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Lone dreadnought

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my stroy has no name as such explaing the inaccurate name. i could use a hand with I am take sugestions. and now with out farther adue,,

The air was heavy, wet with rain yet to come. It was silent not a noise filled the air save the wind and the rhythmic thumping of Dreadnought Elliot Vander legs. He stopped, sawed off Autocannons scanning for targets, with none are range he moved on though the thick jungle.

As he moved though the jungle a new noise filled the, a rustling of life moving though thick undergrowth. With out a thought Elliot turned and fire his search light up with a clank of high voltage come to life.

Nothing still he searched, then the light traversed a being, it was a 3 foot tall on two legs with 4 arms. A Hormagaunt and were there was one, the Autocannon roared to life killing the Gaunt and traversing it though the jungle for 10 feet to each side. As it fell Silent Elliot hyper sensitive microphone ears found no new noise. Turning slowly he kept moving pounding foreword in his slow way.

Suddenly he heard foot steps behind him. He turned just in time to see a Warrior to leap on him with a brood of Hormragaunts behind it. Smashing the warrior out of mid air with his fist he fire his heavy flamer into the gaunts, a few got to closer and he smashed one he turned for another (stepping on the Warrior that was just getting up) and hammered the last one one with his fist.

Turning again he heard nothing new. Turning he walked on, toward were he knew his brothers had set up defensive works. Darn that gargoyle that flew into his Thunder Hawks engine knocking it down. They had been on a seek and destroy mission, split the hoard keep less of it from attacking the defenses before ready and now he was all that was left.

He reached a log that blocked his path, if he destroyed it with his fist or cannons it might gather more of them toward him. The mark II dreadnought pattern was significantly more agile then latter marks, infinity more complex to be sure and parts were a night mare but even he could not climb this log.

Reaching down he tried to picked it up. His servos in his army wined, and he gave up out of fear of damage. Sighing inside his armor he decided to risk the attention and with his power fist glowing smashed it apart with 2 blows.
Whirling around he watched for any new Tyranids,,, nothing. He turned a kept moving a little while longer while shouldering his way though a mass of vines his foot hit something, metallic.

Kneeling down he looked to see what it was, brushing some of the vines and ferns that coated it. He found a water pipe. Turning one way he saw it run into the ground. The other end ran into the jungle. What kind of building was here in the wilds of Kelof IV? No habitation was listed as here. The chance to find civilians was great, his brothers could wait. One less Dreadnought was not going to make a huge difference.

He plowed into the jungle his ears always open for more Tyranids. He kept following for 6 yards and then got into a clearing, though it to was chocked with plants, just not trees. It was ringed with chain linked fencing backed with barbed wire, or it used to be in many places it was knocked down trampled by Tyranids most likely. In the center was a chapel some,7 story's tall, surrounding it were 9 some odd barracks. Elliot walked foreword toward the nearest barrack. Kneeing down he yanked the door off its hinge looking in he saw rows of bunks each with a rack next to it similar to the ones used to hold power armor back on Casandra. Standing up he kept looking, opening each one in turn until he had looked in all 9, nothing.

He approached the Chapel. It was a huge object made of a sort of local black stone lovingly crafted so each stone was indistinguishable from the next one solid efface of rock engraved with symbols of the Emperor. The doors then selfs would have been 12 feet high and likely a foot thick. No way he could break that, if there were not already broken.

Or rather melted they wood laced with Adamantium had a hole in just large enough for a dreadnought. It edges shined with acid that had not yet been dissipated due to weather.

He walked into the and found the floor coated with dead Tyranids and a rough barricade at the far end of the floor. He walking down the length of the hall toward the Barricade. At the end he found the men, in a manner of speaking. The floor around them coated in bolter shell cases were 50 some odd sisters of battle. Each one had died not from the Tyranids but from a single bolter round to the chest. They had rather die by human hand the by the inhuman monsters that were the Hormragaunts.

He imaged the last moments, bark of bolter, screech of Hormaguant, the howl of heavy bolter the screech of a Gaunts in there death throws. He raised his arm and gave them the only thing he could, he fired his heavy flamer cremating them prevention them form being consumed by the hive and walked on, he ran into 4 more such barricades and in turn he torched the dead behind them. As he kept exploring he heard a noise in front of him, as quietly (as a 8 ton dreadnought) could he saw a brood of some 48 Hormaguant scrapping and gnawing on a door. Aiming his left arm he fired his autocannons there roar filled the silent chapel echoing, reverberating though out. The Gaunts upon seeing him charged only to be cut down to the last before they got near. Walking foreword he reach the door, already heavily pitted with marks of acid from there maws.

Reaching down he grabbed the door and ripped it off its hinges. A scream filled the air followed by the chatter of a bolter. He let them ping of his armour “at ease sister, I am no monster.” when she walked out he got his first look at her. She was young no more then 19, he thought sadly, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was trying hard to look stern but relief was was oozing into her very form

“thank you for the rescue.” she took a deep breath “what happened to my sisters?”
Elliot responded “dead I did what I could which was preventing the swarm from there body's, but why are you here? And who are you?”
the sister "I am sister Gawain of the Order of Metal Martyrs, and was I defending,” she shrugged “something I don't know, never told me the real reason. You?”
Elliot spoke his low synthesized voice rumbling “I am Elliot Vander, former Captain of the 3erd company entombed upon single handed defeat of a Avatar, attached to task force Arctic Thunder for operation armored spider.” he wondered how she would react.
“I asked for a name not a title.” well that much as clear, she had spunk.

“fair point. Let us leave we need to get to the rest of my chapter from the,” she interrupted
“not with out Saint Barbaros Bullets.”
Elliot questioned “who?”
she waved her arm “follow me.” she walked down the hall way with Elliot following. “Saint Barbaros was a holy Ecclsarch who's home word was invaded by Chaos he single handedly save his word rallying defenders in a firestorm of faith and led them to battle. He lead the attack against the Chaos and in the Final battle he defeated the Chaos Lord in single combat. During 4 year long war that started with the heretics landing and ended with the death of the lord he used ever weapon the Imperium arsenal, Autogun, Bolter, lasgun Heavy Stubber, every thing. This shrine to ,insure it purity, has a bag of casings from his Bolter, Canticles of Purgation, which he used to defend a shrine from a heavy push of chaos the Canticles killed thousands of mutants, traitors and heretics that day the shells from that battle were gathered by the Pure and were carried as a standard of purity. How they got here is, fuzzy you know the state of Imperial records.”

Elliot would have nodded if he could but he was a dreadnought. He though was eying her. She had wound hidden under her robe, though a bolter was hung at her hip she wore no armor. The pain had to be intense from his memory he know only the sheer adrenaline was keeping her up.
“your wounded.” it was a matter of fact.
“a Tyranid got me before I manged to get into the shrine.” he was confused
“why does a chapel need shrines?”
“solitary mediation and prayer.”
“oh” when we got to the back of the chapel we got to a door to small for the Elliot “go sister I will defend the door.” she nodded and entered,

she walked down the hall way she then ran into a solid Adamantium door reaching into her dull red robe and pulled out a cylindric piece of steel the size of her fist engraved with a cog with the Imperial eagle in side the hollow gear on one side the other a simple device of praying hands. Fitting it into a slot she turned to the right, left right then she pulled it flipped it round and push it into the same slot. The door gave a hiss and opened sliding into the wall gently. The walls of the chamber were lined with suits of power armor, bolt guns, frag grenades, melt guns, flamers every thing a Commandery of sister has want of on the field of battle.

Approaching a suit of armor the pain of her arm hit her hard, her legs trembled and gave way she fell against a wall and turned it into sitting down. Wrapping the blood soaked bandage tighter she fumbled in her robe for another pain killer/adrenal shot. Feeling better she stood back up and approached a suit of armor she took off her robe and put each piece of armor on in turn, chanting quietly under her breath. Once the armor was on she put the robe on top. Reach into her pocket she slipped the shots into the suits internal drug dispenser.

Moving on she grabbed 8 more clips of bolt gun ammo, and 4 frag grenades. Slinging a Melta gun over her shoulder she moved deeper into the shrine. At the rear of the armory/shrine were 4 plain pillars. Each tipped with 10 round of bolter ammunition. The round them selfs were lovingly crafted a simple brass casing refitted with a primer, powder and bullet. Holy rounds of ammunition the bane of chaos each bullet forged by a true Martyr a living saint. A intricate clip engraved in gold with the life of saint Barbaros sat in the center piller. She took the clip carefully with great deference and careful not to so much as scratch the bullets filled the clip and hung it on her belt.

She walked out to meet with Elliot once there she looked up and told him
“we can leave.” as they both began to walk out of the chapel. “ok Elliot were are your brothers?” she asked looking around the jungle
“to the north. Follow me.” the walked on the sister just ahead of Elliot, who had noticed the Melta gun. “I see you brought a melta gun, for me?”she turned and looked sharply at him.
"Its for Carnifexs and Hive Tyrants. You impute my honor of a sister of battle in suggestion I would attack my rescuer.” Elliot spoke up trying to put as much apology in his artificial voice as he could
“you are right I am, sorry forgive me please.” she stopped thinking how many marines had she met that were so prompt to beg forgiveness.
“Apology accepted, lets move out its not safe here.” the walked on to word the base, a moment faint, so faint only Elliot artificial ears could hear it, gun fire opened up ahead of them.
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for any one who reading this chapter 2, Fortess

“are we close?” Gawain asked Elliot. She was walking behind him in the path his massive dread body made though the flora. He did not say how close also he was worried by the lack of shooting it had stopped 4 minutes ago, Gawain huffed “you have a better poker face then sister Veronica.” a Tyranid hive should take more then 32 minutes of sho, wait a minute “you played poker in the shrines?”
“No the barracks, you can't pray all the time.”
Ok, thats a interesting factoid.
“we should be close now.” he shouldered his way past a last tree to find a wide clearing in the center was a small star fort. The ground was choked with Trynids going all the way up to the wall, 18 thick in some places

“so, did we win?” Elliot turned to look at Gawain,
“lets find out.” they started walking to word the walls. As they got closer nothing gave any indication that the walls were in Imperial hands.
“I have a bad feeling.” Gawain said.
“you to?” Elliot rumbled. When they got to the walls they started to walk counter clock wise around it searching for the door.

“your brothers built this?” Elliot tried to sound smug, hard when your voice is artificial generated
“yes we are the modern masters of siege warfare and defense, we drunk to the dregs the teachings of Rogal Dorn and Perturabo we know how to break and build.” Gawain thought about that and then spoke up
“I thought Perturabo was a traitor?”
“he was, knowledge is knowledge regardless of source its all useful.”
“even Chaos?” Gawain probed he chuckled
“if you looking for heresy, we have weathered such claims before and we will shall weather them again. But to answer your question, some knowledge is useful if you meet a Illuminater you would know how useful some knowledge is, but most Chaos knowledge is not worth the price.”

Gawain thought about it, she decided she was not in a position to judge a chapter that was saving her, though a Inquisitor would likely hear of that when she next saw one. “aw here it is.” Elliot stopped before a plain piece of wall.
“I don't see it.” Elliot walked up to it.
“the door is set into the wall out lined with UV paint, with out a filter you can't see anything.” he then emitted a pattern of tones of different noise levels and frequency. The door hissed and swung into the fort on hidden hinges. They walked in “still don't see anyth--” he stopped his retort mid delivery when he saw inside.

The ground was coated in dead Tyranids studded here and were fall space marines there once resplendent purple and silver armour now scared with claw wounds, and blood. “BROTHERS!!” he ran to the nearest marine, a kneed before him. “brother,,” he reached down and pushed a dead Tyranid off him Gawain walked up to him.
“come lets find a radio.” they started walking toward the center bunk houses. Suddenly he stopped as he saw a form near by, his armour was bone white, trimmed with red around him lay 3 warriors each bearing marks from his blade and he walked over to him, Gawain followed him and looked down at the form Elliot was staring at, she thought he was staring at it was hard to tell with out a face
“Gawain this is, was apothecary Allen Mechanicus.” Gawain frowned
“isn't you chapter Mechanicus?”
“it is, but since apothecary's creates are neophyte they are the fathers of are chapter and share there family name with it.” he sighed “he was my friend, my comrade and I can't even save his geneseed.” he fell to his knees with a crash before him “Gawain, leave,I must say my good byes, alone.” she understood and left. She walked away toward the bunk house from they made for earlier bolter leading the way with out the comforting bulk of Elliot's dread body defending her.

As she approached the bunker she heard a noise, a sort of wet ripping frowning she moved a little faster, then she found the source of the noise a pair of Hormagaunt, ahead of her were feeding deeply on a fallen space marine. She set her bolter to semi auto, took aim and fired the first Gaunt crumpled the second though turned and charged her, she fire once more crumpling it too. But the gun fire had been noticed from around the side of the bunker crawled, something, it was largish walked on 4 legs and its arms were fused to a massive weapon of some kind.

Gawain dropped as soon as she saw it, good thing to as a massive projectile flew a inch over her head. She wondered what she could do, was it still there, she did not dare look for fear of still be there. Luckily she dropped near a space marine, taking his helmet off, she held it up over her by handing on to the side. Another roar and a shot hammered the helmet out of her hands. It was still there that she did know, what now?

