerian stealth ships.
“that would be Gawain. Ready for jump Romula? If so then jump.”

“yes sir.” he looked at his watch and spoke into a com link with the blood storm “all ships prep for warp jump, jump in 5,4,3,2,1” the ships seamlessly hopped into the warp for a 2 day trip.

The Star Walker pulled into a dock above Yothen. The moon Orama visible off the port side window the Philip now stared out of

“penny for your thoughts?” Gawain asked to his left.
“on Yothen that a fair bit of coin. Being drafted is called the the Saint Tella trip.”
“Tella? The saint who walked though the demonic fire and emerged broken, burnt and scared from head to toe only to have the Emperor restore her to full unscathed body and lead her to paradise?”

“you knew that off the top of your head?” she nodded “to be blunt Yothen sucks, there are only three ways off world, save up a ton of money from at least 3 generations back and buy a legitimate passport, get a gang to do something illegal, get you off world in a shipping container or forge a passport, or some then or join the Imperial guard and never see home again.”
“I think I am the only Guardsmen from Yothen to see home after joining the guard. Its hard to describe.”

“How where you drafted?” Gawain asked
“oh look at the time I got to go.” he walked off completely dodging the question

at a meeting later Elliot expounded the plan
“we will clear are exploration of the factory in question with the governor, should take about a day.”

“so what do we do when we get to the factory?” Gawain asked
“we dig in around it and explore its chamber Keela told us about.” Elliot replied Philip spoke up
“Elliot since its going to take a day to get the clearance we need, can I have a shore leave?”

“your a Yothen I would be surprised if you did not. Gawain go with him, keep him out of trouble.” Philip spoke up
“I was born here, I can keep out of trouble just fine.”
“true, but I think it would keep the darn commissar attached to your company out of every ones hair.”

Philip nodded then turned to Gawain “if you do as I say I do agree, as I said was born here I know this planet you do not.”
she nodded Elliot spoke up
“I radio the bay and have them prep a shuttle. Need a passport?”
“out side of enough money to bribe any one who's a problem. No.”

he walked off Gawain turned to Elliot
“is it just me or has he been moody since we entered orbit?”
“memory's, Gawain, he trying to reconcile what he likely was, with his new role.”
“what was he?”
“I don't know, but Yothens are drafted from the gangsters and criminals I would be surprised to find Philip a volunteer.” he monotonely rumbled.
“he dodged the question when I asked it.” Gawain piped up with .
“good, he feels shame at it. That shows us hes reformed, if he told you he ether does not care, or has accepted it one tells us he's reformed the other does not but as clearly as shame.”

the shuttle set down on a dirty over crowed space port among the hulk to ether side the bright purple lander stood out like a scolded thumb after sticking your hand in a tub of hot water.

Philip got off breath the air and coughed
“I forgot how most of Yothen smells.” Gawain was close behind in simple clothing not her power armor, though even the clothing was protective being made out of layers of carbon nanotubes and spun plasteel, common to elite regiments from Cassandra.

“errug smells like, I don't know but even dead Tyranids smelt some how more wholesome.”
“indeed. Come on lets go.” he walked down the ramp and entered the throng of people surging back and forth like a tide.

The elevator was crowed to begin with but as it dropped it got less so.
“come on.” Philip got off at the worst neighborhood, trash every were and beggars every half step,(or so it seemed to the sheltered Gawain)

“where are we going any way?”
“my old house.”
Philip led for a lot longer until he got to a house, set into the wall like all other building this deep into the hive the house was a graffiti coated as anything else there, which is to say very. It had a slight yard walked off with razor wire.
“wait here.” it was a order.

He opened a gate and walked up to the door and knocked on it.
A moment latter it opened
“If I told you once I told you a million times I,,” the man cut off his rant mid way though
“Philip? I thought you took a Saint Tella trip?!”
“I did, its complicated but here I am.”
“oh I see,” he was troubled
“dad? Whats wrong?”
“you know that job you boched?” Philip almost bit his tounge
“it was not me it was the snake Wolf! If he had been watching not robben we would have known the Abbies (arbiters) were comen!” Philip said unconsciously sliding into Yothen slang.
“ya well the boss was not happy and, care to come in?”
“I would.” he enter the door and looked around the living room
“doesn't look different. Some how I thought it should.”
“hope your not staying.” his father said “I rented your old room out. I needed the money.”

