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Lone dreadnought

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my stroy has no name as such explaing the inaccurate name. i could use a hand with I am take sugestions. and now with out farther adue,,

The air was heavy, wet with rain yet to come. It was silent not a noise filled the air save the wind and the rhythmic thumping of Dreadnought Elliot Vander legs. He stopped, sawed off Autocannons scanning for targets, with none are range he moved on though the thick jungle.

As he moved though the jungle a new noise filled the, a rustling of life moving though thick undergrowth. With out a thought Elliot turned and fire his search light up with a clank of high voltage come to life.

Nothing still he searched, then the light traversed a being, it was a 3 foot tall on two legs with 4 arms. A Hormagaunt and were there was one, the Autocannon roared to life killing the Gaunt and traversing it though the jungle for 10 feet to each side. As it fell Silent Elliot hyper sensitive microphone ears found no new noise. Turning slowly he kept moving pounding foreword in his slow way.

Suddenly he heard foot steps behind him. He turned just in time to see a Warrior to leap on him with a brood of Hormragaunts behind it. Smashing the warrior out of mid air with his fist he fire his heavy flamer into the gaunts, a few got to closer and he smashed one he turned for another (stepping on the Warrior that was just getting up) and hammered the last one one with his fist.

Turning again he heard nothing new. Turning he walked on, toward were he knew his brothers had set up defensive works. Darn that gargoyle that flew into his Thunder Hawks engine knocking it down. They had been on a seek and destroy mission, split the hoard keep less of it from attacking the defenses before ready and now he was all that was left.

He reached a log that blocked his path, if he destroyed it with his fist or cannons it might gather more of them toward him. The mark II dreadnought pattern was significantly more agile then latter marks, infinity more complex to be sure and parts were a night mare but even he could not climb this log.

Reaching down he tried to picked it up. His servos in his army wined, and he gave up out of fear of damage. Sighing inside his armor he decided to risk the attention and with his power fist glowing smashed it apart with 2 blows.
Whirling around he watched for any new Tyranids,,, nothing. He turned a kept moving a little while longer while shouldering his way though a mass of vines his foot hit something, metallic.

Kneeling down he looked to see what it was, brushing some of the vines and ferns that coated it. He found a water pipe. Turning one way he saw it run into the ground. The other end ran into the jungle. What kind of building was here in the wilds of Kelof IV? No habitation was listed as here. The chance to find civilians was great, his brothers could wait. One less Dreadnought was not going to make a huge difference.

He plowed into the jungle his ears always open for more Tyranids. He kept following for 6 yards and then got into a clearing, though it to was chocked with plants, just not trees. It was ringed with chain linked fencing backed with barbed wire, or it used to be in many places it was knocked down trampled by Tyranids most likely. In the center was a chapel some,7 story's tall, surrounding it were 9 some odd barracks. Elliot walked foreword toward the nearest barrack. Kneeing down he yanked the door off its hinge looking in he saw rows of bunks each with a rack next to it similar to the ones used to hold power armor back on Casandra. Standing up he kept looking, opening each one in turn until he had looked in all 9, nothing.

He approached the Chapel. It was a huge object made of a sort of local black stone lovingly crafted so each stone was indistinguishable from the next one solid efface of rock engraved with symbols of the Emperor. The doors then selfs would have been 12 feet high and likely a foot thick. No way he could break that, if there were not already broken.

Or rather melted they wood laced with Adamantium had a hole in just large enough for a dreadnought. It edges shined with acid that had not yet been dissipated due to weather.

He walked into the and found the floor coated with dead Tyranids and a rough barricade at the far end of the floor. He walking down the length of the hall toward the Barricade. At the end he found the men, in a manner of speaking. The floor around them coated in bolter shell cases were 50 some odd sisters of battle. Each one had died not from the Tyranids but from a single bolter round to the chest. They had rather die by human hand the by the inhuman monsters that were the Hormragaunts.

He imaged the last moments, bark of bolter, screech of Hormaguant, the howl of heavy bolter the screech of a Gaunts in there death throws. He raised his arm and gave them the only thing he could, he fired his heavy flamer cremating them prevention them form being consumed by the hive and walked on, he ran into 4 more such barricades and in turn he torched the dead behind them. As he kept exploring he heard a noise in front of him, as quietly (as a 8 ton dreadnought) could he saw a brood of some 48 Hormaguant scrapping and gnawing on a door. Aiming his left arm he fired his autocannons there roar filled the silent chapel echoing, reverberating though out. The Gaunts upon seeing him charged only to be cut down to the last before they got near. Walking foreword he reach the door, already heavily pitted with marks of acid from there maws.

Reaching down he grabbed the door and ripped it off its hinges. A scream filled the air followed by the chatter of a bolter. He let them ping of his armour “at ease sister, I am no monster.” when she walked out he got his first look at her. She was young no more then 19, he thought sadly, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was trying hard to look stern but relief was was oozing into her very form

“thank you for the rescue.” she took a deep breath “what happened to my sisters?”
Elliot responded “dead I did what I could which was preventing the swarm from there body's, but why are you here? And who are you?”
the sister "I am sister Gawain of the Order of Metal Martyrs, and was I defending,” she shrugged “something I don't know, never told me the real reason. You?”
Elliot spoke his low synthesized voice rumbling “I am Elliot Vander, former Captain of the 3erd company entombed upon single handed defeat of a Avatar, attached to task force Arctic Thunder for operation armored spider.” he wondered how she would react.
“I asked for a name not a title.” well that much as clear, she had spunk.

“fair point. Let us leave we need to get to the rest of my chapter from the,” she interrupted
“not with out Saint Barbaros Bullets.”
Elliot questioned “who?”
she waved her arm “follow me.” she walked down the hall way with Elliot following. “Saint Barbaros was a holy Ecclsarch who's home word was invaded by Chaos he single handedly save his word rallying defenders in a firestorm of faith and led them to battle. He lead the attack against the Chaos and in the Final battle he defeated the Chaos Lord in single combat. During 4 year long war that started with the heretics landing and ended with the death of the lord he used ever weapon the Imperium arsenal, Autogun, Bolter, lasgun Heavy Stubber, every thing. This shrine to ,insure it purity, has a bag of casings from his Bolter, Canticles of Purgation, which he used to defend a shrine from a heavy push of chaos the Canticles killed thousands of mutants, traitors and heretics that day the shells from that battle were gathered by the Pure and were carried as a standard of purity. How they got here is, fuzzy you know the state of Imperial records.”

Elliot would have nodded if he could but he was a dreadnought. He though was eying her. She had wound hidden under her robe, though a bolter was hung at her hip she wore no armor. The pain had to be intense from his memory he know only the sheer adrenaline was keeping her up.
“your wounded.” it was a matter of fact.
“a Tyranid got me before I manged to get into the shrine.” he was confused
“why does a chapel need shrines?”
“solitary mediation and prayer.”
“oh” when we got to the back of the chapel we got to a door to small for the Elliot “go sister I will defend the door.” she nodded and entered,

she walked down the hall way she then ran into a solid Adamantium door reaching into her dull red robe and pulled out a cylindric piece of steel the size of her fist engraved with a cog with the Imperial eagle in side the hollow gear on one side the other a simple device of praying hands. Fitting it into a slot she turned to the right, left right then she pulled it flipped it round and push it into the same slot. The door gave a hiss and opened sliding into the wall gently. The walls of the chamber were lined with suits of power armor, bolt guns, frag grenades, melt guns, flamers every thing a Commandery of sister has want of on the field of battle.

Approaching a suit of armor the pain of her arm hit her hard, her legs trembled and gave way she fell against a wall and turned it into sitting down. Wrapping the blood soaked bandage tighter she fumbled in her robe for another pain killer/adrenal shot. Feeling better she stood back up and approached a suit of armor she took off her robe and put each piece of armor on in turn, chanting quietly under her breath. Once the armor was on she put the robe on top. Reach into her pocket she slipped the shots into the suits internal drug dispenser.

Moving on she grabbed 8 more clips of bolt gun ammo, and 4 frag grenades. Slinging a Melta gun over her shoulder she moved deeper into the shrine. At the rear of the armory/shrine were 4 plain pillars. Each tipped with 10 round of bolter ammunition. The round them selfs were lovingly crafted a simple brass casing refitted with a primer, powder and bullet. Holy rounds of ammunition the bane of chaos each bullet forged by a true Martyr a living saint. A intricate clip engraved in gold with the life of saint Barbaros sat in the center piller. She took the clip carefully with great deference and careful not to so much as scratch the bullets filled the clip and hung it on her belt.

She walked out to meet with Elliot once there she looked up and told him
“we can leave.” as they both began to walk out of the chapel. “ok Elliot were are your brothers?” she asked looking around the jungle
“to the north. Follow me.” the walked on the sister just ahead of Elliot, who had noticed the Melta gun. “I see you brought a melta gun, for me?”she turned and looked sharply at him.
"Its for Carnifexs and Hive Tyrants. You impute my honor of a sister of battle in suggestion I would attack my rescuer.” Elliot spoke up trying to put as much apology in his artificial voice as he could
“you are right I am, sorry forgive me please.” she stopped thinking how many marines had she met that were so prompt to beg forgiveness.
“Apology accepted, lets move out its not safe here.” the walked on to word the base, a moment faint, so faint only Elliot artificial ears could hear it, gun fire opened up ahead of them.
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I`m loving this story.. keep it coming please..
Chapter 11, pre battle streachs

HOLY CRUD how long has it been since i last added to this? you know don't tell me it make me feel worse:blush: im sorry my internets been dead the last, how every long its been since i last posted. this is the soonest i have been able to add to this, sorry, again.