Turns out that job was made easy “TASTE STEEL!!” a pair of Autocannon roared to life. It seemed Elliot was coming the beast had massive holes blown into it gave a last roar of pain and rage and died
“Gawain you may stand up its dead.” she did
“what was that thing.” Elliot looked at it more closely “Hive Guard,, odd they defend, what is it doing here?” she shrugged “forgive me if I ask you to lead.” he walked foreword accepting the point this his heavy armour was better then her armour. Elliot walked foreword around the same corner the Guard had emerged from and saw nothing. Gawain followed “whats in this bunker house?” she asked.

Elliot still looking for targets replied “the radio room.” she thought about it
“keep a eye open I go in and call for help.” he kept scanning “very well the code for radio use is Star light.” she nodded again and walked toward the door and opened it training meant her bolter led the way, and that saved her inside were 10 Termagaunts feeding on something, a guardsmen? With out thoughts she flipped her bolter to full auto and held the trigger down for a good 6 seconds spraying the Gaunts before there devourers could shoot she stopped only when her clip ran out.

She backed out rapidly
“there in here!” she yelled to Elliot who turned to her
“Gaunts! They were here,” she calmed down a little taking deep breaths “only a few though,” she rapidly reloaded her bolter “I'm going back.” she went back though the door. The first thing she noticed the radio equipment was trashed, bitten though, it seemed the hive mind knew about radios and how they worked. She cursed a few times. And yelled back “radios trashed.”

Elliot was silent, she walked back and hung out the door, “now what?”
“the command bunker has its own internal radio room, some what less powerful, can't talk to star ships, but it can definitely get us in touch with Commander Logan, failing that it has maps and can definitely led us to the main force.” he trudged off in a general direction.

She followed, after giving another painkiller injection, her arm was feeling numb, and not from the pain killers. As they walked back there Elliot felt great sadness, each bother he saw dead stabbed twice as deep then if he was there, first he they had died a great loss as it was, but second they had died with out him.

The sooner he left this realm of death the better. When the got to the command bunker he gave another set of tones like what he did to open the wall door opening it up the whole wall slid up like a garage, Gawain eyed the wide opening
“why is it so big? You could drive a Rhino in there.” Elliot walked in
“or a Dreadnought, veteran of a thousand wars and a million battles, a better adviser can't be found.” she nodded her agreement.

As soon Elliot and Gawain walked in a noise fill there ears, battle. Elliot went nut's
“MY BROTHERS! I COME ERRAGGH! TASTE STEEL!!” and he Thundered down a passage that slopped down, toward the fighting with Gawain in close pursuit, though Elliot was rapidly out pacing her. He rounded a corner and suddenly the sound of stopping feet was replaced with break bone, or carapace she round the corner just to be splattered with blood from a blood lord he had just throttled.

He had bowled though a gene platoon worth of Genestealers, a few began to lap around him to try and pry his plating apart from behind she fixed her bolter on 3 round burst and fired on them Elliot did not care that some round hit him he just kept bellowing his war car of Taste steel as loud as he could and with a built in mega phone that very loud indeed.

After the last Genestealer died he went to follow the trail of corpse he had not killed toward a barricade,
“brothers.” he said the joy in his voice from finding a living being leaked into the artificial tone of his voice. Instead a head that was defiantly not a space marine poked up,
“sorry gov, only us guardsmen, or rather guardsman as theres only me left.” to say Elliot was disappointed was a understatement, he was crushed. The Guardsman hoped the wall
“names Philip, Philip Lester, you have any food I am starveling.”
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Warning complaing:alert
i have another chapter ready to post, but i add no more unless i know people are even bothering to read this. so add a comment say you like it, say what i could do better what ever.
post the god dam next chapter now i wanna know if phil hets his food grrr
ask and yoyu shall recave, i present Chapter 3 campfire, by the way my internets is meetered and i seemed to be on the low end so it as slow as dail up half the time, the other half it does not conect at all so the updates to this stroy will be much slower then i can write them, sorry this is as irrtateing to me as it is to as you, when this sort of thing ahppens i feel like:headbutt: that

They did have food. Some field ration were being cooked over a open fire of burning Tyranids, the few cans of soup being warmed along with some native fruit they had found. They sat around the glowing flames just out side the fortress as night fell the 3 forms around it cast long shadows though out the night. Gawain and Elliot listened to Philip tell what happened

“they dug up, while we were focused on the Gaunts those SOB,” he nodded a apology to the one sister of battle there “Trygons dug up and under us and behind them the swarm. We fought back, like hell we did, we collapsed the 3 tunnels by shooting Vindicator shells down them, you can't tell were the holes are due to the sheer amount of dead Nids on them. But while we were dealing with the Trygons the Xenos smashed the walls with there Carnifexs.” Gawain nodded they had noticed the hole after looking around in the fortress for some extra field rations. “after that we were flooded. The Marines fought long and hard and I am proud to say us humans did to but with out the walls,” Elliot interrupted
“they drowned in blood.”

Philip nodded as he took one of the fruit he had on a stick off the fire,
“thats about the size of it. My Platoon survived by falling back to the command bunker with a couple squads of Space Marines, and we kept up a strong resistance. But bolters can run out of ammo and lasgun can't,” he took a bite of the fruit and spoke around it, “those nid were bottling us in there, waiting for us to starve, the Space Marines would not stand for that, they pushed out along with the guardsmen as soon as we got out side we were pounced upon by thousand of Hormagaunts, the marine died rather then be trapped again, us Guardsmen had less conviction and fell back to are dead end, guarded by a heavy bolter that heavy bolter was likely what you heard and drew you in.” Gawain nodded
“what about the rest of your platoon?” she asked he swallowed the fruit.
“when he got back after the afore mentioned push only 10 of us were left, and well, us Yothens are trained from birth better to die then be taken.” he sounded sad about it. “we had some Incendiary grenades to burn are body's to keep the bio mass out of hive hands, or claws. I drew short straw to be burnt alive, to set the grenades off.” Elliot spoke up
“would you?” Philip sighed,
“I don't know come down to it, I just don't know.”

silence rung around the campfire. Then Philip perked up
“so two ton titan how you get that way?”
Gawain shared Philip gaze at Elliot
“yes how were you entombed? And what is the mark I don't remember seeing such a pattern?”

Elliot drew his fist in front of him remembering long lost days.
“I told you Gawain I fell to my wounded after slaying a Avatar, scorched alive by heat I fought that thing to a stand still, thrust, parry, attack, I held it off. Just when I could not fight any longer I saw a opening and I made a impression with my bolt pistol not even an Avatar can ignore.”
“what kind of Impression?” Philip asked.
“where one leg meets the other.” Philip winced at the thought. “ouch.” Elliot began again
“as it was distracted,” Philip muttered
“if you can call it that.”
“it left its self open, using my sword I cut its Achilles tendon as it fell I turned and hopped on its back.” he took a moment to gather his thoughts, “it was like standing in iron forge the heat melted my armored graves to its back forcing me to walk the last few steps bare foot. My last thing I remember is stabbing my sword though its held then falling off in its dead throes. I woke up in hole of the Frozen Glory entombed in this body.”

he looking to Gawain
“the Dreadnought is a Mark II a early mark, it was found in a tar pit, from this world in fact 100 years ago, it original occupant, a Ultramarine, was dead.”

Gawain frowned
“why not give it back to the Ultramarine.” the bitterness leaked into the artificial voice
“we will return nothing to those glorified smurfs until they recognize us as worthy of the title chapter and return the Aegis stolen from us during there attempted to turn us into Codex zombies.”

he thumped the ground to give emphasis. Silence rang out. Philip took another bite of fruit while he reach for a field ration that sat in the smoldering coals at the edge of the fire. “all well and good, but what about you before you were entombed, your life story?” Elliot was surprised
“few ask about the life of a Marine, most of its spent in eons of war. I could tell you how to kill a ork with you bare hands, I could teach you to be a master of blade and bullet, but I can not squeeze three thousand years of war into one night around a camp fire.”

Philip tried to open one of the field rations his hands just not finding the 'tear here'
“all well and good but I have never meet a member of the Adeptus Astartes, back on Yothen they teach that members of the Astartes are extensions of the Emperor will, what they say is the law, his flesh reborn, his,,” he got no farther before Elliot broke into laughter, a odd grating noise
“his flesh reborn? Says something heretical in the face of a chaos space marine, nay we are only slightly less mortal then you. Once upon a time I was human, when I passed the test of mind, flesh and genes I was inducted into the Mechanicus Marines.”

“Life in the 3erd company strong hold were I lived was, interesting. We did a lot of training to be sure but out side of that it, laid back, calm.” that surprised Gawain and Philip, Gawain more as she had some knowledge on the subject. “calm, poor word choice, the marines loved playing practical jokes on each other, once we had doge ball tournament between us and the second company, all 400 of us, it was interrupted mid way though by a emergence call from Glenic.”

Gawain decided to over look the 400 marine from 2 company for now.
“not what I expected.” Elliot shrugged, that much his dread body could do,
“we must sacrifice are body for humanity fighting till we die, why must we make what little time we have not fighting a echo ,in way or another, of the battle field.” silence

Elliot turned to Gawain and put the light on her
“your turn we have shared are storys, whats yours?” she was calmly munching on a fruit
“my story is that of the any sister, I grew up in chapels, my whole life was spent in contemplation of the Emperor in one form or another. Only in my last 4 years was I turn to the Metal Martyrs.”

Elliot interjected
“if I was to judge by me finding you with out your power armor on your a non militant Ordo.” Gawain nodded
“the Metal Martyrs job is to support the Militant Ordo, we repair and maintain the equipment.” Philip frowned
“this much I know don't screw with machines with out a Enginseers or your become a servitor.” Gawain snorted
“you think we would let those machine worshiper touch are holy armor and arms? I have meet a few tech priest, some of them not bad, but from a purity standpoint I would not let them work on it.” Elliot spoke up
“you said you were defending something.” she shrugged
“yes we were, but are official reason for being there was a hidden location to repair are equipment away form prying eyes. But are real reason was kept hidden from us.”

silence then Philip spoke up
“so who takes first watch?” Elliot chuckled
“I don't need to sleep I will watch.” Philip stretched and layed down “good I need to get some sleep, good night.” in a few moments he was snoring louder then a Valkyrie on take off. Elliot Chuckled again,
“will you need ear plugs?” Gawain smiled
“no I think not.” she went to lay down and put weight on her left arm and winced
“your arm is not going to get better, you should tell Philip perhaps he can treat it.” Gawain sighed
“maybe,” Elliot
“if you don't I will,, good night Gawain.” Gawain turned over to look at the sky and fell asleep with a dead Gaunt for a pillow.
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Chapter 4, battle

A map found from the command bunker showed a nearby town that had been evacuated. It had a road that lead toward the secondary line of defense Fort Lieiger. The problem was all the bush they had to cut through to get there so taking a pair of flamers loaded with high strength herbicidal (brought to control the wild plant growth) they melted they way though the thick parts and had Elliot shove his way though the lighter bits. Philip was uneasy
“were the swarm? After a victory you think they be siting around eating the dead, but I see nothing.” Elliot nodded
“it is odd, but this is call Hive fleet Sphinx for reasons, its own are as misty as a gas giant.” he said pushing though a thick bit.

Gawain spoke up
"personally I don't care as long the hive ignores us. Do we have a plan if it doesn't ignore us?” Elliot grumbled
"we take as many with us as possable.” Philip too was in a Grumbling mood,
“thats comforting.”

Elliot then pushed into a slightly over grown farm field Philip walked out a head of him
“so were are we?” Elliot took a second to gather his thoughts “I seem to remember a stupid farmer saying we built the fort on his grazing land, if he got eaten no great loss.” Philip replied
“I asked where we were, not what this is.”
“about 10 miles from the town, if the map and my GPS is right.”

they then heard a sort of screeching noise above them. Looking up they saw a small speck Gawain squinted
“what is that?” Elliot zoomed in with his built in telescope “trouble, its a Predator.” Philip too looked up at the high flying screamer
“doesn't look all that tough.” Elliot began scanning the farm land for a hill
“a Predator is basically a winged Zonathrope, but its not built to kill, but find.” pointing up
“it vast brain is used to contact the rest of the swarm to tell it,” Philip figured it out then
“wheres dinner.” Elliot rumbled agreement.

Gawain then looked around
“so were do we make are stand?” Elliot had found a hill when he looked and pointed to it
“there a high enough hill we can guard easily.” Philip for lack of a better word whined
“it to far we won't get there in time.” Elliot knew that too.
“hang on.” he then grabbed Philip with his power fist and put him in a sort of cloth bag they had made and loaded before leavening the fortress. Then gabbing Gawain in a similar manner started running at his max 20 miles a hour.

Bouncing along in the back along with cans of food, ammo and one Heavy Stubber they brought just in case they had to hold off the hive. Philip noticed how Gawain was cradling her arm
“he grab you to hard?” Gawain growled
“its fine.” Philip said nothing but after they survived he would look at it.

When they got to the hill they Elliot just ripped the bag off and started scanning the ground around the hill. As Philip managed to push the Stubber off himself he yelled at him
“why don't you drop kick me off the hill.” Elliot chuckled
“don't tempt me, Gawain man that Heavy Stubber, Philip use her bolter.” with the stubber unpacked and its stand unfurled they waited, and waited and waited.