“I am not just stopping by now what about the boss?”
“ya the boss was unhappy set a reward out for you actually as you were leading the hist.”
“I tell ya,”
“ya I know Wolf did it. But tell the boss that, Wolf was his son.”
“took the Saint Tella trip a week after you shipped out, did not survive basic.”

“good for him.” Philip said.

Gawain was sitting on the curb bored when a voice interupted her thoughts
“whats a girl like you doing here.” she looked up to see 3 heavily tattooed individuals staring at her.

“waiting.” she stood up “and I advise you to leave.” as if the Bolt Pistol on her hip was not news enough to that fact.

“o don't be like that.” he took a step forword, Gawain took 3 steps back, not of fear but so she could get a good shot at them.
“I more step and your dead.” he smiled and gaffed at his friends and took a step forword.

Philip conversation was interupted by gun fire, close by as in right out side. His father stood up
“that was a bolt pistol, who has one of those?”
“Gawain.” Philip said as he stood up and walked over to a window to see two people running away from Gawain another one face down dead. Philip dad whistled
“now thats a women you got somethen with her?”

“hell no shes a Sister can't marry.”
“thats a sisters? I thought sisters were pacifists?”
“that particular nonmilitant order is.” Gawain turned and walked up to the door and knocked

Philips dad opened it Gawain spoke
“I hope that man was not important but I did warn him.”
“nope, just scum. Come in Sister Gawain.”
“thats a bit formal mister?”
“just Gawain.”

“umm Gawain do you mind, I need to talk to my dad.”
Richard chuckled
“I assume you did not tell her how you bought you ticket?”
“I would not mind hearing it.” Gawain said.
“short tale in fact, Philip and his gang here robbed a jewelry store, got caught and drafted.”

Gawain turned to Philip
“you where in a gang?” slightly accusatory
Richard chuckled again
“be reasonable he was bad at it, not even 16 and had used up his chances and ended up drafted.” Philip shrugged
“not like I had much chance, you try to get out of this hell hole into a better place when the schools are built to get you to drop out, join a gang, get caught and join the guard. I mean we can't all be left on the door step of a cloister and pray are whole lives.”

Gawain made no comment to that very true life story of hers.
Philip spoke next
“so dad how have you fared since I was gone?”
“honestly? Well. The boss blames you not me and since I am such a good fence, well.” he shruged “I am doing very well.”

“oh,” Philip said and looked at a wall clock “if that things still a hour fast we need to get going before the space port gets bad.”
“it was't?” Gawain said remembering the throng of pepole there
“ya when the aid shuttles get there it gets packed.”
Philip stood up pulled his dad out of his chair and gave him a hug.
“take care dad. I doubt we will meet again.”
“I will son you take care if your still in the guard then the trip most likely has not ended for you.”

Philip let go Richard opened the door and the two walked out.
“you ok?” Gawain asked Philip
“fine, lets just get to the star port.” and he started walking followed closely by Gawain. At the elevator up they were intercepted. By 4 thugs each heavily tattooed like the man Gawain killed. The lead one spoke.

“well, well, Philip Lester since when do you come back to are neighborhood?”
“Since was put in charge of the 1st Yothen spec op, Johnson.”
he chuckled
“heard there was some SOBen sister who killed one of my boys and I find you and the sister what a day.”

Philip unslung his shot gun from back pack where it was hidden and jacked a shell in to it.
“watch what you do Johnson.”
Johnson eyed it
“where you get the Arbie gun?”
“one gave me it now stand aside.”

“no I think not.” he snapped his fingers and from hidden pockets his grunts pulled pistols and for one a unfolding autogun.

Philip opened up with a roar his shot gun fired the pellets caught Johnson in the chest and tore a huge hole in him jacking a new shell in place he fired again hitting one of the guys with a pistol.

Gawain fired at the same moment he first did and head shot the guy with the autogun a half second latter a another bullet hit the fourth guy killing him.

Elliot slung his shot gun up again
“that was easy was it not?”
“Halt!”a voice behind him yelled and the bounce went form Philip's bungee
“oh no Arbiters.” not using the slang in front of them
“you two are under arest for murder.” Gawain turned to see a three man Arbiter team each one with a heavy Arbiter shot gun in there hand Gawain spoke up
“they pulled weapons on us if they had not down that we would not have,,” she got no farther

“you,” pointing to Gawain “are charged with murder, back talking to a officer and obstructing justice,” turning to Philip “you are charged with murder and illegal possession of a arbiter weapon.” meaning the shot gun Philip picked up on Kelof IV when he rode with the Arbiters to fort Lieger.