Elliot was sicked, walking though the city he had seen a overly high amount of alcohols being ingested. To be sure most of them were sober enough to notice him but a few more were almost stone dead drunk. Jerrilyn would hear of this.

Elliot was eying a building that gave a excellent field of fire when a lighting ringing behind him attracted his attention. Turning he found 3 sisters in white robes collecting donations, every credit counts there donation bucket was mostly full. Before he turned away one of them caught his eye. She was a little off from the others and looked depressed plus the red hair,,, “Gawain?” she turned it was her he walk up to her the other 2 sisters seemed slightly put off and backed away from the 8 ton death machine.

“Gawain it been what,, 30 minutes since I last saw you?” Gawain shook her head “at last check.” “its a bit early but how are you get along with the sister,, that bad.” he read her expression. “yes,, im to young to be a true sister of battle.” “you are.” she looked at him sternly “you were part of a non militant Ordo, younger ages were indeed acceptable, but a combat role demands far more,” he gestured to her hands “you hands could likely put a watch together but you muscles are not quite fully developed on Casandra full biological maturity is considered done around 22, you are 18,” “19!” she was a bit sick of people getting that wrong “forgive me. The point is you are to young for combat, but fear not in this battle were all have chance's from the, drunkest guardsmen,” he said looking at a man passed out on the street, “to the youngest acolyte,” looking to the nervous acolytes whoas eye were bigger then the bore on a Earthshaker “to even me a 4 million year old dreadnought to gain honor and accolades in the only place they matter, the blood slick field of battle and glory.”

silence even a few guardsmen had heard him. “remember that is the only master you need place is the Emperor and his dream of the Imperium that we fight and die to defend.” he turned and walked down the street.

If the two other acolytes were nations it would be described as shock and awe the look on there faces. “you know him?” she turned “yes I traveled with him here.” “that explains a lot.” it was the voice of a Celestians. Turning rapidly she was face to face with her barrack leader “you were tainted by his radical thoughts,” “what radical thoughts?” she pointed at his form “he is a Mechanicus marine asking about radical ideas is like asking why chaos is dangerous. They are a godless chapter, learning form forbidden sources, they hate the eclsarchy and.”

turns out dreadnoughts have hyper hearing so he heard everything turning on a dime he fire his (newly installed) heavy bolters kicking up cement dust in front of her cut her off “and we have great hearing, if I hear you speak ill of my chapter I will personally rip you into so many piece you won't go home in a body bag, but a coffee mug!” with that he walked down the, then as if to make a point he smashed a parked car with about 120 parking tickets on its hood, then reaching into the engine block he crushed the engine intoa (power) fist sized ball pulling it looked pointedly at the Celestians and then to the ball observing it, then crushing it to dust. Throwing the dust to the ground he trudged on.

The Celestian stared at Gawain “don't look at me I did't tell him to do that.” “Damn right, it looked at me funny!” Elliot yelled over his shoulder. One of the acolytes made a comment I don't know about radical, but there definitely a few prayers short of a hymn book.” the Celestian could not argue. But turned back to Gawain and gave her another hard look. As if blameing her for even knowing such a being. Gawain shruged “what?” the Celestian shook her head.

Elliot walked away from the group behind him making a note about Gawain, looking at his built in PDA he saw that the Ultramarines were due in 15 minutes, maybe he should greet them after all.

Gawain was being given a stern tongue lashing from the Celestian when one of the acolyte spoke up “here he comes again!” the Celestian stopped as Elliot trudged by “pardon me forgot something.” he said as he rapidly put the trudge into a run for lack of a better word they rubber necked as he ran by the other acolyte commented “some how I am not comforted to know there at least, 999 genetically altered warriors like him out there.” Gawain shrugged “I like him personally but, a chapter of Elliot's?”

Elliot stopped at a security check point just before entering the stronghold, why they would bother to even try and stop the only dreadnought on the planet was beyond him but it seemed to him the courteous thing to do. Like knocking before entering a house.

The guardsmen took one look at him and waved him though. He walked by them into the main courtyard. And quickly trotted over to the landing zone. Past a platoon of guardsmen running drill, shessh these were the 88th Cassandra? There were sloppy. He had watched drill personally from the best guardsmen in the galaxy, the best could almost read there commanders minds. Not these lazy louts, they could barely read his lips.

Shaking his head he kept walking nothing to due about them save drill the crude out of them, literally! Elliot picked up the pace to the air field the marines were due in few minutes. He approached the air field with Jerrilyn standing on the field. In parade ground form Guardsmen formed a corridor from Jerrilyn to the landing zone. He turned to see Elliot, “so you showed up after all.” Elliot gave a electronic tone of agreement. “I take that as a yes. The Thunder Hawk should be here in a few moments.” they kept waiting for a few moments until a loud rumbling filled the air.

As luck happens Philip (being part of 77th Yothen the more professional of the two regiments) was in the parade ground at the center of the line the best place as you could hear and see both ends. He turned his head to look at the landing point a Thunder Hawk was making approach. It was bright blue it front door emblazoned with a white horse shoe. The front of the thing opened up after a moment and out the front came 5 space marines followed behind by,, a dreadnought? He assumed so, but compared to Elliot he was, crude. Were Elliot was smooth cylindrical, this new Dread was thick, boxy and walked with a chunky gait as compared to Elliot's smooth grace.

It true what they say, they don't build them like that any more.

At the sight of the Dreadnought a officer gave a few quick orders and the men that lined the carpet took 3 steps back from it. The 5 marines and the Dreadnought walked down the path toward commander Jerrilyn. Philip head part of there conversation. “,,why is that thing doing here?” “this is a Mechanicus planet.” “I thought they all left.” “calm brother, we are all on the same side,” “this time,,” that last one was the dreadnought. He practically rumbled it. Elliot's voice was monotone, but he could put inflations on it. Or he tried to.

They walked past Philip rang of hearing but now they were at Elliot's the one most bedecked in award spoke “I am Captain Fabian Nearda of the 3th company also the Master of Arsenal, and my companions are Apothecary Plato Lucais, Champion Gallows,” no last name “Brother Kelldor are banner barer, and Brother Romulus of the late world of Prandium also of the Honor guard.” Elliot gave the dreadnought equivalent of a whistle “I morn you loss I, like many, heard of the fate of Prandium, it is always saddening to hear of the death of innocents.”

Romulus stared at him hard “save your breath you Marine impostor.” “so that is how it's going to be.” “it is.” Jerrilyn coughed “and you dreadnought?” the dread rumbled “Trajan Coladon.”

Elliot gave a electronic bloop of surprise “Trajan? The commander of the battle of Jella?” Trajan growled “the same.” “I was there! Were it not for you 83 battle brother would have lived!”

Elliot clenched his power fist and activated it making the servos in side it wine. Jerrilyn was almost stuttering “you said you were going to live and let live!” Elliot kept his fist clenched as he watched the marines pull out and fire up power sword, chain fists and one combi melta.

“vary well then, but I can't let you get away for killing 83 brothers.” the weapons that had lowered slightly suddenly raised again. Before they could move Elliot flashed his fist out and, not punched more like shoved, Trajan knocking him over “embarrassment will do.”

Trajan fell onto his back and tried to stand, and failed his right arm tried to twist round to push him up, but all it do was flop him up on to his assault cannon and that left him unable to stand.

Elliot just walked away as the space marines tried to push him up and enlisted guardsmen to help.

the outer wall and the buildings just in side of it shock to Biovore's spore launchers, and deep below the underground dome shock suddenly to head butting Mawloc's and Trygons, the attack had began.
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chapter 12 battle!

you know to make up for my prevous abbsent i give you two chapters at once. oh and yes everyone has a happy ending

since the hive began the nightmares had as well as the Zoanthropes cast out a web of nightmares to demorlize the target. He fought it like he had been trained, projecting the of images of victory form Macragge, the twisted and broken forms of Krakken, the burning piles of Trynids from Cessium.

The nightmare was pushed back from the edges of his mind and it seemed that he would get a good knight sleep then a roaring or screaming filled his ears, along with disjointed colors and new words

Death!!,Kill!!, BLOOD!!

Philip rocketed up right taking deep labored breath that last word, Blood, echoing around in his skull.

As he focused in on barracks he heard many men awake as well. He turned to look at the commissar attached to there company (he also slept with them to keep watch) he too look shaken. “what was that?” the man next to Philip asked he turned “I don't know the first part was what they told as and trained as for, but that last bit?” he shivered

then they heard a screaming, Philip reached under his bed for his shot gun and charged into the night. The scream came from one of the 88th barrack. As he ran over with other guardsmen the battle readiness turned into a crowd at some point. With immense curiosity.
At some point a rumor spread as they do something a about the nightmare driving some men insane, that made sense they had been trained to deal with that, will the 77th had. But the alarming bit was the news that one mans head had exploded!

Philip pushed though crowed as commissars tried to get people back to there bunks. He found Elliot, sleeping? He was just standing there. He walked over to him the Commissars knew enough to mess with Elliot human friend, at least with Elliot nearby and it not like a Dreadnought was a problem to moral, indeed it was the other way around he helped.

Philip looked over the static Dreadnought reaching up he banked on his lower left chest plate (the only thing he could reach) nothing.

Before he left Elliot did move “Philip?” he said (groggily?) as he began rotating his arms. “whats the problem, or did you just wish to speak with a friend?” Philip sighed “we just got one of those Zoanthropes nightmares.” Elliot replyed “yes first documented against Krakken the nightmares are what have led people to say the Trynids came for there flesh body and soul.”