Philip was got bored in a minute or two
“so were the hive?” Elliot was going to deliver a retort when suddenly the swarm showed up, almost 160 Gaunts with a smattering of warriors
“there.” as the Gaunts appeared Elliot eyed the distance until the were close enough
“Gawain open fire.” the Heavy Stubber pounding kicked up the dirt in front of it due to the shock wave. Lancing though the swarm it seemed every Gaunt it hit died from magic no way of telling form whence the killing blow came from. As Gaunts got closer the Elliot autocannons focused on the warriors and Philips bolter roared to life on full auto. When the Gaunts got to close Elliot roared his battle cry echoing though out the hill
“TASTE STEEL!!” and charged into them like a bowling ball and the noise of it hitting the pins the sound of crushing chitin.

After that wave Elliot walked back up the hill
“So can we go now.” Philip asked him Elliot looked up
“no the Predators still there until it leaves or we can shoot it down we can't go as it could just lead the swarm to as again.” Gawain looked up at it
“it pretty high, can we bring it down?” Elliot looked up
“of course it lowered it self down when we took on the nids to see what killed them, think of it as a report if the hive made a genetic mistake it need to learn what it was and then how to fix it.”
“Philip eyed the thing “so how long until you can hit it?” Elliot eyed it again
“hard to say.” Philip sighed
“figures,” turning to Gawain
“your suppose to be some kind of Uber holy warrior can't you pray to the Emperor and tell him to bring it lower.” Gawain looked stern at him
“it does not,,”

Elliot interrupted the coming rant
“here they come again.” Gawain went back to the Stubber and once more the Stubber opened fire raking the front row. This time though at the back swarm “Carnifex, two of them!” Gawain bellowed over the Stubber's roar Elliot groaned he knew he did not have he fire power to bring it down at range. Yelling to Philip “grab Gawain's Melta gun!” he fired his heavy flamer into the hoard, the rounds riping though Gaunts, dented the warriors, and pinging off the Carnifex. Philip fumbled with the melta gun pointing at the Carnifexs he made a quick estimate, and pull the trigger while the gun charged up the Carnifexs was not in range yet, but closing fast. When the gun did discharged it hit the Carnifex in the leg toppling it over and making it, comically roll down the hill bellowing pain and, hate? It was hard to tell as rolled down the hill crushing lesser beings as it went down. If if could feel emotion it would be embarrassed though.

The Gaunts sensing the weakness clustered around the seconds legs but Elliot noticed the Predator was much lower raising his autocannons he fired upon it. The first salvo whizzed by it upon finding itself under fire it flapped it wings rapidly to get out of range, the second though found home punching though its thin wing membrane knocking it down a dozen feet could not afford to lose. The third one got it, a round hit it in the chest exploded killing it.
“GOT IT.” Elliot yelled followed by being bowled into by the Carnifex he had ignored in favor of the Predator. The Carnifex roared as Elliot stumbled back word he saw Gawain and Philip hard pressed by Hormagaunts, Elliot set his shoulder down and rammed into it as it was the Carnifexs turn to stumble, gabbing a talon he twisted and ripped it off like he would a crab. He then sent a power fist impact to its face. Making it to roll of the hill.

Philip and Gawain were surrounded by a hoard of Hormagaunts they were barely managing to hold off with a bolter on full auto and a expert chain swordsmanship. Philip already had a couple deep gash and Gawain's left arm hung uselessly. Then the warcry they already loved so much rang out
“TASTE STEEL!” and he ran into the hive, grabbed Gawain then Philip in his fist and ran though the swarm and down the hill with as many Gaunts and a few Warriors following. Philip wiggled around to face Elliot face
“what now?” yelling to be heard over the noise of his Elliot's legs and the hoard behind them. Elliot did not answer as he did not have a good one. And he did not mention a growing problem.

As he got over the farm land he started running along side it along a gravel road. The nids though caught up a few of the faster Hormagaunt running along side, and jumping on to him Philip working his hand and a Las pistol free started shooting at them scoring hits more often then not. Elliot saw something a head, a home built covered bridge.

A idea came to him as he started to cross he lowed his Autocannon and fired into the bridge as he crossed bring it down behind him. But the bridge collapsed faster then he could run the cracks racing ahead of him as ran, forcing him to jump the last few feet to escape the collapse. After the jump he turned to see what happened Gaunts tried to leap the gap, but it was a good 10 feet, over a fast flowing stream. The many Hormagaunts charged over the edge like a water fall of flesh the warriors that had them fired there bioweapons at them. He turned and kept running down the road until he found a place to stop safely a house on the edge of the town they had aimed for. After running into the garage, putting his companions down, slamming the door down he spoke
“that was fun.” he turned to face Philip who promptly hurled a pipe at him that dinged off with a clatter
“if that was fun, remind me to never have you make a children play ground! Your likely put a bear pit in!”

Elliot chuckled
“nope not a bear pit, tigers are more fun.” the humor drained form him as he looked at Gawain, no human face should be that pale, and she was unconscious
“Philip check Gawain.” Philip noticed too and ran over to her, putting her hand over her forehead he jerked it back
“she feels like a Melta gun.” Elliot knew what it was
“the stress of the fighting and a second dose of Tyranid bacterium must have accelerated the infection, its on her left arm take the armor off.” as Philip search for the strap he tried some hang mans humor,
“take the armor off, do I have to pay her?” Gawain groaned to life
“if you do I will have to kill you.” Elliot would have smiled
“welcome to the land off the living Gawain I had hopes you would not leave us.” as Philip found it the strap she chuckled
“the Emperor not quite ready for me yet, I have never been happier about rejection.”

Philip slipped the armor off and they got a good look at the wound Philip gagged and Elliot winced sliding his left foot back a inch.
“I have seen Nurglings that color.” her arm was swollen and a disgusting brown color infected with purple fungus and bacteria stains covered in yellow pus leaking from every pit, and creases that must have begun life as for sweat glandes Gawain stared at her own arm like it was a daemon glued to her body. She pronounced judgment
“cut it off.” Philip looked at Elliot,
“do it,” Elliot voice rumbled. Philip shook his head
“I lost my bayonet, and my one knife is to short. Plus when I do what then? How will we stop the bleeding?” Elliot almost yelled
“search the house, I can stop the bleeding.” Philip ran though a door on the side, as Elliot stared helplessly at Gawain as she died, slowly from her wound.

The door led to a living room with a couch a couple big chairs. Running past them he went into the kitchen ripping open cabinets, pulling out drawers and checking in side, nothing. Standing up he saw a med kit hanging on the side of the wall. Gabbing it he ran to the living room to check a hall way he saw when he got in, stopping when he noticed something hanging from the wall.

Gawain took a deep labored breath,
“how many Inquisitors dose it take to change a light bulb?” while Elliot told her bad jokes to keep her awake, and over a dreadnought life span they hear many, many bad jokes, “Gawain,” Elliot said a little louder “how many Inquisitors does it take to change a light bulb?” Gawain growled out
“how many?” Elliot chuckled at the punch line
“4, one to change the bulb, one to deny the existence of light bulbs, one to investigate light bulb for possible heresy, one to lunch a hidden conspiracy to do it for him and then a week latter destroy it for dealing in corruption, and one to say 'its not my ordo'.” Gawain groaned not form pain.
“ya thats good one how many Techpriest does it take to change a light bulb?”
“how many?”
“depend, are talking the T-51B? Or the 88-DT4?”

Gawain was debating if it would be the ear ache should would get by saying something good about the Ultramarine, (while he was ranting he would stop telling jokes) when Philip ran in with a power sword
“I have a blade, do your have a way to stop the bleeding?” Elliot started revving his engine as the waves of heat radiating out of his exhaust pipes. Elliot explained
“the heat from my pipes can cauterize the wound.” Philip nodded and looked at her arm and chose his place to cut about 3 inches down form the shoulder. Raising the sword and thumbing the activation stud he dropped it slicing the flesh like paper.

After made the cut Elliot spun 360 degrees around at the hip and fell to his knees Philip picking up Gawain up and half dragging her, half carrying her over to the red hot pipe and pushed the stump of her arm upto it touching the fresh cut to the hot pipe. Gawain grimaced at the intense pain and chanted prayers till she blacked out....

when she came to she found hovering over, out side behind the house her with a sofa cushion for a pillow,
“you awaken,” Elliot said “I am glad, I've buried, to many, friends.” Gawain spoke softly
“wheres Philip?”
“inside scrounging useful items.”

Philip was right now searching a bed room. Not much there though a look in the attached bath rooms medical compartment brought more antibiotics and painkillers for Gawain. When he pulled open a drawer he found a number of gold necklaces Philip lifted one out of the drawler and licked his lips. Guardsmen from Yothen were drawn from the gangsters, him self included though he was not too good at it. But the first thing the had said in the guard was told to you by a scary looking commissar
“you are Guardsmen now, not gangsters. There different due to more then just the spelling. You are to be held to higher standers then what you scum are used to any who return to there old ways will be shot. No questions.”

not to say looting was discouraged, far from it, it was seen as more incentive to take a city but it was tolerated to a point, the problem was that line was not defined. Still that applied only to spoils of war from traitor, which the people who lived here were not. He was going to put it back, was only because something interrupted him, namely a 15 gage shot gun to the back, and some very familiar words.
“in the name of the immortal Emperor of man I find you guilty of breaking imperial law section 1 sub section 5 paragraph B on Guardsmen theft, Quto “thy shall not take from those thy guard,” as acting Arbiter of precinct 8-11-12 of Kelof IV I pronounce you guilty and sentence you to death, do you have a last plead?”
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chapter, 5 enter the Arbiter,

so he's dead! no not philip could he survive? like elliot ocmes in or something please not philip ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
you like Philip don't you? can i have a reason? my courosity has been piped. and now chapter, 5 enter the Arbiter,

Philip turned around slowly to stare at the Arbiter,, yup he was a Arbiter. Black armour, black helmet, the place his eyes should be was covered by a piece of reflective glass. He hand cradled a heavy shot gun. Philip took a deep breath “
Mr Arbiter sir I am not looting, at least for valuables I'm looking for items that can aid survive.” you had to be precise with Arbiters, as much cow towing as you can fit into a sentence
“the law is the law. Any last words.” Philip took another deep breath
“just one,, ELLIOT!” the Arbiter backed away from the door to the left side of it
“who is this Elliot? Speak and your death will be qui,,”

He never got farther as a massive armored fist punched though the wall to the out side and grabbed him and wrenched him out side. He found him self starring into the face of a 8 ton Dreadnought. Elliot squeezed just enough to hurt him
“I am Elliot.” he said to him. to say he was surprised was a understatement, a space marine Dreadnought is not something you see every day. Philip walked out of the hole
“so the shoes on the other foot now.” Elliot barked to his face “who are you, and why are you here.” the Arbiter looked straight back at him,
“Officer, John Trakl serial number, AG-489200776217, on patrol.” Elliot responded
“why are you on patrol?”
“upon reports of wide spread looting it was decided that volunteers would be left behind to bring the looters to justice.” swinging his heard around as much as he could he stared at Philip “
like him.” Elliot then started shake the fist holding John up and down like how one makes a martini after a few seconds of this he stopped
“don't call Philip a looter he stole no valuable and was only looking for items to aid are survive.” Philip chimed in
“I was going to put the necklace back but you stuck a shotgun in my back before I could do that.”

Elliot had a thought that could solve a problem he had
“John I need to know, wheres a source of high grade jet fuel?” Philip was confused
“huh why do you need jet fuel?” Elliot replied
“The Mark II Dreadnought is equipped with a jet engine it one of the reason the mark was phased out in favor of models with more normal engines.” John responded
“we keep a fair amount at are sector base for are Arbiter Valkyrie.” Philip smiled
“problem solved, where is your sector base?”
“8 blocks away.” Elliot put John down “Philip is the sling ready?” Philip nodded Elliot turned to John will you lead us?” John looked to be mulling it over then decided
“yes.” Philip ran over to Gawain.
“ok up you go.” picked her up and put her down onto a mattress, which sat in a large cloth big enough to wrap around a dreadnought like the earlier backpack which Elliot slung over his shoulder like before only with the mattress sitting his hip level

Elliot turned to John “led on.”

it was ominous, walking past empty houses evacuated from Hive Fleet Sphinx's. Elliot noticed how uncomfortable Philip looked
“what is wrong?” Philip looked up and looked at John
“I don't like working with people who stick a shot gun in my back. Elliot chuckled
“you be surprised how many times that happens to space marines, once I allied Orks against chaos. The point is the winds of battle are fickle accept them and work with them don't fight them.” Philip sighed
“I know, should we give Gawain more Antibiotics?” Elliot could not look due to the angle his head could not bend but he could hear her
“I think she still asleep.” then a soft voice came from the pack “where am I?” Elliot stopped moving and fell to his knees saying (so Philip could reach her)
“I've been wrong before, John hold up.” the Arbiter frowned “what is it?” he said turning back
“Gawain needs more antibiotics.” Philip snapped back as he walked up to Elliot to check Gawain,

Elliot made a off hand comment about the thing
“you know are chapter should make these slings standard pieces of kit, very effective for moving large amounts of gear over broken terrain.” Philip flipped his back pack off and fumbled for some more antibiotic,
“how you feeling Gawain?” She groaned then replayed “
like I have a really bad flu.” then to Elliot
“you know from what I here most Marines would not do that.” he finally found the antibiotic pills popping the the lid he gave them to her followed by some water. Elliot replied to the his point about Marines,
“true but us Mechanicus got all such pride beat out of us if it works, and helps then we do it no matter what are pride says. If I can carry one wounded brother to safety with such a sling as this it will be worth what all the other chapters calls us.”