Philip thought about something
“I am in the guard so don't I technically fall under the Commissary?” the Abiter did not buy it
“Your now also charged with lieing to a Arbiter. Now on the ground.”

Philip calmly dropped the shot gun and did as told and Gawain followed suit. One of the arbiters called for a transport and the other two watched over the two of them, shot guns primed and loaded.

3 hours later in the Arbiter station. Philip was using the only right Aribter's gave, a phone call to make sure that if some what could pay the fine they could get the funds. And the Arbiters where having a problem believing where the call was heading.

“you do know thats a space marine frequency punishable upon death for misuse?”
“yup, just send it.”
the Arbiter twisted the radio dials and then spoke into the Vox unit.

“sir may I request to speak to Captain Philip's commander,” he was surprised when he got a answer. Though Philip could only here the Abiter not the marine assumingly on the other side. “he's charged with murder and illegal weapon possession while his companion is charged with murder, back talking to a officer and obstructing justice. The fine for both is 18,000 standard imperial units,,, amount in Cassandrin Specis? 10,000 coins. Your be down in a hour?” the Abiter gave Philip a odd look and Philip had to keep from smiling, they were liable to smack another charge on to him for it.

“ok were prep are landing pad good day.” he said more form habit then anything else and hung up and stared at Philip

within the hour the orbital lander. well landed, on the arbiter pad the small team of arbiters to greet he assumed nobility were shocked when out walked, instead of a puffed up noble a Space Marine in bight purple armor and his shoulder bearing the heredity of the Mechanicus Marines.

Shocked and stuttering apologizeys the money was paid quickly and the two were fetched rapidly.

“get in the.” marine curtly said.
“what about my shot gun.” Philip said
“well where is it?” the marines said to the Arbiters with all the warmness of Snow Drift. The Arbiters rapidly got the Shot Gun out of the evidence bin and gave it to Philip who slung it over his back.
“thank you.” he said and he finally got in the lander which took off to the Star Walker.

On the planet of Ulla Lazerian was almost ready. When he got there the force sent by Akeladon had hidden in the frozen world for 2 days. Lazerian dropped slowly on the other side of the planet, carefully avoiding attention with both normal stealth and chaos rituals.

Soon the troops sat out side the walls of the stronghold. Instead of launchers which could be seen the Storm Eagle Rockets were buried in a snow bank of frozen Helium and wrapped in thick layers of thermal blankets (bet that transport fleet had no idea why there were hit) to make sure they worked. Each one was tipped with a red warhead filled with a Incendiary.

Lazerian looked at the wall hoping he was right as of right now they had only 5 ships in obit, Hyperion, Blood Storm, Gore fester, Grandfathers Pride and Unholy Delights. Should this not break them they have little time to fall back.

“so Lazerian.” the voice of Warsmith Hellion the commander Akeladon put in charge of the force, spoke over the intercom the air so cold it distorted the sound waves to incomprehension.
“pray tell when we get in how do you plan on defeating the Marines within.”
Lazerian scoffed
“your the only one here who seems sure we will get in.”
“I did the math, the calculation hold true with you plan.”
“yes I know, we will storm the gap and when the time is right I will teleport in reinforcements.

“are they like you.” he said eyeing him over. Unlike every other marine there Lazerian still wore a robe, no armor just a robe the same one he wore on Kelof IV, it was not even a thick one on a planet that coated it with a light frosting of Argon!

Also he wore no helmet and his breath did more then show in the air it could shatter stone due to the temperature difference.
He shrugged his shoulders
“will you partake in the assault?” Hellion asked and something primal awoke in Lazerian it had been a while since he took to the field and he hungered for destruction, blood, OBLITRATION.

“indeed, I will.” he felt better already. “Are your men ready for battle?”

“Indeed they are.” he said.
“mine are to.” he looked at the walls and then said “we may as well begin.” his mind sent a signal to the rockets which erupted in plumes of smoke and fire which melted the whole “snow” bank back into in a gas.

The rockets pounded into the base walls a moment latter the incendiary explosive spread in a wave over the wall which then cracked. The heat expanded rapidly the stone which pushed at the other stones in the cold this spread cracks though the wall.