“Do they make people heads explode?” “that is new.” Elliot was surprised “I will ask the Ultramarines if any one knows they will. And you back to bed, you need your sleep.” Elliot waved shooed him off “were talk on the morrow, and put a shirt on.” Philip looked down at his body, he slept only in a pair of slacks and had did not change when he left the barrack. “good idea.” and turned back to his company barrack.

Elliot watched him then habitually stretched and went to look for the Ultramarines hoping they did not hold grudges.

The Ultramarines were deployed in full on the planet due to the fear of being cut off from orbit by huge clouds of Meiotic spore mines they had been given a segment of the parade ground and though they did not sleep, (the Catalepsean node) they were training and prepareing. As Elliot trudged though the camp he got dirty looks form a lot of marines,, so be it they started it. But as he looked closer he saw the imperceptible things only a fellow space marine that showed tension, was it him? Or was did it relent the nightmare.

He stopped before a sargent “I wish to talk Fabian Nearda.” the sargent may be a Ultramarine and may have hated him but he was still a 4 million year old dreadnought. “he is in the center of camp.”

“thank you.” Elliot walked toward the center and started looking for the guy with the most medals. He found him standing next to a Land Raider “Captain Fabain.” the captain turned “what is it.” then “who is this?” Elliot turned to see a chaplain walk toward them.
Captain Fabain sighed a little “This is Elliot Vander former Captain of the Mechanicus 3erd company.” the Chaplain looked him up and down. “hump, I see your using are relic, we don't use yours.” “we don't waste what we have.” Elliot replied. The Chaplin humped again and crossed his arms. “any way captain I wish to ask you about something.” the Chaplin snickered “what the matter have a bad dream?” Elliot revved his jet engine the close he could get to a threatening look. The Chaplin was unimpressed.

“no my suit has psycho dampener retrofitted in, but I heard a story from a guardsmen about a mans head exploding I have never heard of such a thing from Tryanids.” “Fabien shock his head “to be fair I know little about Tyranid save tactics and weaponry are field expert on them was Librarian Riden, but he had to return to the ship, said to stay was to risk his life needlessly and I agreed with him.” “did he say why.” Elliot asked “Head aches, of the psychic nature so suffice to say no, this is new to us to.”

the Chaplin humped “all the more reason to destroy this Hive fleet if there genetic code gets to the other hives were be in trouble.” Elliot agreed but they were interrupted by Romulus of the Honor guard “theres more to it then that.” Fabien raised his eye brow “Riden was right the nightmares were focused on the sanctioned Psykers we lost 8, and we had 10.” “how did they die the Chaplin asked “by commissar bolt pistol one and all. But as to what you really mean, 7 went insane and tried to kill there minders
silence then the Chaplin asked “and the last one?” “the attack broke down his mental defenses meaning he was possessed by a daemon.” Elliot was surprised “If Sphinx had all this psychic might why then did it not have a stronger shadow in the warp?” the Chaplin spoke “I may know why, one of the tendrils of Kraken did the same thing. It used a light shadow to draw attention to it self as a ploy for another tendril to attack else where, a possibility that make the fact that this hive fleet is being fought with out drawing overly on nearby systems a bonus.”

he took a deep breath “another possibility is that it wish yet more biomass, 2,000 men form the 77th light infantry are here and if we win the siege your,, troops will be here along with more infantry, . If this fleet thinks it can win despite are efforts then it will try to draw as many troops, as much biomass, to itself.”

the thought was being mulled over when Elliot shrugged “one way or another we must and will win we must keep this fleets DNA from the rest of the Hive fleets. Its to clever.” more nods “in 24 hours my chapter will be here in force with troops from the 1st and second Cassandrin Infantry and tanks from the Third Cassandrin. Elite troops one and all.” “and when that happens were leave, correct captain? Romulus asked

Fabien nodded “indeed, if we stay to much longer sparks will fly.” the Chaplin humped again “if there anything like the 88th you still screwed.” Elliot would have smiled grimly “they still bear the battle scars of Dutur so no there nothing like the 88th.” silence then “off topic, I am going to keep recharging my electric cells.” and he trudged off.

That night a Hive Tyrant stared at the walls. Its mind having found the way in, now it sent the order though the swarm. With a thought huge creatures spawned just for this reason were carried by warriors into place. Huge and bloated they were placed against the wall. As the warriors ran back the bomb exploded spraying the wall with shock waves and bio acid. It left a 10 foot hole in the wall silently another bug was brought foreword. It was only a matter of time. And when the hole was big enough, the Tyrant growled slightly at the thought and wrapped a long tongue around one of his bone axes licking the blood from earlier killings off it.

That day Elliot awoke to alarms “alert the permiter has been breached, all troops to the designated positions, all civilians to there shelters, display identification at all times. Rememberer: Faith alone will sustain you.” the parade ground erupted into action troops started moving to the outer walls. Elliot promptly erupted into movement. And started pounding to word were the breach showed up on his CPS (city positioning system) the Guardsmen gave him a wide breach for top speed. Once he got close enough he just went toward the shooting.

It was a small hole but the nids were pouring though so fast they had pressure on it like a water hose they came flying out that tube. So far nothing bigger then a warrior had gotten in. it turns out Elliot's time could not have been worse. At that moment a huge Trygon smashed though the hole. As bits of stone and dead Tyranids were sent flying. Then the whole wall exploded in green chemical fire, and bio acid.

As the Tryranid had gotten though they had also placed more of the living bombs within the wall for 30 feet to each side and these cascaded setting off what little battle cannon stores there were.

But this did not help Elliot as huge shads of stone rained down on him. And we was in every sense of the word buried alive.

The explosion was earth shaking Gawain noticed from within the Basilica Beatus refero. She and the other acolytes currently being armed by Celestian who was handing out ammo and Bolt guns along with a few prayers. She almost lost her footing though she as not the only one. The Celestain handed her a bolt gun and as she went over the prayers of accuracy and death over it she expertly took a clip, rammed it in place, pulled the slide back chambered the first round all in one slick motion.

After the prayer she was given 5 clips of ammo and then a chain sword. The last Celestain had no prayers to give and was just giving squad assignments. “Acolyte militia squad Repentance.” she almost yelled at her as she slapped a small squad marking onto the shoulder of her robe, a simple flame. Gawain ran out the Basilica along with the other acolytes looking for others with the same marking. She found them led by a true sister of battle. Gawain momentarily felt evey for the power armor but crushed it.

“follow me.” the sister said and they charged down the street to a trouble guard position. The squads had gone there as soon as they were all there so even though they had just what seemed to be a slightly chaotic crowed they were now alone. Then there heard the sound of fighting ahead of them. The guardsmen had set up a quick Aegis fortification and were using it as a firring point. In the center of the line which spanned the street was a Lemen Russ Punisher it heavy Gattleing gun clearing the street with ease. But they came in such number the even it needed help, that and the fact it needed reloading every 5 minutes did not help.

Poking above the fortification Gawain loosed a clip of bullets into the swarm each round killed one of the Tyranids that were swarming toward them. As they rose in density soon the line was lit up as a single omnipresent wall of flame from the muzzle flash's of the bolters and light from the lasguns. Rapidly sighting a warrior and flipping the bolter to full auto she sprayed a it all the round going high into its face and cheats knocking it down and killing it. Speed loading a new clip in place she fired again into the swarm. Then the ultimate bad news happened, the Punisher run out of ammo.

For a few second it just clicked with out ammo then it stopped. The swarm rolled foreword like a tidal wave and just about as stoppable. When they closed the guardsmen who did have flamers fired at will buying a few more seconds, but only that much more time. When they hit the wall they bowled it over. Gawain walked back word as she fired into the wave but it moved to fast and a warrior came steaming toward after emptying a full clip into ti it still came one, a prime to be sure came charing toword her and with its claws and grabbed her arm and ripped it off.

Philip was positioned at the point of the second break in the wall was showered with as much lime and rock as Elliot was. Though he was farther from it when it happened coughing and sputtering the Commissar yelled orders and as the swarm charged over the rubble they were meet by a wall of heavy bolter round followed by a tide of Hydra cannon shots ripping even the heavier warriors into so much ham burger.

As Philip's shot gun barked slugs into the swarm the Commissar kept barking orders “semi auto only, aim, keep the fire lanes clear! Fire focus right flank grazeing fire!” at his command the heavy bolter stopped shooting head on and traversed to the designated flank.

Philip yelled over the sound of the swarm “so when the next ammo shipment!” five minutes of fighting had already drained him of his slugs. “I don't know!” the man next to him yelled then the sky started to howl “Artillery!” the guardsmen crawled into every crack they could slide into to hide from the spore blasts.

Philip crawled under the Hydra along with a few other guardsmen as the the spores hit. Plumes of rock and dust were kicked up by the bioexplosives when it stopped Philip got out just in time to see the first of the next wave charge toward them. Promptly dropping the shot gun he started fire slugs, then shells into them as the other guardsmen and the Hyrda joined him.

Then a loud winning rose above the din, Philip paused for a moment, then story that were always told about the Tyranids came to him “Screamer killer!!” as soon as he said it a ball of blue iridescent fire flew from the gap and hammered the Hydra detonating its internal ammo stores. The beast then emerged from from over the slight mound of rubble and gave a might bellow as it then charged foreword. Autocannon rounds skidding off it and not even a hit of krak missile could stop it.