Philip sighed
“ya,, you know I have no clue what I am doing with these pills.” he said gesturing to Gawain who had gone back to sleep
“I know.” Elliot said standing up off his knees
“so lets get to the base.” John stood up from were he sat “about time.” and they were off down echoing streets.

The sector base was a classic example of Imperial buildings. Tall Gothic and oppressive with tall wall surrounding the compound it self. At each corner were tall towers tipped with Heavy Bolters the gate was guarded by two (nervous) Arbiters. Nervous due to the massive Dreadnought approaching them. Before they got near the thick door opened and one of them ran in side, likely telling who ever was in charge what was coming. When they got to the door itself the Arbiter at the gate stopped them
“Identify your self.” Philip and Elliot heard a noise from the top of the wall and found them selfs eyed by dozens of bolters and one Lascannon.

“you seem to think that with a Tyranid invasion at are door step we would choose now to attack you. But as to your question, I am Elliot Vander, former Captain of the Mechanicus 3erd company entombed upon single handed defeat of a Avatar, attached to task force Arctic Thunder for operation armored spider. This is Philip of,” there was only one Yothen regiment guarding the fortress from them and Yothens have very detailed unit markers turning he slightly got a good look at his left shoulder the one with the numbers “the 77th Yothen Light Infantry, third company, 4th platoon, second squad. And in this sling we have Sister of battle Gawain Ordo of the Metal Martyr.”

a few of the Arbiters looked at one amongst them, a leader it seemed who started talking
“I am Provost Barati of this sector,” he was tall with white hair and that not from age, he had bight green eyes, and a tan skin color that was likely his natural tone.
“I welcome you and I see you brought John back with you.” John then yelled up at Barati
“Sir I brought back you a looter and a assistant looter for justice.”

Barati yelled back “stand down John, all of you come in, the main hive is 42 standard hours out. And were evacuating right now.”
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Chapter Six base

forgive any fulf screw ups Arbitus Fluffs a bit thin on the ground, for me at lest, if you notice something tell me and i go back and fix it:eek:k:
“your have to forgive John, he gone mad, sort of. 3 years ago his family were murdered, brutality there were all he lived for and when he caught the guy who did it, they had to use a mop to bring him in. After that he had nothing to live for, except the Arbites whose law he takes to the letter.”

Elliot growled agreement when they got to the main building a real stretcher was waiting for Gawain after transferring her from the sling to it the brought her in.
“Will, she be, alright.” Elliot said.” Barati smiled
“to early to know but I think right now we need to talk about you.” he stared at Elliot and stopped smiling
“were left to deal with looters as John says yes, but are primary reason was to act as a foreword station to give warning of when the hive would attack Fort Lieiger, in about 4 days, but now we need to evacuate vie Valkyrie,” at this he looked pointedly at Elliot “and none of them can carry you.”

Elliot was silent then spoke
“so be it.” Philip
“hay wait big guy can't you load up on fuel and run to Lieiger?” Elliot know that option would not work
“no, they will need all the fuel they can get.”
“ok but what if,,”
“Philip I told you we had little pride earlier, but we are still Space Marine, if fate decrees me to lay down my life I will. Rest assured I will not go silently I will go down in a roar of vengeance.” Elliot turned around and walked to the gate house Philip just staring after him.

John walked toward the Valkyries with 5 duffel bags filled with explosives the words from earlier ringing in his ears
“stand down John,” how dare Provost Barati tell him to stand down the law was clear there were guilty of looting,, he tossed one of the bag into a Valkyrie
“stand down John,” and now Barati was guilty of being a Accessory as now the planet was under marital law almost crimes were guilty of death, he walked toward the next Valkyrie in the line and tossed a bag in it.
“stand down John,” including this one. He kept walking unnoticed in the hubbub and toss a another bag in another Valkyrie
“stand down John,” and all who stood by with out a word where guilty to. The Arbiter is judge, jury and executioner , the only true one in his view and by the literal definition of the law, was himself for only he held up the law to his exacting standards. As judge and jury he proclaimed every one here guilty and the sentence was death. Now was time to carry out the sentence.

Gawain woke up in the med bay the first thing she noticed was the lack of power armour second the lack of a belt, or more accurately the ammunition on that belt. She shot up only to be shoved back down by the Medical team.
“lay down you not ready to stand yet.” she snapped back “were are Saint Barbaros Bullets.” the two medics were confused
“saint who? “nether mind its a 40 round clip of ammunition engraved with gold Iconography and unless you give that to me I will keep trying to stand up.” which she promptly tried only to be shoved down again. One of the medics ran out to get it from her belt. He reappear with it in his hand
“here now will you keep yourself from damage?” nodding she took it and set it down next to her pillow on the bed.

One of the medics looked over a monitor
“to be honest you fairly ok, though you so over dosed on antibiotics you immune systems has been scorched,” looking up form it
“in other words don't get sick, we were preparing right now to preform a operation.”
“what kind?” she asked
“we keep some cheap bionics around here until a tech priest can get a real look at you.” she frowned
“how cheap?”
“there don't hook up to the nervous system,there made of plastic, and there not as strong as the real thing, they only used for emergency situations were you need a arm right now.” she nodded
“go a head.”
“good were going to have to,,” she felt a prick on her arm and she grew Droozy
“put you to asleep.” and she was out.

Elliot stood in the center of the base, just standing though he was in no ones way. He was to be left behind that much was sure, Barati promised to call for help with there working radio, none would come the sky's would be to filled with Gargoyles, and spore mines. He was focusing he heard a noise to his left
“you alright Elliot?” he turned to Philip
“fine Philip, fine. But as they say, knowing you stand in front of a firing squad in a fortnight focus the mind wonderfully. I am willing to die, but I would prefer living.” Philip looked around the hubbub
“looks like Arbiters think the same.” Elliot looked as
“indeed, man most basic desire, is life.

Now it time. John stared at the detonator knowing after he pushed it there was no going back. The law was the law, he pushed the button

A massive explosion echoed though the base Philip the product of Yothens live fire training, jumped to the ground. Elliot stood there
“what was that.” the calmness in his words was ludicrous to the situation Philip stood up and brushed the dirt off himself “don't know sounded like it came from,” he stood ramrod straight
“The Valkyries!” the words not said was are escape rout. He and the of the other Arbiters ran to the now flaming wrecks.
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Chapter 7: Campfire 2

dam thats some good stuff more please yay philip!
why do you like Philip?

“were screwed.” it was a statement and Philip could not argue with it. All the Valkyries were smoldering hulks the fires may have been put out, thank Emperor Arbiters had nonlethal water cannons in there armory but the damage was done,

Elliot was standing by one of the jet fuel tanks geting a refuel the Valkyries did not need it. Barati had rapidly organized a Plan B they had enough Rhinos, and civilian vehicles, including one flat bed trailer truck. To leave but they need fueling and more supply's packed and there were in a hurry. Luckily Gawain had woken up and after a few stimulants tablets to ward off the last of the tranquillizer was helping to arm some the trailer by wielding on some Heavy Stubber stands (heavy bolters are too heavy for stands) and despite having a cheap arm that was melting slightly from the plasma wielder and she was make progress.

The only question was who did it? No one knew. Barati had a dead line to leave in, he looked at his watch, 2 hours. Philip was already his self carrying enough food for 3 days the distance from here to Fort Lieiger, mostly beans but its still food. Philip Jogged over to wait in a Rhino. Soon he heard the piston legs of Elliot behind him Philip turned to look at him when the were next each other.
“so how was you meal?” Elliot chuckled
“it not that I was Hungry it was that I need fuel there different I should know.”

“psst I know hunger when I see it.” Elliot chuckled slightly “as you wish.” suddenly the voice of Barati filled the air magnified by a mega phone.
“we are now preparing to leave if you aren't in convoy in a minute were leaving with out you.” all the Arbiters In the base showed up, followed by a minute worth of wrangling over seats and they were off.

From the top of a tower John watched them go the convoy rolling down a road with Elliot jogging beside them,, no matter let them run, the situation had been broadcast to Marshal Jeremiah Iron Side so even if they did get away from the Hive they would still pay the price of breaking the law.

For hours they moved on following the road. By Night fall it was decided that they could afford the luxury of rest, the main hive was still 40 hours out (they lost some time but gained it back by out pacing the hive.) from miles away you could see the dots of the camp fires. The men did what man has done for millions of years around camp fires, tell story's. The night hundreds of tails were told Gawain got up form her seat at the fire beside Elliot and walked over to a different fire and sat beside Philip he looked up at her and smiled
“Elliot on your nerves?” Gawain shook her head in exasperation
“if I hear one more limerick that begins with
“there once was a Dark Angel from Caliban.” I will open him up and take him voice box out.” Elliot yelled from his place at the fire Gawain just left
“I heard that.” Philip shook his head too
“its the dirty ones about Ultramarines that drove me off.”

Elliot chuckled
“if you come back I won't tell any more Dark Angel limericks.” Philip and Gawain stood up and moved over to him,where Elliot promptly broke the spirit of the agreement “there once was Black Templars crusade, who could not stand invaders,” Philip cut him off
“know anything other then limericks?”

Elliot chuckled
“of course how about a genuine story of the Mechanicus Marines, the Blood war.” Gawain gave him a hard look
“as long as you don't tell any more limericks.” Elliot chuckled again
“promise by my honor as a space marine.” the Arbiters siting within ear shot looked relived. Philip smiled
“so whats this Blood war?” Elliot was silent gathering his thoughts
“each company has a chosen way of war, the second company prefers close engagements, 9th Armour warfare, the third,” he gestured
“my own, are master of the Bolt gun. But the 8th company there goal is not a style, but a will to fight chaos to the last man. But it began 4 million years ago, are chapter was still growing,developing. The 8 still searching for its identity.”

“when Bellof was invaded by chaos space marines it was decided the whole of the 8th company would respond. This would be the point were the company would find it self there chance to prove themselves as a whole.” Elliot sighed it sounded sort of like a hydraulic piston being withdrawn. “I watched them board there transport,” Philip had been takeing a drink of water and suddenly spit it out
“that was 4 million years ago, how old are you!” Elliot waited a little, counting in his head, opening and closing his hand in front of him, counting? “in 4 months I will be 4,077,662, give or take a few days.” silence then Elliot spoke
“ive meet older dreadnoughts Bjorn Fell Handed of the space wolfs is over 10 million years old.” shock they were in the presence of some one who had lived longer then there own family name!

Elliot waited the grew impatience
“you want to hear the story or not? I could always tell more limericks.” a chorus of nos meet that remark. “good now listen, upon arrival at Bellof they flew into the fight and slowly though fire and steel the invaders were pushed back, and then it happened.”

one of the Arbiters spoke up
“what?” Elliot spoke “Daemons, by a vile pact the Chaos Marines summoned them to that world a vast warp rift was caved though reality and the hoards pushed though, not even space Marines could fight that, but fight did. Falling back to a city the made a stand as the Chaos invoked around the world one place alone was free of taint, the land held by the Mairnes. Every ploy, every faint and every attack met, and broken by disciplined volleys of bolter fire. Greater daemon banished by Krak missile."

"This went one for 100 days and a night and not one man fell to the darkness that day despite the whispers in there ears promising power. One the 101st day, it the portal closed and the Daemons knowing that time was against them stuck out at the city, this time they could not be driven back they climbed the wall flayed by bolters firring until there barrels melted and even then they might have held them off were it not for the Inquisition.”

Gawain almost choked on some beans (they had eaten as they listened)
“the Inquisition? Helping chaos?” Elliot shrugged
“to be fair they did not know loyalist still lived they just saw a lot of Daemons and fired orbital weapons followed by teleporting Gray Knights. When the Gray Knights meet the space marines it said the Gray Knights were impressed with the fortitude of the Marines. Unfortunately only 4 citizens lived though the ordeal, a mother and her three children. The Inquisition called for there deaths for what they saw and, well we didn't.”

Philip could not be surprised any more by what the Mechanicus marines did or did not do.
“you disobeyed the Inquisition?” Elliot chuckled
“Inquisitors have a hand tied behind there back as it were. We sit on imported nexus of trade and should we rebel it would be a nightmare, so there practically dancing on egg shell when trying to reprimand us.” Philip and Gawain shook there heads.
“the citizens came to live on Casandra and formed the house of Bellof.”

Philip sighed
“nobles.” Elliot groaned
“I agree the house of Cassandra are form by having 3 members of the family become space marines. Its a sign of being genetically computability, no privileges are attached other then being among the first recruited when theres need for space marines. Not to say any of them do badly they just do it by there own skill. One of the reason the last thing done to check for a recruit is a gene test. Skill before blood.”