After the flame faded Hellion spoke
“thats it?”
Lazerian smiled
“have to wait for it to go back to ambient temperature for max effect. Thats good enough.” he said and his mind lunched another salvo hidden in a bank farther back. The rockets pounded the target and the wall crumbled before the blast now the only job left was climbing a rubble heap into a base filled with elite Imperial Space Marines

the perfect job for Berserker's.

Inside the base alarms wooped with the first salvo. The Marines in side took a half second pause in shock at a attack here? Not even Space Marines could fight here, much less bring down the wall, if you tried to fire a normal gun or cannon the explosion would heat the barrel which had been frozen in the intense cold shattering the barrel.

Even bolt guns had problems the heat of the projectiles lunch damaged the gun breaking it. Only plasma guns functioned perfectly, if anything better the intense cold only kept the thing from over heating giving it all the power, but none of the risk.

After the half second of pause the marines lept into action. Helmets were grabbed, plasma guns were charged, loaded and preped. Finally they started running out to the fortress interior.

The Berserker's surged over the wall followed closely by Blood Slaughter daemon engines they surged over the wall chain swords screaming into the teeth of a plasma typhoon. The Imperials shot each marine as they came over not even power armor able to take even a near hit by a plasm “bolt” as the heat cracked armor and exposed the marine within to cold that instantly cryogenic froze the victim, only for the flesh to shatter when the suit integrated heater warmed it up a micron.

But the Berserker's did there job. When the Blood Slaughters surged forward they were blasted with Plasma cannon they pushed the front closer to the Imperials and then the teleport homer in one Slaughter activated.

In a secret chamber in the Blood Storm that not even Romula had ever been in a ancient teleport array hummed to life warp fire flickered in and out of existence around the massive forms in the heart of it in a flash of iridescent flame they disappeared.

At the forefront of the rubble pile a blinding flash on flame interpreted both side fighting momentarily when the after glow faded the forms were reveled.

They stood 8 feet tall at the over sized shoulder there right arms ended in massive fists that cracked with unholy energy's, there left ended in massive guns. From under thick cords of skin less pale pink mussels there armor could be seen as a a light gray.

At the sight of them it was silent for a second then the hertics broke into a cheer. The Obliterators were here!

the Imperials opened up with the plasma guns but the bolts petter off the demonic forms and they opened up.

Unlike normal guns which would explode in the cold the Demonic possessed Obliterator guns did not and they had more then Plasma at there disposal.

There arms hissed and bubbled metal and meat shifting like clay until the guns turned into Assault Cannons. The guns whirled to life and fired.

Buzzing like demonic hornet nests the guns spat out a tracers in a almost laser straight line. The cannons roaring hate they drove the Imperials behind barricaded that cracked with each tracers that hit.

Now the normal Marines marched to the front crawling over the dead Berserker's they put there plasma to the havoc below. And striding over the wreckage of battle was Lazerian.

He to was 8 feet tall a the over sized shoulder, he to was now a Obliterator. He marched in each arm a heavy bolter roaring death into the heart of the foe sweeping back and forth he approached the baracade.

Then his arms shifted each heavy bolter shifted like clay and now turned into power claw/fist. He then charged behind him the Berserker's and melee minded Chaos Marines followed.

He did not jump the barricade of frozen shipping creates, he smashed though it. His first victim wore black armor of the Death Watch but whose shoulder pad told he was a Imperial Fist.

In a back hand he turned helmet, and the head beneath into a projectile. It was sent flying though the air the blood arching though the air freezing instantly in the cold the wound it self quickly freezeing over stopping the arching blood.

Next he slashed a death watch marine with his claws on the edge of his fist exposing his chest to the air freezing all the organs, still the Blood Raven fought on he swung a chain sword into Lazerian shoulder shattering it, the chain sword that is.

In a swift act Lazerian swung his hand and sliced the marine in two at the hip. Turning to a new mass of targets Lazerian casual licked his bloody claw, to day was a good day to worship chaos and he plunged into the fray..

the Imperials were driven back into the base the frozen air cracking the heated plasteel walls at the forefront of each push was a Obliterator whos thick form kept the Imperals from harming the lesser beings behind them. Each time the Imperials rallied and pushed with any force they were shoved back by the bulk of demonic metal and flesh.

When Gray Knights pushed into the fray the Obliterators waved there demonic nature meant they were driven back, but the Knights were few and the Chaos Marines were many. The Knights held out for only 2 hours but that was enough in orbit the Imperial navy arrived.