Philip backed away he felt the troops around him ran away from the lumbering monstrosity but rather then running Philip focused on what Elliot would do, you know if he was a squishy human. Roaring a battle cry, know that even if he ran he would die, he raised the shot gun and started firring slugs into it.

Then he heard a sort of screech and suddenly he was dead.
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yonks you read it fast,

the next chaper going to be a few days, i hope, schools realy put a kink in this story time line.
chapter 13 battle II

next chapter, i likely screwed up on a half a dozen facts so if i did and you notice me tell me and i fix it.

---As the Tryranid had gotten though they had also placed more of the living bombs within the wall for 30 feet to each side and these cascaded setting off what little battle cannon stores there were.

But this did not help Elliot as huge shads of stone rained down on him. And we was in every sense of the word buried alive.

But before the rubble could settle Elliot flailed his arms around and started to pull himself up. When the rubble did settle Elliot was close enough to the surface to climb out.

Shrugging rocks off him he emerged from the rubble just in time for the Tryanids to send the next pulse of bugs over the rubble. Roaring his battle cry Elliot started pounding the front layer of bugs with heavy bolter fire soon guardsmen who had also survived (about 40 percent) also opened fire. Elliot raido soon got a message he paid attention “down most of my men send help.” it was from the company commander sent to this gap. And the reply came form Jerrilyn “indeed the Ultramarines are inbound clear target area for whirlwind bombardment.”

Elliot (would have if he was not a dread) smiled as he heard the firring the rockets turning he saw the rockets hit the hole in the wall soon the air was filled with smoke, rock shards and dead Tyranids. Then the chatter of bolters echoed punctuated by the heavier bang of a pair of Predator out the Marines were here. The surging swarm was pushed back to just beyond the hole the Devastators frag missiles carving great ragged chunks out of them followed by the rattle of bolters mopping up the reminds.

Elliot was at the front his heavy bolters ripping up and down the swarm then a (space marine) sargent yelled “Carnifex!” the Devastators in sync sent a volley of Krak missiles followed by twin beams of light from both of a Predators Lascannon sponson.

It bellowed in pain but kept coming. Elliot eyed it and then in perfect timing punched it head apart, killing it though it still kept coming then griping the upper carapace he twisted it in a ninjutsu move turned it as he stepped side ways so its was knocked on its side skidding across the rubble and then into the wall. A few looks of awe form the marines, it was impressive no matter what chapter you were from and then it was back to work killing anything that moved in front of them.

---The swarm rolled foreword like a tidal wave and just about as stoppable. When they closed the guardsmen who did have flamers fired at will buying a few more seconds, but only that much more time. When they hit the wall they bowled it over. Gawain walked back word as she fired into the wave but it moved to fast and a warrior came steaming toward after emptying a full clip into it still came on, a prime to be sure came charing toword her and with its claws and grabbed her arm and ripped it off.

Luckily it was her left arm, the mechanical one and due to it being a cheap plastic one broke rather then hold and carry her with it. As the prime was, surprised if it could be to find the arm inside its mouth tasted like a Barbie doll Gawain using her good arm pulled a concussion grenade out of her belt thumbed the pin out and then tossed it at the prime and then started running. When it went off the Prime internal organs, like brain and heart, were pulverized by the shock waves.

Running back she fired her bolter one handed into the swarm. Little did she know that help was coming suddenly bolter fire arched down the road pulping the Tryanids and loader then any mere gun fire the loud singing of prayers, the sisters of battle. No matter how hard the Tryanids tried they were ground down by the bolters of the sisters and when they did get closer blasts of molten from the flamers struck them down.

Gawain was having problems she could not reload her bolter due to only having one arm. She was bracing it on a wall to change it when she heard a noise looking up it she saw the same rockets that Elliot had fly over head. Shrugging she tried to keep up with the counter attack, tried due to a sister Hospitalier noticing her one arm state. “Sister your arm! How are you standing! Come you need aid!” she fluttered around her like a worried parent

Gawain yelled over the din of battle “I am fine I lost my arm a few days ago it lost it replacement.” she then jumped the wall and one hand firing her bolter rejoined the advance. At the second break in the wall the Sisters linked up with Space Marines and Guardsmen and together they beat the Tryanids to just out side the wall the second breach was closed the third breach was the only one left, the one Philip fought on.

---The beast then emerged from over the slight mound of rubble and gave a might bellow as it then charged foreword. Autocannon rounds skidding off it and not even a hit of krak missile could stop it.

Philip backed away he felt the troops around him ran away from the lumbering monstrosity but rather then running Philip focused on what Elliot would do, you know if he was a squishy human. Roaring a battle cry, know that even if he ran he would die, he raised the shot gun and started firring slugs into it.

Then he heard a sort of screech and suddenly he was dead.

Or he thought he was, the air was sucked form his lungs and he fell to his knees. It took a moment but he figured out that he was deaf and blind. When his sight drizzly came back he saw the Carnifex dead with a hole in it the size of a desk chair.
Stumbling up right he turn to see a Vanquisher tank right behind him he

he would find out latter that the Vanquisher had fired it AP a inch over his head killing the Carnifexs. The screech was it passing by and the blindness was the flash from its tracer.

Sound came back a few moments latter he was pulled upright by a few Guardsmen and then shaking the last of it off started pumping his last few shot gun slugs into the breach. All around it heavy bolters were lined up pulverizing any Nid the crossed the gap and farther back mortars pounded the same gaps. But the orders were to drive them out not contain them just inside. So to the bellow of Commissars the men charged out of cover toward them, the one thing you do not want to do when half of the swarm is Hormagaunts.

Philip started pumping shells into the hive amongst the bark of Heavy bolter and howl of mortar round once in the now swirling melee he tried to use his Bayonet, but it was like trying to nail a fly to a wall the way they kept moving so he ended up using it defensively and just kept shooting “AAARRRAGGG!!” turning he saw a Hormagaunt pounced on the Platoon commander jacking a new shell in to the chamber he charged.

First shell tore that Gaunt to ribbens, the to his left a new one charge twisting round he nailed it then one jumped over overs acid streaming form it maw. He twisted the gun round in his hand he hit it with the butt out of mid air and seeing where the gun was now pointing pull the trigger saving another guardsmen.

Before he could shoot another (though his gun was empty and he would have ended up dead) he heard a new howl, winer then a mortar as he thought about it the aswere appeared. Form the sky 10 armored forms in bright blue armor smashed down atop the rubble. Chain sword screaming the Assault Marines charged the Trynids ripping though them like, like well a chain saw though butter.

Blades flashing and lasguns hissing?(stuttering? Banging? Zaping? What does a lasgun sound like?) the Trynids were shoved, or rather slowly pushed out to just beyond the gap. As the last heavy bolters were sighted and placed. The last hole was plugged

out side the wall the Hive Tyrant gave a bellow of rage it had been beaten. The Tyrant looked over the memory's of all the beings under its command living and dead and saw Elliot's defeat of the Carnifex in one move and smiled, if its face could even do that, and started to move into battle to such a great foe it took one step then the hive mind stopped him, it would not allow him to fight for him selfs.

It argued with it if it led the assault on this point the chance of victory was greater and what made this one what made it different? The hive consented with the logic and the Tyrant gave a bellow of joy and charged into the battle.
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Chapter 14 Duel

This is a some what shorter chapter but i like, lot of ACTION!:wild:

Elliot grabbed a Warrior and crushed it to pudding throwing the gunk off his hand he saw another Warrior and went to crush it, only to have thing jump at him almost like it had a death wish, batting it out of air he looked around saw the swarm move with a new agitation and recklessness.

After firring his flamer at a tight clump of them he looked around and saw a Hive Tyrant. It was unlike any he had seen it did not have bone swords but bone axe's, four of them. Screaming at him it charged foreword parting a crowed though the lesser beast.

Thinking if it worked once Elliot swung his fist out in perfect timing to crush it head. Only for it to side step the blow and plant all 4 axes into the arm. But the armor of a Dreadnought made in the dawn of humanity held true and all it did was carve deep gash's into it rather then chop it clean off. Swinging his other arm round he fired his heavy bolter into the beast, but it had pulled it axes out and moved around to his back and dug it axes into the back of Elliot.

Roaring Elliot rotated on his hips to try and swung his arm round to hit it. But the thing did not dig out it axes. It was stuck and swung with him. Reaching over his shoulder grabbed a tall and pulled hard, only to find all he held was a tail it had came lose. Meanwhile the Tyrant pulled one of his aces free and dove it back into his back, once, twice, thrice, over and over. Each blow carving deeper into a already battered body.

Revving his jet engine Elliot heat his exhaust pipes to red hot temperature, the same pipes that ran up his back. The Tyrant bellowed in pain and leaped off. Twisting round Elliot fired burst of flame into the monster. The Tyrant backed a few steps back and a eirre pause happened. The Tyrant chuckled or did a low coughing bark. Elliot began to look around for something, only for him to wonder why were the Ultramarine not shooting at this thing?

The Tyrant roared again and charged foreword he swing his lower 2 axes in a uppercut and the upper two went to his head in a downward chop. Elliot blocked the two going to with his heavy bolter arm and jabbed with his other before it hit the Tyrant jumped back and planted all four axes into his arm again only this time did not let go and wrenched back.

Elliot stumbled then dug in his feet pulled him self aiming his left arm's heavy bolter at the Tyrants feet he fired knocking its feet out from under it. As the thing was pulled foreword Elliot jumped into it in a bone vaporising body slam. The Tyrant popped it axes out of Elliot's arm as it flew back word for a good 6 feet. Only to land on its feet with only a slight crack to show for it.