Gawain stood up and walked away as a arbiter lunched into a story from his home world. He walked to the edge of the perimeter, maybe he would take a turn at the watch. She stopped wasn't a guard suppose to be by that stump? Reaching to her belt she pulled a flash light out and shone it around. It fell on one of the arbiters leaning against a tree. “there you are shouldn't you be over there?” she pointed to the stump.

Nothing, not a word. Her instect told her something was wrong
“why don't you come closer?” nothing now she reached to her belt and unclasped her bolter. Flipping it out she trained it on the Arbiter
“speak now!” nothing now what? Shoot the Arbiter? Approach him? Her instect told her not to do that one. She decided to fire a warning burst above him, three round would do.

She did suddenly a screeching filled the air the rounds the tree he had been leaning against. And something fell out of it. as a small crowd of Arbiters gathered she walked over to the tree the bolter scanning the jungle.

The thing showed clear in the light form her flashlight, it was a Genestealer this one though had a long tentacle like tail that was attached to the unfortunate Arbiter at the base of the spine, a sort of bait. Gawain backed away, was this just a out lire or part of a bigger attack. She looked up searching the night sky for a Predator like the that chased Eliot, Philip and her earlier. Nothing,

then a noise rose from the other side of the camp, a roaring followed by shot gun blast, it was a attack. And she ran toward it.
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chapter 8 ambush

When Elliot heard the fighting he ran full speed toward it with Philip and the other Arbiters following close. Once there they found Genestealers and Licters. Elliot stood into the fighting, only to be pounced upon by pack of Lictor. Crawling over him trying to pry him open like a tin can. When he smashed one another took its place.

As the Genestealers pushed foreword the discipline of the Arbiters showed true and the Genestealers were meet by volleys of shot guns. Philip had chosen to man one of the Heavy Stubbers on the Trailer truck choosing to spray the Lictors on Elliot the bullets having no penetrating power just pinged off him and slaying, or at lest wounding the Lictors

the Genestealers were kept a good 8 feet from the main Arbiter line driven back by shotgun fire. But the Jungle on the side still had hostiles. These Genestealers had no roar, and they sneaked in quietly and by the time they were noticed it was too late. Shot gun turned to this new foe while the old one still surged foreword the stealers ripped though the Arbiters.

Elliot has seen a thousand battles and he knew when to retreat “ARBITERS, TO THE TRANSPORTS!” Lucky Barati had the same opinion and they would listen to him
“you heard him!” the Arbiters ran to the transports having to fight for each inch.

Gawain had used up 8 clips the last two on full auto. She was running low on ammunition a Genestealer tried to leap into the rhino she was standing in the thresh hold of. Use a chain sword she picked off a Arbiter she cleaved in mid air. When suddenly, nothing, the Stealers were gone. The Arbiters were still boarding but they were confused

Elliot walked over to her
“were they go?” Elliot looked around
“we didn't push them off if thats your hope. Sphinx's always thinks 2 steps ahead. If they stopped attacking it because they have a plan that will keep its resources from damage then it will do it.”

as if on cue a sort whistling filled the air Elliot looked up “Spore artillery! Take cover!” Gawain moved fully inside the Rhino,, followed shortly by Philip thinking were ever a 4 million year old soldier was the safest place to be when under artillery. The whole rhino shook under explosions, Elliot yelled at them
“Close the door! You want eat a shrapnel sandwich?” a shard of bone impaled it self into Gawain's arm accenting the point, Philip reached up and pulled the automatic door shutter which promptly shut. Gawain used her real arm to pull the almost 3 inch long hunk of bone out of her bionic.

The rhino shook and rattled to each explosion. Gawain looked to Philip,
“I hope the Arbiters make it through.” a particulate close explosion almost tipped the whole rhino over.
“I hope we make it through.”
after 4 minutes of shooting it stopped Gawain and Philip looked at each other Philip filliped the door switch. It opened to a cratered road way, a dented and pitted Elliot
“Elliot you ok!” he turned
“im fine come on, other survivors are in in the two lead rhinos. Hurry, there be back.” Gawain and Philip started to move up toward the front of the convoy where, out once 80 Arbiters started out, now only 20 were left in two Rhinos. Barati was one of them
“come on we need to move!” the two got in the nearest one and it started to move.

Behind them they saw the hoard of Genestealers that had been trying to kill them and were now out pacing. Philip could not resist taunting them
“ya that Mechanization ya SOBen heretics!” it seemed the hive did not like being taunted. The ground was shaking thought they could not feel it over the Rhino vibrations. Ahead of them the ground exploded and out of the pillar of dirt rose,,

Barati in the lead Rhino yelled before he could do anything Elliot turned his jet engine into high gear and started to speed ahead of them autocannons leading the way. Plowing though the Ravener he split them like crabs. They coiled around him like snakes each one that tried to open him up with there claws was promptly crushed with his power fist.

The Raveners fighting Elliot ignored the Rhinos that sped by Elliot then ran after them dragging a Ravener that had a tight grip on his leg. Gawain and Philip watched as the hoard of Genestealers stopped running, not that they would! Elliot made up the lost time and soon was right behind them, he yelled at them
“can you do something about this?” hoping on one foot he brought the one with the Ravener on it up. Surprised Gawain and Philip fumbled for there bolter and (stolen) shot gun. Gawain had hers first and scored a few shots on it only for Philip to knock it off with a slug.
“Thanks.” he stopped hopping and started running normally.

Dawn broke and John was on patrol, it had been odd eating, sleeping alone. The empty meal hall echoed oddly to each bite. But now he was walking down empty streets, searching for looters. He stopped ahead of him he saw a huge tide of Hormagaunts unlimbering his shot gun he prepared his duty, running away never entered his head.

“HALT!1 in the name of the immortal Emperor of man,” Clickit,,he jacked a shell in the chamber, “I find you guilty of breaking imperial law.” BOOM, he fired on the nearest Hormagaunt “section 1 sub section 1 paragraph A,” Clickit-Boom, he fired again “on Xenos,” Clickit-Boom another bug fell “ Quto “thy shall not,” Clickit-Boom “suffer the presence of,” Clickit-Boom, “the Xenos on the land,” Clickit-Boom, “of the Imperium,” Clickit-Boom another bug was ripped apart, “of the Man,” Clickit-Boom “as acting Arbiter of sector 8,” Clickit-Boom “11-12,” Clickit-Boom of “Kelof IV I pronounce you guilty,” “ Clickit-Boom” and sentence you to death,” Clickit-Snap, the magazine was empty, 2 seconds latter the swarm was upon him, he was dead before he hit the ground.
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Chapter 9 Fight, then flight

They stopped only in the small town only for gas, the gas pumps sat next to one of the rivers that gave this town its name , Gawain was standing guard with Elliot on the souther edge. The swarm could not be far out so they were in a real hurry. Elliot then turned and looked North, toward Fort Lieger his hyper sensitive ears picking up something

“3 Marauder Destroyer, leading 9 Marauder bombers, trying to thin the swarm before they approach, 12 Minutes till they over fly us.” Gawain ran back to Barati to tell him and he readied to alert them.

“This is flight group Dragon to command we are over flying Riverburg, no xeno contact yet.”
“confirm Dragon carry on.” Richard put his radio back on the hook and kept flying, then his head set sparked to life
“King Dragon this is Dragon 008 ground flare at 9 a clock.” “get out,” radio discipline forgotten.
“this close to the hive?” he turned his head and saw, yes there were flares, Whoa! Some one was down there proofed by the burning river they must have first coated with fuel! His navigator echoed his thoughts

“Whoa thats a sign, should we over fly?” he nodded
“lets,,” then to his radio
“King Dragon to flight group Dragon, turn west 15 degrees and low over fly, keep your eyes to the ground we may have survivors.”

from the ground Philip watched as the bombers turned toward them and began to fly low.
“hay over here!” he yelled and he was not the only one Elliot scuffed “plug your ears.” turning his in built mike/megaphone to its loudest, built to be over heard in the heat of battle, he yelled

though loud it could not the noise proof cabin of a Marauder Destroyer but the sight of some 20 odd men and a Dreadnought sure did.
“by the Emperor some ones down there.” Richard nodded agreement he picked up his radio
“Command this flight group Dragon we have survivers, 20 to 30 men and, I kid you not, a by emperor damned space marine Dreadnought!”
“get out,” the radio operator said. “thats what I said, there in Riverburg the hives, 3 hours out, permission to linger and give them covering fire.”
“stand by King Dragon,” this clearly went above his head.

The bombers were orbiting around the town, Philip had a few minutes ago stopped yelling. Almost horse
“why are they lingering Elliot?”
“human nature, they wish to help us but they are pilots they can only help us by staying they likely asked for permission,” he turned
“be thankful I am here they would not likely help lone men, I am on the other hand would be a huge boon to the career of any ambitious commander, I alone am worth it.”

“this is Lord high commander Jerrilyn, Valkyries in rout, fighter cover is inbound, proceed with mission.” “confirm.” he put his radio down, “king Dragon to Dragon flight group one last flight fly over and any one not waggling wing tips will be court marshaled. Lets say good bye lads and pray that we may we meet those souls down there again.”

the Bombers flew over one last time and then flew south toward the nids. Philip mustering every inch of sarcasm in his body (which is a lot)
“your worth what again?” Elliot watched
“im impressed, he over came his ambition to continue the operation and a important one to,buying more time, we will get help, fighter and Valkyries to be sure but they,” gesturing to the bombers, “will not defend us.”

Elliot sighed
“if I remember from my own fly over its a hour long flight for Valkyries,” one of the Arbiters had been doing math,
“the hive is 1-2 hours out!” Gawain spoke up
“we could run but the Valkyries might not find us, but the hive will find us ether way, I say we stay running will buy us only a few more hours, not enough to get to Lieger.”

Philip sighed
“we have to stay then, and with no heavy weapons, not counting Elliot.” he interrupted
“and my sawed off Autocannons are as good for long range as most.” Gawain sighed “of course.”

they had to be ready, so they had engaged themselves digging trenches, with there backs to the river they were ready after only a few minutes of digging. After that they waited.

Then Elliot heard them
“the Tyranids come.” the news quickly spread. The ground shook before the Thundering hoard of them,
“sounds like a hydro leak back on Yothen.” Philip said nervously. Gawain turned to look at him
“some of the Celestians had experience fighting Tyranids.” “and what wisdom did they have?”
“they said they came like the tide, and coated all before them. The only advice was don't get cornard, leave a escape to lunch a fighting retreat from.”

Philip groaned,
“any good news?” Elliot cut in
“a hour flight for Valkyries, less for Lightings and Thunderbolts, like the ones 5 minutes form us.” Barati was curious
“why didn't the bombers hit the nids that are just a few minutes out?”
“no Synapse. Hit these and you just wound it, hit the Synapse toward the rear and you truly hurt it. Plus there are bridges that need to be bombed a river will slow the hive down some what.”

the Fighters began to fly in a circle around them, suddenly a few began to peel off, and start to shoot at something they could not see.
“there here.” Philip said jacking a shell into the chamber of his shot gun. A few Tyranids emerged from down the street when they approached there were shot gunned. But the density was rising.

Soon the a tide of monster flooded the road, shot gun barrels glowing red hot from the shooting. The only thing holding them back were the ragged holes carved though them by the fighters Autocannons. Wave after wave of Tyranid were shoved back but each wave got closer, over the bark of her bolter Gawain yelled to Elliot
“were are those Valkyries?” Elliot did not reply, to busy use his flamer but when the wave was pushed back
“to much noise, I can't hear them.” looking at how close the Tyranids got to there trenches the last time he made a somber projection
“it may not matter, for are deaths may come first.” the ground shook again to the next wave Philip sighed reloading some more shells
“then lets give them something to remember us by.”

over head flight group Dragon was returning from its mission, a bit early to be honest, Sphinx's was generating many more Meiotic spore mines. Richard had lost 4 bombers under his command, no Destroyers, thank goodness. He was over flying Riverburg again. Looking out of his cockpit window he did not expect to see anything other then the forerunners of the swarm but
“well, well, marry me to a sister of battle and call me a heretic, there still alive down there.” Richard agreed with Cressel his nose gunner, he spoke into his intercom
“Cressel whats are state of ammunition?” his voice crackled back at him over the intercom
“about 50 rounds of ammunition per barrel.” enough for a couple strafling runs.
“Dragon flight this is King Dragon it seems the guys we flew over earlier are still alive, now I don't know about you but I have enough ammo to lend some support any one going to help tell now so we can get a pattern going.”

over the chattering of the swarm a new sound rose a roaring of jet engines. Eyes rose to see a Marauder Destroyer diving on a target hidden behind some building, and suddenly there were far fewer Tyranids in front of them. Cheering rose that bomber and a few other began doing pass on the Tyranids. A few minutes later they left out of ammo, Philip watched them go “to bad they did not have more.” Elliot spoke up
“be glad they had any at all.” one of the Arbiters yelled
“The Valkyries!” Philip turned to look at them, 3 Valkyries and, well it looked like Valkyrie,
“Elliot whats that one.” he said pointing, he turned
“Valkyrie Thor pattern, massive lifter, modified by taking it transport space out and adding more fuel room and a pair of ram jets from a Marauder. Can lift even a Lemen Russ, though not more then a dozen miles and I weigh far less then a Lemen Russ.”

the Valkyries landed and it was a stampede on to them and Elliot was rapidly strapped into a harness under the Thor. As more Hormagaunts arrived they were air born. A few of the Gaunts leapt at them forming a living tower of writhing bodys trying to get them. Elliot had to kick one out of mid air before they got out.