“Admiral navy ships inbound.” Romula sighed it was going to get rough.

“tell the Grandfathers pride and fellows to hold we,,”
“to late sir, Allied ships pulling out of formation.” errgh say what you will about the Imperium, there navy does what you tell them to!

“tell them to get back in formation and have are ships prep all weapon battery's.”
the men around the command deck flared to life and spoke into vox units to the whole ship.
“sir Grandfathers Pride told you to go to the and I quto let true warriors fight this you Emperor lap dog.”
“errgh, all engines full all ships swing left and wide.”

the Battle ship Gore fester, with the cruisers Grandfathers Pride and Unholy Delights plunged head on into the teeth of the Imperial firring line while the Blood Storm and Hyperion swung wide. The 3 chaos ships found themselves on the receiving end of 6 capital ships and a number of escorts.

“Damn that captain is he a Berserker?” Romula hissed then started yelling “prep forward missile tubes if you get a clear shot take it!” but the distance was closing should they fire now the EMP would short himself out.

On the planet the Gray Knights crumpled to the increased force. Out side a massive vault the last knight fought to the last. The hall way filled with bolts of plasma, none wishing to charge the harden warriors on the other side.

The Gray Knights held on a little longer until the Plague Marines stormed in there thick hides allowed them up the hall way and flush them out with blight grenades. All that remained was breaking the vault.

Lazerian shouldered his way up to it, looked it over and layed his hand upon the lock. His flesh grew over, and into the mechanical locks. Until he had control of it.

At his will the door opened and instantly coating of horfrost, not of ice, but of gas, coated the walls and snow coated the floor.

A number of icons were on the walls, but Lazerian had eyes only for one, The Helm of Infinity.

Crunching forword he grabbed it it looked to be made of a crystal and sat on the head much like a crown crossed with a helmet. It had no face plate and left the head exposed.

But the radio chatter form orbit meant it was not going well from the sounds of it.

He spoke into his own radio
“we have the item prep all landing craft for take off.”

Hellion stomped up to him
“Leavening, we have yet to get anything but you damn crown!” Lazerian did not face him but kept walking.

“you have only your own ships to blame, we had a plan you agreed to it but when it came down to it you men broke line. Now your only chance of survival is to leave.”

“Not without a prize Akeladon would kill me!” he said. Lazerian never knew why Chaos lords killed men for failing, it was a zero sum you lost a servant who had to have some skill to get where he was any way, and he lost the chance to do better. Beside it was the captains fault not this slobs.

“you could join my warband I lack some experience in siege craft. You could give it.”
he may have thought that over by, hard to tell by the helmet,

“I stay I get kill, leave the way I came,”
“who by the way got there hull breached.” Lazerian said.
“I die, seems I have little option.”

he stuck his hand (claw) out
“do we have a deal.” Hellion shock it in a second.
“Good, I only enough transports to save the elite troops. Every one else is stuck behind.”

“good, now lets get off this ball of ice before the Imperium get here?” he said walking out of the base as his troops grabbed the only loot they could get, plasma guns and quickly followed they knew what was to come and they were in no hurry to experience it.
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Ok, first the good. I like the narrative as a whole your story and your story is an interesting concept. You seem to have a good grasp of archetypical characters and use them in the right places. I can see what your idea was, and I have to say I like it as a concept.

There are some serious issues with your story. You need to decide if you're writing this as a screen play or as a novel. At the moment you're combining a screen play style dialogue with a novel style layout. Screen play dialogue is dialogue that relies on audience being able to either see or hear something that allows them to fill in the blanks even if the character isn't doing so. Scary music in horror movies, lighting, costume and so on. Because you're writing that sort of visual conversation style speech your characters often find themselves telling each other what's going on rather than actually doing things. Narration and exposition ought to be used to explain actions off page, not actions on page.

Your stylistic issues are not your biggest problem though. You need to proof read much better before you post. You need to type into a word processor before you post this online. Word, Open-office, really anything with a basic spelling and grammar check. They core of your stories is good, the flow is a bit awkward at times but that has more to do with your story than it does to do with some of your glaring issues of capitalization and tense mixing.

Spelling errors and grammar issues are OK every once and a while but you very clearly did not proof read this. Capitalizing the first letter of a sentence is a very big deal in the english language.
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