The Tyrant ran foreword and hammered its axes into Elliot's left side Elliot squelched his arm against his side pinning the axes into his side, he winced slightly as he drove them deeper but now the Tyrant could not run.

Swing his fist he smashed it hard once, twice, thrice, and then he grabbed it and pulled it. The Tyrant roared in pain as its body was pulled yet its arms did not move, until they were ripped from there sockets.

Throwing the Tyrant to the ground Elliot stomped down upon it killing it once and for all.

Or so he thought the Tyrant roared in pain as its spirit was freed from its body, only to be drawn back into the hive many miles in orbit to be reborn, it would take time for a new body to be formed but the Hive would do it. Though the battle would be lost.

With out high command the hive splintered each Prime following its own instinct which was some time wildly different. The swarm was disjointed and the Hive mind knew the battle was lost. Rather then lose more bio mass it retreated were once endless swarms stretched now the swarm melted back into the country side.

Soon the celebrations would begin and would stretch deep into the night, which was the plan,,
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ok i am have a problem writeing this next part,, this is a spoiler alert just a warning

how can you sneak 40 choas marines and 80 slaves into one of the gaps in the outer wall, i just can't type something convinceing, and good.
you bastard...... philip he's he'sssss...... he's gone!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you bastard...... philip he's he'sssss...... he's gone!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO no no read the next entry. hes fine hes fine!:suicide: put the gun down, down, down, good. now get some tharpy (or a drink :drinks: what every works)
Chapter 15 suprise attack

I am less fond of this chapter then I would like, I welcome advice on who to change this chapter

That night a squad of shadows crawled forward toward one of the holes made in the wall by the assault earlier in the day toward the guard post.

In the biggest plaza close to Mican calx the Governor had broken open every drunken delicacy he could think of. Food, song and drink everything Kelof IV had the best of.

Granted officers had better but they always do and the avarge guardsmen still had a feast. Laughter echoed across the plaza, to the tune of the music. The only absents were the sister of battle (and even then a few acolyte had snuck out though they would get hell when they got back and discounting the Canoness Jesika there for invited for the ceremony) the men manning the observation post in the rubble of each hole and most of the Ultramarines.

On a raised platform Jerrilyn tried (pointlessly) to try and get attention only when Elliot threw his amplified voice behind it “QUITE!!!” that got there attention “Jerrilyn the floor is yours.” he gestured to the stage. “uumm thank you.” he was some what uncomfortable with a Dreadnought speaking for him

“Guardsmen we have won!,” Cheering drowned him out for a good couple minutes then it dried up slowly. “We have won the city is safe and we remain! As one we joined together Guardsmen,” “Huraah!” the Guardsmen yelled “Sisters of battle,” the few sister they Hesitantly yelled as well under the watchful eye of Canoness Jesika “and Space Marine,”
“HURAAH.” Elliot yelled at the top of his amplified voice volume the few Ultramarines who had shown up shook there head.

“but we were none of those things, we were the Imperium! And we will remain for a thousand years come hell or high water, xeno or heresy we will remain, and rememberer.” a dramatic pause “let us pause upon are rejoicing, and honor those who woke this morning, and yet died this afternoon and could not share this bounty with us tonight.” nodding to a priest who stood up to give a sermon for the dead guardsmen.

While that happened the squad of shadows was close enough, they froze and dropped behind any one of the amply number of corpse, there dark armor blending in perfectly in the dark. Then taking aim the squad leader sighted the spot light took it out in one shot, as the broken glass rained down the muzzle flash of bolter lit the field of battle up in a silent sympathy of silence ammunition. In less then a minute the guard were dead with out a sound.

After the priest, Chaplin,(Elliot never did get a name) and the Canoness had blessed the dead Jerrilyn took the stage again “let us now enjoy this feast.” it was simple but enough promptly the music began again. Elliot was eying to see if any one he knew was in the crowed he found one, but what was Philip doing at the officers table? Elliot trudge over “so Philip moving up in the world?” Philip smiled at the slightly artificial voice. “funny thing I saved the platoon commander, and so he nominated me his successor, you seen Gawain.” as he spoke the other officer were uncomfortable with the dreadnought looming over the table. “not yet, but its not like I can hide, she see me soon enough if shes here.” he nodded “I think the officers want me to leave if I am going to talk to you.” Elliot agreed as Philip stood up and walked to the edge of the crowed “so, mind explain why you look a chewed can?”

Elliot look at the gouges carved into him by the hive tyrant “that bad?” a new voice chimed in “that bad.” up walked Gawain in one of her dull red robes “you know the colors of your Ordo are gold and black.” she shrugged “if I am not suppose to be here I may as well break other rules, and you dodged the question. “I fought Hive Tyrant and won, you?”

Philip trying to one up him “I stood my ground against a raging Carnifex.” Gawain “I killed a Warrior prime, and got a real arm.” she held up her new mechanical limb. It was steel covered with a cheap plastic coating making it look like the old one. Philip said so “it looks the same.” she bent down and picked up fork dropped by some one during the night and crushed in her hand. “you were saying?” “ok I give it to you.” for the next few minutes they traded tales.

A few guardsmen came investigated the lack of reporting from the observation post. When the closed to the post they were cut down by silenced bolter fire, save the radio operator, who a little slow saw his squad mates cut down and ducked into a building and started to dial the base “command,” “this is private Peter we were sent by are sargent to investigate the lack of communication from observation post Alpha, its overrun!” “Can you describe the nature of the Tryanids.” he thought about the silent muzzle flash's “not Tryanids, repeat not Tryanids, my squad mates were killed by something with a muzzle flash there likely,” then he heard a noise to his left looking he saw a marine wearing dark blue armor he yelled hoping the radio would catch it “chaos marines!” the marine lunged with a long wicked knife and that was the last the man ever saw.

A simple staffer ran up to Jerrilyn and wispered into his ear the new. His first word? “damn, what can 3,000 drunk guardsmen do.” turning to Jesika “do you think the Sister can help us?” she nodded then the Chaplin “we 'help' as you call it kill these traitors.”

Philip had just told his survive story when Elliot's PDA flashed. “Chaos?” Gawain frowned “what is it?” Elliot voice rumbled “Chaos space marines are attacking gap one. Why I don't know, my radio says the Ultramarines are going to attack along with the sisters though guardsmen form the other post's are going to attack, to few though.”

looking at them “I will return soon, your not slated to come.” Gawain hissed “like heck we will.” then Philip smiled “raging Xenos couldn't stop us. hump what are they thinking any way, this is are city and no traitor is taking it from us. Right Elliot.” he simple revved his jet engine.

At the gap, or rather in the field just before it. the Chaos marines leader had just arrived teleporting in on a beacon placed by the infiltrator team. 40 chaos marines arrived Dreadclaw that homed in on the same beacon. But by Valkyrie flying from a hidden air base in Tyranid territory 80 slaves were flown in and promptly put to work, digging.

The Marines showed up a few moments latter and battle broke out. The Ultramarines were held off by waves of bolter fire from surprising disciplined Chaos Marines, the city streets shook to the rattle of Heavy bolters and with in moments it got worse.

Chaos lord Lazerian eyed the growing forces with a vague worry. “Lord,” he clenched his fist as a acknowledgment “the loyalist are growing in number and we are but a strike force.” Lazerian sighed “I pity, I so hoped I would be able to save my baragian, very well if it must be done.” turning to the marine “bring me the artifact.”

Elliot was charging, or rather speed walking, toward the fight, speed walking due to the 80 guardsmen who had proven sober enough to know which way to shoot. Unfortunately they were the men of the 88th Cassandrin, the less steady of the two regiments there. The 77th was of gang recuitment and tended to gorge them self ins times of plenty. Elliot voiced these concerns to Philip, or rather sub Lieutenant Philip as his new rank “don't worry your self Elliot the more rounds, or lasbolt, beams? What are they called? Its like thing at the end of shoe lace you see it all the time but you don't know what its called.”

he shrugged “the point is that if you have put enough shots down range you going to kill something.” Elliot nodded at that. “Fair point.” suddenly they heard a sounded like like tearing steel. “what was that?” Gawain asked pulling the slide on her bolter. Elliot was confused “I don't know.” they kept moving. “the gaps right ahead.” they got to in just in time fore something to stride over the mound of rubble. It had six legs and two massive claws, high above its Scorpion tail was a 3 barreled Gatling gun.

Elliot grabbed Philip and Gawain in one fist and pulled them back out of sight behind the building they just came around. Other guardsmen were less lucky and were cut down by scything beams of light “Brass Scorpion,” the other Guardsmen who were slower now listened to him “a killing machine built to destroy. Its armor is blessed by the dark gods and there is little that can hope to dent it save the heavier weapons like Melta guns, Lascannons and Krak missiles,” looking over the guardsmen, “which we don't have.” he pointed to one man “you! Go to command get as every tank they have. Vanquisher would be ideal, but failing that Annihilator will do, GO!” the man ran off.

“what do we do in the mean time?” Elliot rumbled “nothing, you can doing nothing, I am the only one who can harm it.” he said raising his fist. “you against that thing? It twice your size!” “maybe, but when you get down to it, so are Carnifexs to you.” he said to Philip. After a moment he turned down the street away from it and then ducked into a side alley.

Lazerian was pleased, his bargain to summon the Scorpion worked it had shattered the space marine offensive splitting them into defeatable chunks. “Sir we have reached the temple.” Lazerian was thrown off his musing “perfect, remove the relics and prep the dread claws for orbital take off.” “what about the slaves?” The “Imperium will kill them , there of no use to us.” “and the Scorpion?” Lazerian turned to it again “its such a shame, but we have to leave it, but it will keep the Imperium occupied while we leave.”