Gawain sighed “finally were going to Lieger.” Philip agreed “ya I won't feel safe until im behind its walls.” the Pilot over heard them
“safe? Listen lad, soon Liegers going to be surrounded by a the Tyranids, the skys will be black with Gargoyles, the air thick with spores, and the ground teaming with Trygons like worms in a rotten apple, you call that safe? Are fate is sealed all we can do is take as many of those damn bugs out as we can.”
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note the followign chapters are taking longer then i had hoped sorry
Chapter 10 Arivle and consquces.

Fort Lieger was massive, a city with 10 square millage of city, surrounding that were massive walls 35 feet thick in places, impregnated with so much adamantium they gleamed in the sun. at it heart, taking up 3 square miles, Fortress Micans calx, inside were over 3,000 guardsmen of Cassandra 88th Garrison, trained and geared defensive operations reinforced with 2,000 men form the 77th Yothen Light Infantry. Underground the city stretched yet farther. Tunnels and houses as numerous, if not more so then the city above. To defend these citizens against tunnel attack the walls stretched farther. Forming a single unbroken hemisphere, a subterranean dome of rock and adamantium, it covered the entire underground city. From above it was defended by anti air batteries that sat both on the walls and in Mican calx, from the ground it was defended by the walls, there battle cannons set within every 30 feet, and the batteries of artillery, and the silos of missiles within the walls of Mican calx. And from the underground it was defended by the stones of the walls stretching down into a dome of stone and the the mole mortars that were set in the walls, every 30 feet. It was a impregnable strong hold, one that would take years of siege to break.

It was a Facade

Governor Volkmar was a aristocrat, under him money was orientated to vast public works, under him Kelof IV became a cultural hub with huge opera houses, filled art gallery, topped with the massive Basilica to the Emperor, Beatus refero, dedicated to the life of Saint Barbaros which attracted thousands of pilgrims a year deep in the heart of Lieger and was guarded by 400 sisters of battle.

But this meant that money meant for the defenses was sent to these public works.

within the walls sat rotten cores, eroded from lack of care. ammo stocks were the lowest in hundreds of years. The 3,000 guardsmen of the 88th Garrison were under trained and green though they were reinforced by the hardened 77th Yothen Light Infantry. Artillery, missiles, anti air, all of it was untested and ill practiced with.

For years Volkmar had been warned but he had waved it by pointing to the constant over watched by the Mechanicus Marines and the lack of threats for dozen of light years, the nearest one was the ork world of Promous and that was 40 light years away and any ork Waaagh would long be noticed and any damage done to there defensives, and yes the calculation showed that this was the truth any damage could be fixed in time for a Waaagh form Promous,, until hive fleet Sphinx came in system.

Not a overly big hive fleet the shadow of the warp did not stop communication but did tell them that a hive fleet was inbound. As soon as this was even hinted at the workers were pressed to fix the defensives. Luckily for Volkmar many commanders enjoyed Kelof IV many social functions and so was spare the chopping block. But that did not help Lieger which although a little more ready, but not much it would be a hard fight and it was estimated that every other shell would be a dud, and the wall might be broken in 5 places, best case.

It was this that the Arbiters arrived to. Elliot was the first dropped off, literally, the tow cable dropped and he hit the ground with a concrete shattering thump, followed by the other Valkyries landing close by. Philip took a deep breath, “finally were out of the 0 percent survive range.” Gawain nodded agrement then she noticed the small group making for them. She hissed to Elliot “formal welcome.” he looked around and spotted it. The first person to reach them was a man with blue eyes and blond hair “greetings,” before he could get farther Elliot cut in “I am Elliot Vander, former Captain of the Mechanicus 3erd company entombed upon single handed defeat of a Avatar, attached to task force Arctic Thunder for operation armored spider for my full title. But Captain Elliot is the every day formal, Elliot out side of that.”

He look surprised “ well captain Elliot I am Lord high commander Jerrilyn, welcome to Lieger.” he looked nervous “it was you who told those bombers to carry on with there mission.” he sighed “yes.” “I understood the need and I still do. I don't hold it not against you.” he look very relieved “will you honer us by joining us in the command room?” “the honer would be mine.”

while Elliot and Jerrilyn were talking some one approached Gawain. She was tall, had obsidian black eyes and honey blond hair, dressed in solid power armour engraved with gold iconography with rings of beads ringed around her belt. “are you the sister the pilot told warned us was coming.” Gawain privileged to the iner rankings of the Adeptus Sororitas knew a Canoness when she saw one. Kneeling she spoke “yes, Cannoness.” she reached to her belt “I present Saint Barbaros bullets.” she seemed surprised she took them with difference, “I would like to see you in the Basilica Beatus refero in a hour.” hanging the clip on her belt she walked away.

Philip got a much less open welcome, by a commissar and, though the two Arbiters at each side showed who told him about the infraction. “are you Philip, serial number 8571289-813.” “um yes.” the commissar gave a grim smile “we had a report of a guardsmen looting a house, and judging by the fancy sword at you belt,” Elliot almost started he had never noticed it before “is that the same one you used on Gawain?” he nodded “you think I am stupid, you don't charge Hormagaunts unless your a space marine.” the commissar reached to his belt, “you stole that blade, and I sentence you,” drawing a pistol, “to death. Any last words?”

Elliot smashed his fist down in front of him between the pistol and Philip “something taken for survive, from a empty house dose not count as looting, had he taken a necklace I would agree to a punishment, not death but something.” the commissar swallowed “he is thief from a planet of thief's, intent dose not matter to not punish would encourage other.”

Elliot though had a reply, “I am a space marine with 4 millennium of war behind me and the ear of the chapter, shoot him, and I will make sure there wrath falls upon you in some way and aid will not come when asked. Begone.” the wrath of a Space Marine chapter was is not something to trifle with, he scuttled away form them as fast as he could. Turning to Philip, “hand the sword over to Barati though, the need is gone now and is not yours.” “ya, so im going to rejoin my regiment, Gawain's going to join the sisters of battle in the Basilica, your going to advise the command staff. So I take it were splitting up, and judging by the nature of this battle we, rather me,won't meet up.”

Elliot had not thought of it that way, “so it seems.” silence Gawain broke it “well, good bye then.” silence, this time Elliot broke it “I must leave, may the Emperor watch and guide you both.” he turned and slowly plodded away. Gawain and Philip split up soon as well.

Elliot could not fit in the command hub so they moved it out side and projected it on to a open air cinema and the plans were clearly drawn, for every 5 Platoon of th 88th there was one 77th to stiffen it, these would be positioned about 4 blocks from the wall so if there was a gap they could use the buildings to turn it into a choke point, farther back there were mobile units of troops to reinforce any faltering line. There was some bad news,

Jerrilyn delivered it “as you know your chapter has left to gather more troops after being defeated. And so we are left without Space Marines.” Elliot would have nodded, but he was a dreadnought. “until a few minutes ago that is a chapter was offered to give assistance.” “wonderful, Space Wolves I hope?” “no,” he grimaced foreseeing the expected out burst knowing this chapter well, “Ultramarines.” Elliot was silent then “So be it, how long will they stay?” Jerrilyn was surprised “I thought you hated the Ultramarines?” “we do, but this is your world not are, I have no say in the matter, though if they stay to long when my chapter comes back sparks will fly.”

he nodded “thank you, when the battle starts what part of the line will you commit to?” Elliot stared at the map projected up on the screen “I will stay with the mobile troops. Do you mind if I walk around the city I wish to get a instective understanding of the city.” “we have map.” a staffer said, “indeed, but do they show which buildings can be demolished, to control the flow of battle?” he shook his head “thought so.” Jerrilyn smiled “go a head, it be a great moral booster as well though do come back in 3 hours the Ultramarines will be here so do come and greet them.” Elliot turned chucking “sure, why not I have not renewed my hate recently.”

Philip was interestingly enough not far from Elliot but he was in the low born Yothen barracks so fraternizer with the noble officers was off limits. He was right now trying to talk to a surly supply officer, “No, I cant issue anything with out administration ok.” Philip looked down at his riped, stained and worn uniform, if he went on parade in this a commissar would shoot him. “that order was intended to cease the hoarding of ammunition, not the withholding of uniforms.” “orders are orders,, unless you can?” Philip sighed this was going to take his whole months pay, “would, 14 Imperial units do it.” the officer smiled “one standard uniform, right away.” he reached down behind his stall (that was set into the wall) and pulled up the plastic coated clothing. He placed it in front of him Philip reached for only for the officer to slide it back, sighing again he put the coins on the desk and then reached for it and got it this time. After ducking into a bathroom to change he went into the main mess hall.

He got his food and sat down, after taking a few bites he grimaced, some how the food barbecued over a fire in the midst of danger tasted better, but he was hungry and kept eating. One of the men to his left recognized him “hay are you the one that came in from the Valkyrie.” “uh yes,” giving a weak smile “I saw that dreadnought, what was it like traveling with a living vessel of the Emperor will?” a few other men were staring at him he had to think about it, a few Priest were eying him from the officer table.

“he was, humble I brought that up and he denied it intensely.” a man across from him “no way, if was one of the Emperors chosen I would, well not flaunt it but not deny it ether.” Philip shrugged “said he was once a man,” “get out.” the one to his right said. “yup,” “a 8 ton dreadnought was once human?” the one to left said,” unfortunately Philip stopped paying attention to the officer table. “of course not!” all of them jumped it was one the Priests that had sneaked up on them “a Space Marine is the divine expression of the Emperors will. To say one was once human is blasphemy, BLASPHEMY.” he yelled it to make a point. Looking at Philip “you are blessed to have been in the presence of such a holy warrior.” Philip give his own prayer, “in fact to prevent such blasphemy,” he leered at the man who had said it. “I think a reminder is in order,” Philips prayer went unanswered, he was going to give a sermon.

Basilica Beatus refero was built so that half of it was underground, the other half was above ground at the ground level entry Gawain meet a Acolyte “Gawain?” she nodded “follow me, Canoness Jesika wants a word with you.” Gawain nodded again and followed her. Upon entering the first room of the Basilica she was suddenly immersed in the the light filtering above though the stain Plexiglas and the echoing of the sounds of prayer from below echoing though out.

A few Sisters of Battle were in the room, the looks she got were, odd did she have something in her teeth or some thing? She asked the Acolyte,

“ Canoness Jesika will explain.” she kept following Gawain was lead down a flight stairs to the main room. It was packed with civilians praying for salvation from the Tyranids. The congregation was being lead by a fiery priest, but acolyte kept moving. Down another flight of stairs they reached the barracks a simple room then the ornate prayer room but it was still ornamented with tapestry's depicting the life of Saint Barbaros. There were more sisters here and she got the odd look again, was it her armour? These sisters had golden red armour, her own was a dull gray, trimmed with silver with a dark red robe, dowdy in comparison.

The acolyte stopped in front of a door that made of ebony laced with adamantium “Canoness Jesika is waiting for you.” Gawain nodded a thank the acolyte and entered the room. One of the walls was coated with video monitors that showed the prayer room she had walk around, Jesika was standing before them and watching them she turned to Gawain who promptly fell to her knee. “you may stand.” Gawain stood up “there is something we need discuss.” “Canoness?” Jesika turned to face her.

“your status, first of all you are to be integrated into the guardians, are ordo.” Gawain was confused “but I am a Metal Martyr why do I have to join you?” “your ordo was destroyed by the Trynids. Which leads us to point 2 first your not a true sister of battle by are stranded.” before Gawain could protest “you to young to become a full sister of battle you must by 24, you not even 18.” “19,” Gawain muttered

Jesika pretended not to hear. “add to that your very beliefs. “what?” Gawain was confused “you worship the Machine.” “I do not, Canoness.” “do not lie, you repaired them, you fixed them you placated there sprites, you worship them.” that explained the looks she got. It was then that it hit her, no matter what her age 19,24 or 104 she would not be accepted the pall of her past always hanging over her.
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Chapter 11, pre battle streachs

HOLY CRUD how long has it been since i last added to this? you know don't tell me it make me feel worse:blush: im sorry my internets been dead the last, how every long its been since i last posted. this is the soonest i have been able to add to this, sorry, again.

Elliot was sicked, walking though the city he had seen a overly high amount of alcohols being ingested. To be sure most of them were sober enough to notice him but a few more were almost stone dead drunk. Jerrilyn would hear of this.

Elliot was eying a building that gave a excellent field of fire when a lighting ringing behind him attracted his attention. Turning he found 3 sisters in white robes collecting donations, every credit counts there donation bucket was mostly full. Before he turned away one of them caught his eye. She was a little off from the others and looked depressed plus the red hair,,, “Gawain?” she turned it was her he walk up to her the other 2 sisters seemed slightly put off and backed away from the 8 ton death machine.