Elliot went down that alley until he was beside the scorpion

charging the last 3 yards he braced his shoulder down and rammed it with enough force to tip a Leman Russ, and bounced off. Stumbling back he wrapped his arms around the leg and pulled nothing. The Scorpion swung around fast it huge left 'claw' smashed into him ramming him into, and through a building bringing the whole thing down.

The Scorpion waited for movement and when nothing happened turned to walk off but when it did Elliot shouldered the rubble off him grabbing a 15 foot iron beam and gave a cheesy action movie line “were you going I got you a present!” he then smashed it over the Scorpions back bending the beam so it conformed to the scorpions back “say thank you.” the Scorpion did not care though it just turned and charged bull dozening in to Elliot and throwing him back though a building. Elliot gave a sigh when he stopped it was going to be one of those days.

Gawain was flabbergasted “look at that thing! Nothing can stop it.” as if to add to the point Elliot charged into it once more this time trying to jump over the claws on top. Only it grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground like a rag doll before dropping him to the ground and started pounding him with both claws. “well what can we do?” Philip looked to his guardsmen “what do we have?” the result was dismile, only lasguns. “come on, think what is there.” Gawain yelled

Philip looked around and saw it. It was one of the Earth Shakers statically placed to hammer the hive fleet “Gawain can you lower a earth shake.” “yes why?”

Elliot rolled out from under the pummeling blows and fell back a few steps. The Scorpion fired it demolisher into him he jumped back a few feet but still got shaken. He walked back a few more steps eying the thing before him, cursing his heavy bolters, wishing for lascannons. “come on then you still want to fight!” Elliot was looking worse for ware huge dents in his body form the Scorpion, gash's from the Tyrant, holes form Hive Guards, pits from spore mines and claw marks from the warriors and the lesser beasts. Only the ancient armor of the Dreadnought held him together.
The Scorpion backed a pace off and fired it tail weapon at him strifeled up and down him only making more dents. It then charged foreword.

The Earth shaker dropped to almost level to the ground “so we hit it?” Gawain watched as five guardsmen man handed a shell into the gun. “we will, give me a moment to aim” she said as she did some finicky final adjustment to by spinning a few wheels traversing it a few degrees to aim it. The breech was slammed shut Philip watched as the Scorpion ran into Elliot and then held him by both arms. “no time to aim, FIRE!”

Elliot's servos screamed in protested to the pulling just when he thought his left arm would break off he heard a roaring boom followed almost instantly by a explosion. It hit the ground to the Scorpions right flipping it up on to its left legs dropping Elliot. Elliot saw his chance.

While the thing was tipped up Elliot grabbed it by its under side and started to shove it though the gap it had clambered though. The Scorpion struggled but its legs could get no taction over ground. Elliot stopped, pushed it over form its delicate ballence and then raising his fist above his head he slammed it. It rang like a debased bell it it shock once, gave a shudder and stood still.

“Elliot!” Philip, Gawain and the 80 Guardsmen Elliot turned “turns out they die like a fish if you hit them in underbelly, its not often I find myself in a position to thank some one other then a fellow space marine, thank you.” then a explosion echoed across the plain “but there is a battle to fight, to war!” and he led the charge across the plain. Behind him the Scorpion was still, until it twitched.
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Wooaaah, another awesome action chapter!
so, you like it?
Chapter 16 warp squall

new chapter, not much else to say

“Lord Lazerian! The Imperials,,” “I know.” Lazerian almost hissed the Scorpion was supposed to stop the Imperials at the gap but that dreadnought. Right now his emplacements around the dig site were being shelled by mortars and now the Ultramarines were now being aided by the Sisters who freely intermingle with there battle line, and the Dreadnought on the Right flank with the 80 Guardsmen. Lazerian frowned as he flexed his hand, thank options, none of them good. He likely lose the relic, and that would be, intolerable. They had given the game with this first move if they found it would be impossible to get it back with out a warp storm.

WARPSTORM! That was it. Turning “bring me the relic.” the Chaos marine started “sir? You do know with out the others it will just,,” he stopped and smiled, “shall I bring you a slave?” “please do.”

Gawain was firing her bolter as fast as she could into the mass, though she was by far not the only one. It was a odd battle field the night of Kelof was broken only by muzzle flash each casting a odd illumination upon the field. Then she noticed something “Elliot,” she yelled to be heard over his heavy bolters, “why are they not shooting back?” Elliot did not know “not sure,Guardsmen covering fire, I am going in!” after a moment to focus on what he planed on doing exactly he bellowed his war cry “TASTE SEEL!!”

Lazerian raised his head “so he's from that chapter.” “lord?” the space marine question “nothing, is the slave here?” “yes my lord. Lazerian held the relic, the crystal skull though it looked little like a skull. It was of pure green crystal carved into rhombic triacontahedron (30 sides, of rhombus's) It 's edges were lined with brass and at the tip of each corner was tipped with a bight blood red ruby. It's inside seemed to hold something that moved and swished around it side of it. Lazerian looked at the slave with out a thought grabbed him. Wrenching him so his head was in line with it.
(Warning Graphic content, thought you should know.)

then Lazerian with his power claws cut the head right off, the blood propelled by the mans heart arched and hit the Crystal which did not get wet it absorbed the blood and pulsed in time to the dead mans still beating heart.

“my lord were down to 27 men.” Lazerian nodded to this new tidbit “fall back to the temple the warp storm will be strongest there when it falls were fight are way out and get off this planet.” the marine blanched “a warp storm? Lazerian looked the marine's armor, black with a sliver helmet, judging by the lack of wearing on the cuts the imperial iconography he was a newly enlighten “whats the matter, cold feet? If you believe truly in the glory of Chaos you survive if not,” “I do believe!” “then why worry?” Lazerian almost whispered the blood stopped then stone absorbed the last of it, then the ruby's glowed and the brass latices folded down, and the crystal glowed brightly and then from the heart of it a pulse of energy enveloped the battle field.

“stop, felt that?” Philip asked then the pulse of red energy covered the battle field and silence fell. Gawain answered sarcastically “yes I do fell that.” Elliot gave a hear look, 8 ton dreadnoughts are good at that “this is no laughing matter, dealing with chaos magics is always risky.” then to accent the point a scream, a female. “a sister of battle died.” it was like the cloud was filled with shapes dancing at the edge of the vision “at ready,” Elliot growled a guardsmen asked Philip “do we advance? Or fall back?” Philip looked to Elliot “well?” Elliot did not know, space marines would advance but Guardsmen?

“now!” Lazerian yelled charging back away from the Ultramarines the Ultramarines behind him were confused and easy targets, as his force scythed though the enemy ranks he smiled at how easy this was. The chaos energy kept sight down to about a foot. Add to how unnerving it was, and the space marines were cut down by traitors, and each death fed the small storm making it stronger.

Another scream closer. Elliot was now worried, not for him self if he could go one on one with a brass scorpion he could handle most things, but for the guardsmen. “form square.” another scream and was the fog get thicker? “quickly.” to the

in places the fog coalesced into thicker piece these were daemons, they need body's it was not yet strong enough for there true forms, instead they fell upon the the body's of the Tryanids warp energy take the place of what had been blown off and destroyed the monster came to life.

“RRAAGGCHHEA” the roar came from ahead of them a new form rose more stable then the shadows. It and, and 3 of its kind rushed toward Elliot. They looked like warriors, save in the place of broken limbs they had yellow glowing parody's “as one the guardsmen fired upon them followed by Elliot's heavy bolters each shot echoed oddly but they did not stop.

Elliot grabbed one, crushed it though to the ground to get the next one only for the crushed one to keep moving despite it having all its bones broken. Stomping on it again the others got by him. The next one killed guardsmen until some one hem stringed it with a bayonet making it fall were it was mauled by the others. The last one made a beeline for Philip firring his shot gun at it the heavy slugs inflicted heavy damage, breaking arms off and shattering the head, Philip aimed low and blow both legs off it. But still it crawled closer still shooting it “Elliot we need to retreat!” Elliot had just finished crushing his to pulp. “I agree.” Gawain looked around the fog that now echoed to roars, “were to?”

“good question.” Elliot looked around a nightmare crossed his mind “what if a Carnifex is possessed?” that was horrible thought, if the warriors were this bad. The ground was shaking he made a snap choice “follow me!” Elliot yelled to the guardsmen “and don't look back.” he started running just fast enough so guardsmen would not be out paced. Screams echoed behind them this warp squall (the term for a small warp storm) was in full swing.

Before Phillips eyes a tower of bone laced with brass shot out of the ground, impaling a guardsmen though the heart. Back peddling he started running again, hoping Gawain was to his left “know any prayers for safety ?” she nodded “well start!”

she thought for a second and started “O emperor who lives on holy terra,” more screams “birth place and true home of humanity,” a warrior rose to his let, using his shot gun he fired the slug into it, knocking it back. “guide us though the halls of heresy,” a roar to the left almost though Gawain off her prayer “and protect us form the predation of temptation,” Philip looked behind him, all he saw was was a foot ahead of him, there were alone, looking ahead he saw Elliot so there weren't. Then he stopped dead. Philip and Gawain ran into him just as Gawain finished “and may you guide us always, amen, oump.”

Philip yelled at Elliot over the growing noise, “why did you stop?” Elliot pointed to a shadow ahead of them it seemed to get bigger then it was close enough to truly see it. “the Scorpion!” Elliot charged toward it, the demolisher fired Elliot nimbly went to the left dodging it. Then ramming into the head on, among the grinding of steel it did not go well. The Scorpion took a step back and then surged foreword with more strength and shoved Elliot back then it swung its claw around and hit it with what could only be called a back hand, knocking Elliot back.

Philip was wondering what he could do when he heard a noise, “help!” it was Gawain! Turning he found something new. A tentacle stretching from out of the ground had grabbed her by the waist and was simultaneously lifting and crushing her. “can't,,, breath.” Philip flipped out his shot gun and started pouring slugs into it tearing chucks off it until, “hay!” smiler tentacle tried to grab him by his leg. Shooting it off he tried to help Gawain but soon more were trying to grab him, things looked bleak.

Meanwhile 3 minutes ago in orbit.
“This is battle cruiser Art of War requesting permission to deploy landing craft.” The Mechanicus marines were there the message they got was not good “Thank Emperor you here.” Company commander Logan frowned “I thought the battle for Fort Lieiger was won.” Logan spoke into his helmet mike.

“it was but now we are being raided by chaos Marines there digging something up.” Logan turned to his sub commander “Horan, get the Thunder Hawks ready.” and with that he turned and started giving orders rallying the space marines to the Thunder Hawks.

In the lunch bay Logan got on to his Thunder Hawk with his Honor guard speaking in to his helmet mike “Jerrilyn were inbound at maximize speed were be there in 4 minutes.” the radio spoke back “hurry things are getting worse they opened a full blown warp squall and it getting worse it may become a full warp storm.” as the door closed and the Thunder Hawk took off Logan yelled into the mike “make it 3.”

3 minutes latter (were we left are heroes)

Philip was running out of shells were he heard a roaring noise from above him pointing his gun up looking for what ever new nightmare this was he saw it, though a nightmare it was not.

From out of the fog the roaring noise took form and suddenly with out warning a purple streak flow from out of the fog, went though the tentacle holding Gawain who just sputtered on the ground catching her breath. Philip stared at the streak when it hit the ground it had stopped and he got a good look. It was a space marine, and a Mechanicus at that to judge by the color.

In his left hand he held a bolt pistol, his right a power sword. Twisting round promptly fired his jet up again and did a short hop, or skip, putting him in a blur again. The marine cut though a mass tenticals with the sword and was lost in the fog the now echoed to the sound of bolters and conflicting war crys. Then Philip remembered Elliot. Even as he stood guard over Gawain who was rapidly recovering he tried to find Elliot.

No the fog was too dense “RRAAGGCHHEA.” great more daemon trynids then he heart it a loud metilic bellow “TASTE STEEL!” despite the odd echo the fog made he (the fully recovered Gawain) ran toward it.

Above them a Thunder Hawk floated just over the fog almost 30 feet off the ground and a Marine with a purple armor and a silver right shoulder pad stared into the fog, shouldering his Heavy bolter he clipped the zip cord to his belt and jumped, the 15 foot cord extend elasticly, and at the bottom of his jump detached the cord right before the surprised and suddenly back peddling pair.

He was right in front of them, Gawain was shocked at the sudden arrive one moment nothing the next, well he did not poof, but only because poof has a comical connotation and this marine tightly holding his heavy bolter was not comical, in the least. Dropping his heavy bolter over them he fired it the heavy bolter roared it was so close to them Philip could feel the shell casing wiz over his head. Looking to the possessed Tryanids Gawain saw them turn to mist as each heavy shell blew them apart.

Stopping only when they did the marine, not looking at them spoke to his radio “this warp squall is self perpetuating when some one dies in side it it gets stronger, order.” nodding to the unheard reply he spoke back “confirm.”

now pointing at them “you need to get out,” pointing to behind him “thats the quickest way.” Gawain stood up “not with out Elliot.” and marine gave a slight growled of exasperation “and who is Elliot?” then Elliot stumbled into sight from the limited visibility of the fog with the scorpion behind him.

“him.” Gawain pointed if he marine was surprised he did not show it. The scorpion smashed Elliot with his claws knocking the badly dented and broken warrior asunder. Pulling its left claw back and it prepared to drive its claws into Elliot. “you two stay here.” the space marine fired his heavy bolter to get its attention then charged.

The scorpion swung his claw low the marine jumped while doing a back roll at the same time as it swung again with its other claw he fired the heave bolter while it was pointed at the ground mid roll the recoil pushing him higher over the second claw and on to its back or rather it first armor plate. Activating his magnetic souls he stuck to it and pointed his heavy bolter at the 'head' with demolisher cannon and fried the heavy bolter slugs dug deep craters in the barrel wall then he hit the round that was in the barrel. The whole front of the thing exploded peeling the rest back like a banana the marine was sent flying.

As Philip and Gawain ran over to Elliot the scorpion faded from the material universe “Elliot?” Gawain asked tentivly groaning he replied “turns out they don't die like a fish if you hit them in underbelly, where the scorpion?” he tried to stand his poor servos screaming there protest. “a Mechanicus dropped from nowhere with a heavy bolter and killed it. But it exploded I think it killed him.” “wrong on both counts.” they turned to see the marine walk toward them with only slight charing to show for the explosion. “clearly I still live, but the scorpion was banished back to the realm of chaos, not dead, but definite gone for now. You Elliot Vander?”

Elliot agreed “that the quickest way out,” pointing the same driction as before. “a Thunder Hawk will pick you up, you need the repairs of a tech marine and fast. Get going.”

Elliot clanked, very unlike him before today. Followed by Philip and Gawain. The marine watched them go till out of sight then spoke into his mike “this is Indomitable 4 were the fighting, confirm.” and started to walk off toward it Heavy bolter tracing across the fog occasionally lighting up in flash's of gun fire.
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Chapter 17, the Prophecy, and enter Indomitable

Forgive the detile with which i go into squad Indmitable, Ive been playing :gamer2:Halo Reach far to much for my own good and, well it showed up. but in a world of Space Vikings and 'orks' anything goes.

For the next week Philip and Gawain were in quarantine with the other guardsmen and acolytes who had fought in the chaos cloud. On the 8th day Elliot showed up. “Philip Lester.” Philip turned to the omnipresent commissar “your wanted.” he stood up from his card game (best 81 out 160) and went out the door to see a very different Elliot.

His armor was fully repaired and fully repainted. His body was in all its glory and splendor. The sun shown off his purple armor. “I pulled some stings, having a dreadnought as a friend helps dose it not?” Gawain walked form behind one of his legs “true is it not?” “I say, how did you do?” “remember that platoon commander you were named successor to?” he nodded “well it turns out the fool drank him self into such a stupor he slept though the whole battle. You company commander was not pleased so by pulling the said stings with Jerrilyn your now the Platoon commander, and the former one was given fifty lashes and demoted back to a guardsmen.”

“I am a what?” “technically the term is lieutenant.” “you keep saying I got off the hook, for what?” he was silent “reeducation, you mind will be wiped clean of all memory from the battle and you will be dropped a few IQ points.” Philip started “that not fair.” “we agree, the Mechanicus will do what we can to stop that, but with a Inquisitor in bound there may be little we can do, you though will be spared such a fate for sure.” “what now?” that depends on what the Inquisitor says, I wish Akkad was here the 8th company would be a great help.”

“you said they hunted choas.” Gawain asked “they don't hunt, to hunt imply the possibility of failure they go killen.” Elliot replied “whens this Inquisitor due?” Philip asked Elliot looked at his integral PDA, about a hour. Speak of which I should go to the dig site, you two make your selfs scarce out of sight out of mind.” they nodded and Elliot smoothly glided out to the dig site at a walk.

He got there just as the Inquisitor's Thunder Hawk landed. Elliot walked up to the Inquisitor who was talking to Fabian Nearda. The Inquisitor had tar black hair and green eyes and white skin. He wore silvery gray power armor. Turning Elliot “so your the dreadnought I heard of.” “you look at the temple yet?” “tsk tsk tsk, so fast to go to duty, and no not yet I was talking to Fabian as to what happened to the warp squall said it faded as soon as people stopped dieing in it is it true? Hum? Yes, no maybe?” he spoke so fast the words came out like a heavy bolter. “yes. Its true.” “good. Lets go check this dig site maybe we can tell why there came here, yes, no?” he went off and Elliot looked to Fabian “he is like a hamster on coffee is he not, yes, no?” he followed along with Fabian, Logan and assorted other space marine.

he temple was big enough for Elliot fit in easily. It was a perfect cube with a few other condors coming off it but the important part was a pair of alters in the back of the chamber with a plaque of stone between them which the inquisitor started read immediate “extraordinary, a preimperial dialect of writing form the dark age of technology.” “so whats it say?” Logan huffed the Mechanicus have little paticne for the inquisition.

Elliot having little to do started to look at the walls they did not have writing on them but they had thousand of drawings on them. They were crude and showed only rough out lines but it was enough to tell a story. Here he saw a man among other a broken window nearby all holding bags of money he supposed. There he saw a young girl praying before alter and there he saw a dreadnought walking out of the crash of a Thunder Haw,,,

“by the holy shit of the Emperor! I am on theses walls!” that got attention, the Inquisitor walked over “why yes that dreadnought is a likeness to you.” but Elliot was not listening he kept walking down the wall it told his life story up to this point, a the Dreadnought meeting the girl “Gawain,” he muttered then the man “Philip,” he read on it showed everything, the evacuate the hive who destroy the Valkyries back at the arbiters base “damn that John.” there flight, the pick up in Riverburg, his duel with the hive tyrant. “everything.” he muttered the Logan sighed “were be here all night won't we.” the Inquisitor was engrossed, that was a answer right there.