“Gawain it been what,, 30 minutes since I last saw you?” Gawain shook her head “at last check.” “its a bit early but how are you get along with the sister,, that bad.” he read her expression. “yes,, im to young to be a true sister of battle.” “you are.” she looked at him sternly “you were part of a non militant Ordo, younger ages were indeed acceptable, but a combat role demands far more,” he gestured to her hands “you hands could likely put a watch together but you muscles are not quite fully developed on Casandra full biological maturity is considered done around 22, you are 18,” “19!” she was a bit sick of people getting that wrong “forgive me. The point is you are to young for combat, but fear not in this battle were all have chance's from the, drunkest guardsmen,” he said looking at a man passed out on the street, “to the youngest acolyte,” looking to the nervous acolytes whoas eye were bigger then the bore on a Earthshaker “to even me a 4 million year old dreadnought to gain honor and accolades in the only place they matter, the blood slick field of battle and glory.”

silence even a few guardsmen had heard him. “remember that is the only master you need place is the Emperor and his dream of the Imperium that we fight and die to defend.” he turned and walked down the street.

If the two other acolytes were nations it would be described as shock and awe the look on there faces. “you know him?” she turned “yes I traveled with him here.” “that explains a lot.” it was the voice of a Celestians. Turning rapidly she was face to face with her barrack leader “you were tainted by his radical thoughts,” “what radical thoughts?” she pointed at his form “he is a Mechanicus marine asking about radical ideas is like asking why chaos is dangerous. They are a godless chapter, learning form forbidden sources, they hate the eclsarchy and.”

turns out dreadnoughts have hyper hearing so he heard everything turning on a dime he fire his (newly installed) heavy bolters kicking up cement dust in front of her cut her off “and we have great hearing, if I hear you speak ill of my chapter I will personally rip you into so many piece you won't go home in a body bag, but a coffee mug!” with that he walked down the, then as if to make a point he smashed a parked car with about 120 parking tickets on its hood, then reaching into the engine block he crushed the engine intoa (power) fist sized ball pulling it looked pointedly at the Celestians and then to the ball observing it, then crushing it to dust. Throwing the dust to the ground he trudged on.

The Celestian stared at Gawain “don't look at me I did't tell him to do that.” “Damn right, it looked at me funny!” Elliot yelled over his shoulder. One of the acolytes made a comment I don't know about radical, but there definitely a few prayers short of a hymn book.” the Celestian could not argue. But turned back to Gawain and gave her another hard look. As if blameing her for even knowing such a being. Gawain shruged “what?” the Celestian shook her head.

Elliot walked away from the group behind him making a note about Gawain, looking at his built in PDA he saw that the Ultramarines were due in 15 minutes, maybe he should greet them after all.

Gawain was being given a stern tongue lashing from the Celestian when one of the acolyte spoke up “here he comes again!” the Celestian stopped as Elliot trudged by “pardon me forgot something.” he said as he rapidly put the trudge into a run for lack of a better word they rubber necked as he ran by the other acolyte commented “some how I am not comforted to know there at least, 999 genetically altered warriors like him out there.” Gawain shrugged “I like him personally but, a chapter of Elliot's?”

Elliot stopped at a security check point just before entering the stronghold, why they would bother to even try and stop the only dreadnought on the planet was beyond him but it seemed to him the courteous thing to do. Like knocking before entering a house.

The guardsmen took one look at him and waved him though. He walked by them into the main courtyard. And quickly trotted over to the landing zone. Past a platoon of guardsmen running drill, shessh these were the 88th Cassandra? There were sloppy. He had watched drill personally from the best guardsmen in the galaxy, the best could almost read there commanders minds. Not these lazy louts, they could barely read his lips.

Shaking his head he kept walking nothing to due about them save drill the crude out of them, literally! Elliot picked up the pace to the air field the marines were due in few minutes. He approached the air field with Jerrilyn standing on the field. In parade ground form Guardsmen formed a corridor from Jerrilyn to the landing zone. He turned to see Elliot, “so you showed up after all.” Elliot gave a electronic tone of agreement. “I take that as a yes. The Thunder Hawk should be here in a few moments.” they kept waiting for a few moments until a loud rumbling filled the air.

As luck happens Philip (being part of 77th Yothen the more professional of the two regiments) was in the parade ground at the center of the line the best place as you could hear and see both ends. He turned his head to look at the landing point a Thunder Hawk was making approach. It was bright blue it front door emblazoned with a white horse shoe. The front of the thing opened up after a moment and out the front came 5 space marines followed behind by,, a dreadnought? He assumed so, but compared to Elliot he was, crude. Were Elliot was smooth cylindrical, this new Dread was thick, boxy and walked with a chunky gait as compared to Elliot's smooth grace.

It true what they say, they don't build them like that any more.

At the sight of the Dreadnought a officer gave a few quick orders and the men that lined the carpet took 3 steps back from it. The 5 marines and the Dreadnought walked down the path toward commander Jerrilyn. Philip head part of there conversation. “,,why is that thing doing here?” “this is a Mechanicus planet.” “I thought they all left.” “calm brother, we are all on the same side,” “this time,,” that last one was the dreadnought. He practically rumbled it. Elliot's voice was monotone, but he could put inflations on it. Or he tried to.

They walked past Philip rang of hearing but now they were at Elliot's the one most bedecked in award spoke “I am Captain Fabian Nearda of the 3th company also the Master of Arsenal, and my companions are Apothecary Plato Lucais, Champion Gallows,” no last name “Brother Kelldor are banner barer, and Brother Romulus of the late world of Prandium also of the Honor guard.” Elliot gave the dreadnought equivalent of a whistle “I morn you loss I, like many, heard of the fate of Prandium, it is always saddening to hear of the death of innocents.”

Romulus stared at him hard “save your breath you Marine impostor.” “so that is how it's going to be.” “it is.” Jerrilyn coughed “and you dreadnought?” the dread rumbled “Trajan Coladon.”

Elliot gave a electronic bloop of surprise “Trajan? The commander of the battle of Jella?” Trajan growled “the same.” “I was there! Were it not for you 83 battle brother would have lived!”

Elliot clenched his power fist and activated it making the servos in side it wine. Jerrilyn was almost stuttering “you said you were going to live and let live!” Elliot kept his fist clenched as he watched the marines pull out and fire up power sword, chain fists and one combi melta.

“vary well then, but I can't let you get away for killing 83 brothers.” the weapons that had lowered slightly suddenly raised again. Before they could move Elliot flashed his fist out and, not punched more like shoved, Trajan knocking him over “embarrassment will do.”

Trajan fell onto his back and tried to stand, and failed his right arm tried to twist round to push him up, but all it do was flop him up on to his assault cannon and that left him unable to stand.

Elliot just walked away as the space marines tried to push him up and enlisted guardsmen to help.

the outer wall and the buildings just in side of it shock to Biovore's spore launchers, and deep below the underground dome shock suddenly to head butting Mawloc's and Trygons, the attack had began.
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chapter 12 battle!

you know to make up for my prevous abbsent i give you two chapters at once. oh and yes everyone has a happy ending

since the hive began the nightmares had as well as the Zoanthropes cast out a web of nightmares to demorlize the target. He fought it like he had been trained, projecting the of images of victory form Macragge, the twisted and broken forms of Krakken, the burning piles of Trynids from Cessium.

The nightmare was pushed back from the edges of his mind and it seemed that he would get a good knight sleep then a roaring or screaming filled his ears, along with disjointed colors and new words

Death!!,Kill!!, BLOOD!!

Philip rocketed up right taking deep labored breath that last word, Blood, echoing around in his skull.

As he focused in on barracks he heard many men awake as well. He turned to look at the commissar attached to there company (he also slept with them to keep watch) he too look shaken. “what was that?” the man next to Philip asked he turned “I don't know the first part was what they told as and trained as for, but that last bit?” he shivered

then they heard a screaming, Philip reached under his bed for his shot gun and charged into the night. The scream came from one of the 88th barrack. As he ran over with other guardsmen the battle readiness turned into a crowd at some point. With immense curiosity.
At some point a rumor spread as they do something a about the nightmare driving some men insane, that made sense they had been trained to deal with that, will the 77th had. But the alarming bit was the news that one mans head had exploded!

Philip pushed though crowed as commissars tried to get people back to there bunks. He found Elliot, sleeping? He was just standing there. He walked over to him the Commissars knew enough to mess with Elliot human friend, at least with Elliot nearby and it not like a Dreadnought was a problem to moral, indeed it was the other way around he helped.

Philip looked over the static Dreadnought reaching up he banked on his lower left chest plate (the only thing he could reach) nothing.

Before he left Elliot did move “Philip?” he said (groggily?) as he began rotating his arms. “whats the problem, or did you just wish to speak with a friend?” Philip sighed “we just got one of those Zoanthropes nightmares.” Elliot replyed “yes first documented against Krakken the nightmares are what have led people to say the Trynids came for there flesh body and soul.”

“Do they make people heads explode?” “that is new.” Elliot was surprised “I will ask the Ultramarines if any one knows they will. And you back to bed, you need your sleep.” Elliot waved shooed him off “were talk on the morrow, and put a shirt on.” Philip looked down at his body, he slept only in a pair of slacks and had did not change when he left the barrack. “good idea.” and turned back to his company barrack.

Elliot watched him then habitually stretched and went to look for the Ultramarines hoping they did not hold grudges.

The Ultramarines were deployed in full on the planet due to the fear of being cut off from orbit by huge clouds of Meiotic spore mines they had been given a segment of the parade ground and though they did not sleep, (the Catalepsean node) they were training and prepareing. As Elliot trudged though the camp he got dirty looks form a lot of marines,, so be it they started it. But as he looked closer he saw the imperceptible things only a fellow space marine that showed tension, was it him? Or was did it relent the nightmare.

He stopped before a sargent “I wish to talk Fabian Nearda.” the sargent may be a Ultramarine and may have hated him but he was still a 4 million year old dreadnought. “he is in the center of camp.”

“thank you.” Elliot walked toward the center and started looking for the guy with the most medals. He found him standing next to a Land Raider “Captain Fabain.” the captain turned “what is it.” then “who is this?” Elliot turned to see a chaplain walk toward them.
Captain Fabain sighed a little “This is Elliot Vander former Captain of the Mechanicus 3erd company.” the Chaplain looked him up and down. “hump, I see your using are relic, we don't use yours.” “we don't waste what we have.” Elliot replied. The Chaplin humped again and crossed his arms. “any way captain I wish to ask you about something.” the Chaplin snickered “what the matter have a bad dream?” Elliot revved his jet engine the close he could get to a threatening look. The Chaplin was unimpressed.

“no my suit has psycho dampener retrofitted in, but I heard a story from a guardsmen about a mans head exploding I have never heard of such a thing from Tryanids.” “Fabien shock his head “to be fair I know little about Tyranid save tactics and weaponry are field expert on them was Librarian Riden, but he had to return to the ship, said to stay was to risk his life needlessly and I agreed with him.” “did he say why.” Elliot asked “Head aches, of the psychic nature so suffice to say no, this is new to us to.”

the Chaplin humped “all the more reason to destroy this Hive fleet if there genetic code gets to the other hives were be in trouble.” Elliot agreed but they were interrupted by Romulus of the Honor guard “theres more to it then that.” Fabien raised his eye brow “Riden was right the nightmares were focused on the sanctioned Psykers we lost 8, and we had 10.” “how did they die the Chaplin asked “by commissar bolt pistol one and all. But as to what you really mean, 7 went insane and tried to kill there minders
silence then the Chaplin asked “and the last one?” “the attack broke down his mental defenses meaning he was possessed by a daemon.” Elliot was surprised “If Sphinx had all this psychic might why then did it not have a stronger shadow in the warp?” the Chaplin spoke “I may know why, one of the tendrils of Kraken did the same thing. It used a light shadow to draw attention to it self as a ploy for another tendril to attack else where, a possibility that make the fact that this hive fleet is being fought with out drawing overly on nearby systems a bonus.”

he took a deep breath “another possibility is that it wish yet more biomass, 2,000 men form the 77th light infantry are here and if we win the siege your,, troops will be here along with more infantry, . If this fleet thinks it can win despite are efforts then it will try to draw as many troops, as much biomass, to itself.”

the thought was being mulled over when Elliot shrugged “one way or another we must and will win we must keep this fleets DNA from the rest of the Hive fleets. Its to clever.” more nods “in 24 hours my chapter will be here in force with troops from the 1st and second Cassandrin Infantry and tanks from the Third Cassandrin. Elite troops one and all.” “and when that happens were leave, correct captain? Romulus asked

Fabien nodded “indeed, if we stay to much longer sparks will fly.” the Chaplin humped again “if there anything like the 88th you still screwed.” Elliot would have smiled grimly “they still bear the battle scars of Dutur so no there nothing like the 88th.” silence then “off topic, I am going to keep recharging my electric cells.” and he trudged off.

That night a Hive Tyrant stared at the walls. Its mind having found the way in, now it sent the order though the swarm. With a thought huge creatures spawned just for this reason were carried by warriors into place. Huge and bloated they were placed against the wall. As the warriors ran back the bomb exploded spraying the wall with shock waves and bio acid. It left a 10 foot hole in the wall silently another bug was brought foreword. It was only a matter of time. And when the hole was big enough, the Tyrant growled slightly at the thought and wrapped a long tongue around one of his bone axes licking the blood from earlier killings off it.