24 hours latter the Inquisitor gave a final briefing about the contents of the temple, there were no other words for it. “the temple use a old dialect so its very flowery but summarize it. The temple held 2 artifacts or relics, the first the Crystal skull a dark artifact to Khorne this is what we believed to have caused the warp squall.” he spoke fast the words almost spewing from him “the other is a old lost relic the crown of Lethid, a holy icon last seen in M 38, from there it was lost. The crown is said to infuse such purity that it made the ware harmful to daemons even look upon.”

“it then goes on to say that when the skull is combined with 3 other artifacts, the helm of infinity, the skull of Aragath who records show to be a great champion of Nurgal who died in M 36, and the and I quote “soul of a bride of the Empore fallen to Slaanesh.” a gate between realms can be opened on the crux of shadow and light. Where ever that is.”

“so how do we stop them.” Fabian asked “you can't.” the Inquisitor said. “The temple also speaks of a trio of heroes who would stop them, there weren't named but by judging the wall iconography there the two friends of Elliot here. Elliot go get them this suddenly quite relent to them.” “says who?” Elliot rumbled “in this regard the High lord of Terra them selfs a edict passed in M33 meant that all prophecys regarding the defeat of choas are to be followed to the letter dare you defy them?”

Elliot merely revved his jet and went to go get them.

Philip was “making himself scarce” in side the biggest loudest nosiest bar in all of Lieger. Then he felt a tap at his shoulder turning there was “Gawain?” “Elliot sent me in, we been asking all day when you make yourself scarce you doing joke about it.” “Elliot sent you? Why?” “he can't fit though the door.” Philip chuckled“makes sense.” standing up he followed Gawain out. Elliot stood by the entrance scaring half of the patrons away. “there you are lets go.” Elliot walked off they followed “so why are we needed?” “I hate prophecy's.” and thats all they got out of him.

After giving the back story he the Inquisitor got in to detail “we need 6 items to seal the portal if its opened. Though ideally not having it open at all is ideal in this we have a advantage this helm of infinity is in Imperial hands its in a top secret inquisitor strong hold.” “good were?” Fabain asked “I can't tell you, I don't know my self I am not senior enough, but I do know who does know and I won't tell you classified.”

Philip and Gawain were too awed by the Inquisitor to ask the question so Elliot did “artifacts do we need to close it?” first are the three of you, each holding one item, first Saint Barbaros Bullets which we already have, second is a blade forged on mar itself and blessed by tech priest and sister alike and finally, The crown of Lethid.”

the Ultramarine Chaplin huffed “clearly the chaos marines have it.” Logan spoke up “we think it may be Lazerian due to the Brass Scorpion.” “who?” the Inquisitor was asked “ Lazerian no family name due to his treachery he was a master of the forge of are chapter who fell to chaos, he showed up once or twice in the pay of others, but then he fell in with the dark adepts, and became a Obliterator.”

“A Obliterator?!” Fabian yelled Logan nodded “he a bit of a maverick we believe he for some reason schism'ed from the rest of the cult, or he acts a front man for it under that cover. He a dangerous being intelligent and lethal he is know for his use of daemon engines, like the scorpion.”

Logan closed his eyes for a moment then spoke again “Squad Indomitable will recover the crown. They will get it,” looking up “Elliot, Philip and Gawain will find the other two.” the Inquisitor nodded “sounds like a plan, anything better? Yes, no, maybe?” nothing “very good your Indomitable better know what there doing.” “They do.”

“good, by the way, it seems odd to have a Platoon commander and acolyte doing the things you will, so by my power as a member of the holy Inquisition Philip you are now a Company commander, and you Gawain are now a fully Sister of battle tell me would you rather be a Palatine, Celestian or a Superior?” “I err, Superior?” Gawain was surprised “bit low, but it do.”

“you can do that?” Philip asked “of course I can if I feel it benefits the Imperium, though I stretch my power with Gawain I will retract it if I was convicted of abuse of power.”

“Logan get this squad Indomitable ready. I will keep examining the temple. Hop to gentlemen we have a Imperium to save.”

the grouping split up Elliot turned to his two companions. “so do you want to meet with squad Indomitable? Seeing as are quest fate lays with them.” Philip shrugged “why not.” Philip and Gawain followed Elliot and Logan to a large tent set up on the outskirts on the temple camp. Logan entered, Philip and Gawain were about to when Elliot stopped them “this is a classified meeting, wait for him to leave.” after 5 minutes he left and Philip and Gawain entered Elliot rolled up a flap on the side opening the side so he could see inside.

The Marines turned to them for a second and went to work again. Elliot spoke up “this is squad Indomitable.” pointing his hand at a Marine sharpening his knife by rubbing it along his arm armor making a scraping noise, like all the other marines he did not wear his helmet his left shoulder pad was a bight a pale blue. “thats Vanem.” looking up he only to cast a scathing gaze at them then got back to his knife.

Pointing at a second marine this one wearing a molted green and brown camouflage, polishing a sniper rifle, his right shoulder pad had a silver Cobra on it. “Agemman.” he looked up and gave a nod at them.” his hair was a bright red contrasting wildly with his armor.

This time facing a marine with dull purple armor thumbing bullets one by in into a 300 round bolter drum clip. “Aeorum.” his right shoulder was a pair of green eyes set in a purple hexagon. He did not even notice them.

Pointing to a fourth marine with purple armor with gold tints, and a broad waxed mustache, his right shoulder pad was a pair of crossed swords each going though ork head.

He had the guts of a bolter on a board on his lap “Vladimir.” looking up he smiled “pardon my taciturn compodrays, they are merely focusing wondering if we should in deed, embark upon such a daring delegation of obligation.” his voice sounded slick like oil. “urggg, remind me why we got him that pocket thousaours for his birthday.” Aeorum groaned

“it was Menelus idea.” said a Marine who had purple armor looking up form his wrist computer he was typing in to. His right shoulder pad was a wild cat. Elliot whispered his name “Johnson.”

“no its was't! It was Christens idea!” Menelus said looking up from his book, Codex Mechanicus it said on the cover. From behind him Christen assumingly spoke up “lier! It was your idea.” Philip rubbed his eyes Christen and Menelus were identical Twins. Both of them had a dragon on there right shoulder.

Pointing to a marine with black armor and a purple shoulder pad with a star inscribed on it. “Kell” Elliot said he was carving a Hormagaunt Talion he picked off the ground some were he looked up and smiled as he flip his knife and another shaving fell off. He left shoulder pad had a Hawk on it.

“no need to point.” the second to last one said as painted a rust protector on to his bolter. His armor was the same camouflage, as Agemman only his shoulder pad was a running horse “my names Alister and he's,” pointing to a marine who wore bight purple armor with a shoulder pad was a block of pure silver. He was working at a small lathe at a table at the back of the tent working on something “Mich.”

the marine spoke over his shoulder “my name is Mackivelia.” “stick with Mich.” Agermmon said. Philip then noticed the Heavy Bolter leaning against the table “hay you the one who took out the Brass Scorpion!” “Mich, did what now?” Christens asked! “please tell!” Menelus almost begged Mich almost turned around “not while I am working this is delicate.”

“what are you doing?” Gawain asked “techno heresy” said Vanem said Mich turned to confront them and Gawain recognized the thing behind him “you milling your own heavy bolter ammo.” remembering how he took out the Scorpion “you don't know what you talking about.” Mich crossed his arms before Elliot could offer caution she went off to prove she did.

“your clearly taking unused shell casings,” pointing to a bag of them near the bench “filling them with powder and primer, and them inserting a special warhead you mill from adamantium by hand you have you round.” silence “your in for it now.” Agemman said.

Suddenly Gawain was sensitive to the difference in high between her, (5 foot,) and a space marine (about 7) and Mich was bigger then that almost 8 foot Mich, add to the fact that during her prattle she had walked closer. “you don't look like a tech marine.” Mich said “um no I am, was a Metal Martyrs, are job was to, err, support the Militant Ordo, we repaired and maintain, aw, the equipment.

She stopped talking then Kell started laughing “Back off Mich your scareing her.” Vladimir spoke up “may I humbly inquire as to the intention of this meeting?” Elliot spoke up I was hopeing that you would agree to the mission that was just put to something about a crown?” “we have not decided yet, you have a opinion, why should we?” “first even if we don't need to close a chaos gate it still a valuable artifact that has been missing for many years, second is the whole chaos gate thing, third we have a chance to inflict damage upon Lazerian.”

Kell spoke up “I say we go for it.” he was the first soon a majority of agreement's rose. “squad Indomitable will do this. Leave we have, planing to do.” Gawain, Philip left the tent (Gawain a little faster then she should.) then Elliot pulled the flap down. “So what can 10 space marines do any way.”

“Indomitable is called the elite of the elite, the fire within the fire. They deploy themselves as they see fit, they answer to no one save the Chapter Master. They are the best men in are chapter they come from the Honor guard, and then train even harder.” before he could he go farther it hit Philip what happened to day “by the Emperor I am a Company commander!” Elliot chuckled “took it long enough for it to sink in. Tell you what you to get aquented to your new ranks, don't worry I keep in touch but get some rest soon we have a lot of work and travel to do.
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In chap 5 dude arbitars dont have bolter's well they can but they have lasguns or their version of shotguns just saying but awesome series

chp 7 she swung a chain sword okay im not being mean but a chain sword is heavy crap its like 100 pounds and or heavier ever read the ultramarines series they had a guardsmen male try it it took all his strength so yeah just saying
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