That day Elliot awoke to alarms “alert the permiter has been breached, all troops to the designated positions, all civilians to there shelters, display identification at all times. Rememberer: Faith alone will sustain you.” the parade ground erupted into action troops started moving to the outer walls. Elliot promptly erupted into movement. And started pounding to word were the breach showed up on his CPS (city positioning system) the Guardsmen gave him a wide breach for top speed. Once he got close enough he just went toward the shooting.

It was a small hole but the nids were pouring though so fast they had pressure on it like a water hose they came flying out that tube. So far nothing bigger then a warrior had gotten in. it turns out Elliot's time could not have been worse. At that moment a huge Trygon smashed though the hole. As bits of stone and dead Tyranids were sent flying. Then the whole wall exploded in green chemical fire, and bio acid.

As the Tryranid had gotten though they had also placed more of the living bombs within the wall for 30 feet to each side and these cascaded setting off what little battle cannon stores there were.

But this did not help Elliot as huge shads of stone rained down on him. And we was in every sense of the word buried alive.

The explosion was earth shaking Gawain noticed from within the Basilica Beatus refero. She and the other acolytes currently being armed by Celestian who was handing out ammo and Bolt guns along with a few prayers. She almost lost her footing though she as not the only one. The Celestain handed her a bolt gun and as she went over the prayers of accuracy and death over it she expertly took a clip, rammed it in place, pulled the slide back chambered the first round all in one slick motion.

After the prayer she was given 5 clips of ammo and then a chain sword. The last Celestain had no prayers to give and was just giving squad assignments. “Acolyte militia squad Repentance.” she almost yelled at her as she slapped a small squad marking onto the shoulder of her robe, a simple flame. Gawain ran out the Basilica along with the other acolytes looking for others with the same marking. She found them led by a true sister of battle. Gawain momentarily felt evey for the power armor but crushed it.

“follow me.” the sister said and they charged down the street to a trouble guard position. The squads had gone there as soon as they were all there so even though they had just what seemed to be a slightly chaotic crowed they were now alone. Then there heard the sound of fighting ahead of them. The guardsmen had set up a quick Aegis fortification and were using it as a firring point. In the center of the line which spanned the street was a Lemen Russ Punisher it heavy Gattleing gun clearing the street with ease. But they came in such number the even it needed help, that and the fact it needed reloading every 5 minutes did not help.

Poking above the fortification Gawain loosed a clip of bullets into the swarm each round killed one of the Tyranids that were swarming toward them. As they rose in density soon the line was lit up as a single omnipresent wall of flame from the muzzle flash's of the bolters and light from the lasguns. Rapidly sighting a warrior and flipping the bolter to full auto she sprayed a it all the round going high into its face and cheats knocking it down and killing it. Speed loading a new clip in place she fired again into the swarm. Then the ultimate bad news happened, the Punisher run out of ammo.

For a few second it just clicked with out ammo then it stopped. The swarm rolled foreword like a tidal wave and just about as stoppable. When they closed the guardsmen who did have flamers fired at will buying a few more seconds, but only that much more time. When they hit the wall they bowled it over. Gawain walked back word as she fired into the wave but it moved to fast and a warrior came steaming toward after emptying a full clip into ti it still came one, a prime to be sure came charing toword her and with its claws and grabbed her arm and ripped it off.

Philip was positioned at the point of the second break in the wall was showered with as much lime and rock as Elliot was. Though he was farther from it when it happened coughing and sputtering the Commissar yelled orders and as the swarm charged over the rubble they were meet by a wall of heavy bolter round followed by a tide of Hydra cannon shots ripping even the heavier warriors into so much ham burger.

As Philip's shot gun barked slugs into the swarm the Commissar kept barking orders “semi auto only, aim, keep the fire lanes clear! Fire focus right flank grazeing fire!” at his command the heavy bolter stopped shooting head on and traversed to the designated flank.

Philip yelled over the sound of the swarm “so when the next ammo shipment!” five minutes of fighting had already drained him of his slugs. “I don't know!” the man next to him yelled then the sky started to howl “Artillery!” the guardsmen crawled into every crack they could slide into to hide from the spore blasts.

Philip crawled under the Hydra along with a few other guardsmen as the the spores hit. Plumes of rock and dust were kicked up by the bioexplosives when it stopped Philip got out just in time to see the first of the next wave charge toward them. Promptly dropping the shot gun he started fire slugs, then shells into them as the other guardsmen and the Hyrda joined him.

Then a loud winning rose above the din, Philip paused for a moment, then story that were always told about the Tyranids came to him “Screamer killer!!” as soon as he said it a ball of blue iridescent fire flew from the gap and hammered the Hydra detonating its internal ammo stores. The beast then emerged from from over the slight mound of rubble and gave a might bellow as it then charged foreword. Autocannon rounds skidding off it and not even a hit of krak missile could stop it.

Philip backed away he felt the troops around him ran away from the lumbering monstrosity but rather then running Philip focused on what Elliot would do, you know if he was a squishy human. Roaring a battle cry, know that even if he ran he would die, he raised the shot gun and started firring slugs into it.

Then he heard a sort of screech and suddenly he was dead.
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yonks you read it fast,

the next chaper going to be a few days, i hope, schools realy put a kink in this story time line.
chapter 13 battle II

next chapter, i likely screwed up on a half a dozen facts so if i did and you notice me tell me and i fix it.

---As the Tryranid had gotten though they had also placed more of the living bombs within the wall for 30 feet to each side and these cascaded setting off what little battle cannon stores there were.

But this did not help Elliot as huge shads of stone rained down on him. And we was in every sense of the word buried alive.

But before the rubble could settle Elliot flailed his arms around and started to pull himself up. When the rubble did settle Elliot was close enough to the surface to climb out.

Shrugging rocks off him he emerged from the rubble just in time for the Tryanids to send the next pulse of bugs over the rubble. Roaring his battle cry Elliot started pounding the front layer of bugs with heavy bolter fire soon guardsmen who had also survived (about 40 percent) also opened fire. Elliot raido soon got a message he paid attention “down most of my men send help.” it was from the company commander sent to this gap. And the reply came form Jerrilyn “indeed the Ultramarines are inbound clear target area for whirlwind bombardment.”

Elliot (would have if he was not a dread) smiled as he heard the firring the rockets turning he saw the rockets hit the hole in the wall soon the air was filled with smoke, rock shards and dead Tyranids. Then the chatter of bolters echoed punctuated by the heavier bang of a pair of Predator out the Marines were here. The surging swarm was pushed back to just beyond the hole the Devastators frag missiles carving great ragged chunks out of them followed by the rattle of bolters mopping up the reminds.

Elliot was at the front his heavy bolters ripping up and down the swarm then a (space marine) sargent yelled “Carnifex!” the Devastators in sync sent a volley of Krak missiles followed by twin beams of light from both of a Predators Lascannon sponson.

It bellowed in pain but kept coming. Elliot eyed it and then in perfect timing punched it head apart, killing it though it still kept coming then griping the upper carapace he twisted it in a ninjutsu move turned it as he stepped side ways so its was knocked on its side skidding across the rubble and then into the wall. A few looks of awe form the marines, it was impressive no matter what chapter you were from and then it was back to work killing anything that moved in front of them.

---The swarm rolled foreword like a tidal wave and just about as stoppable. When they closed the guardsmen who did have flamers fired at will buying a few more seconds, but only that much more time. When they hit the wall they bowled it over. Gawain walked back word as she fired into the wave but it moved to fast and a warrior came steaming toward after emptying a full clip into it still came on, a prime to be sure came charing toword her and with its claws and grabbed her arm and ripped it off.

Luckily it was her left arm, the mechanical one and due to it being a cheap plastic one broke rather then hold and carry her with it. As the prime was, surprised if it could be to find the arm inside its mouth tasted like a Barbie doll Gawain using her good arm pulled a concussion grenade out of her belt thumbed the pin out and then tossed it at the prime and then started running. When it went off the Prime internal organs, like brain and heart, were pulverized by the shock waves.

Running back she fired her bolter one handed into the swarm. Little did she know that help was coming suddenly bolter fire arched down the road pulping the Tryanids and loader then any mere gun fire the loud singing of prayers, the sisters of battle. No matter how hard the Tryanids tried they were ground down by the bolters of the sisters and when they did get closer blasts of molten from the flamers struck them down.

Gawain was having problems she could not reload her bolter due to only having one arm. She was bracing it on a wall to change it when she heard a noise looking up it she saw the same rockets that Elliot had fly over head. Shrugging she tried to keep up with the counter attack, tried due to a sister Hospitalier noticing her one arm state. “Sister your arm! How are you standing! Come you need aid!” she fluttered around her like a worried parent

Gawain yelled over the din of battle “I am fine I lost my arm a few days ago it lost it replacement.” she then jumped the wall and one hand firing her bolter rejoined the advance. At the second break in the wall the Sisters linked up with Space Marines and Guardsmen and together they beat the Tryanids to just out side the wall the second breach was closed the third breach was the only one left, the one Philip fought on.

---The beast then emerged from over the slight mound of rubble and gave a might bellow as it then charged foreword. Autocannon rounds skidding off it and not even a hit of krak missile could stop it.

Philip backed away he felt the troops around him ran away from the lumbering monstrosity but rather then running Philip focused on what Elliot would do, you know if he was a squishy human. Roaring a battle cry, know that even if he ran he would die, he raised the shot gun and started firring slugs into it.

Then he heard a sort of screech and suddenly he was dead.

Or he thought he was, the air was sucked form his lungs and he fell to his knees. It took a moment but he figured out that he was deaf and blind. When his sight drizzly came back he saw the Carnifex dead with a hole in it the size of a desk chair.
Stumbling up right he turn to see a Vanquisher tank right behind him he

he would find out latter that the Vanquisher had fired it AP a inch over his head killing the Carnifexs. The screech was it passing by and the blindness was the flash from its tracer.

Sound came back a few moments latter he was pulled upright by a few Guardsmen and then shaking the last of it off started pumping his last few shot gun slugs into the breach. All around it heavy bolters were lined up pulverizing any Nid the crossed the gap and farther back mortars pounded the same gaps. But the orders were to drive them out not contain them just inside. So to the bellow of Commissars the men charged out of cover toward them, the one thing you do not want to do when half of the swarm is Hormagaunts.

Philip started pumping shells into the hive amongst the bark of Heavy bolter and howl of mortar round once in the now swirling melee he tried to use his Bayonet, but it was like trying to nail a fly to a wall the way they kept moving so he ended up using it defensively and just kept shooting “AAARRRAGGG!!” turning he saw a Hormagaunt pounced on the Platoon commander jacking a new shell in to the chamber he charged.

First shell tore that Gaunt to ribbens, the to his left a new one charge twisting round he nailed it then one jumped over overs acid streaming form it maw. He twisted the gun round in his hand he hit it with the butt out of mid air and seeing where the gun was now pointing pull the trigger saving another guardsmen.

Before he could shoot another (though his gun was empty and he would have ended up dead) he heard a new howl, winer then a mortar as he thought about it the aswere appeared. Form the sky 10 armored forms in bright blue armor smashed down atop the rubble. Chain sword screaming the Assault Marines charged the Trynids ripping though them like, like well a chain saw though butter.

Blades flashing and lasguns hissing?(stuttering? Banging? Zaping? What does a lasgun sound like?) the Trynids were shoved, or rather slowly pushed out to just beyond the gap. As the last heavy bolters were sighted and placed. The last hole was plugged

out side the wall the Hive Tyrant gave a bellow of rage it had been beaten. The Tyrant looked over the memory's of all the beings under its command living and dead and saw Elliot's defeat of the Carnifex in one move and smiled, if its face could even do that, and started to move into battle to such a great foe it took one step then the hive mind stopped him, it would not allow him to fight for him selfs.

It argued with it if it led the assault on this point the chance of victory was greater and what made this one what made it different? The hive consented with the logic and the Tyrant gave a bellow of joy and charged into the battle.
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Chapter 14 Duel

This is a some what shorter chapter but i like, lot of ACTION!:wild:

Elliot grabbed a Warrior and crushed it to pudding throwing the gunk off his hand he saw another Warrior and went to crush it, only to have thing jump at him almost like it had a death wish, batting it out of air he looked around saw the swarm move with a new agitation and recklessness.

After firring his flamer at a tight clump of them he looked around and saw a Hive Tyrant. It was unlike any he had seen it did not have bone swords but bone axe's, four of them. Screaming at him it charged foreword parting a crowed though the lesser beast.

Thinking if it worked once Elliot swung his fist out in perfect timing to crush it head. Only for it to side step the blow and plant all 4 axes into the arm. But the armor of a Dreadnought made in the dawn of humanity held true and all it did was carve deep gash's into it rather then chop it clean off. Swinging his other arm round he fired his heavy bolter into the beast, but it had pulled it axes out and moved around to his back and dug it axes into the back of Elliot.

Roaring Elliot rotated on his hips to try and swung his arm round to hit it. But the thing did not dig out it axes. It was stuck and swung with him. Reaching over his shoulder grabbed a tall and pulled hard, only to find all he held was a tail it had came lose. Meanwhile the Tyrant pulled one of his aces free and dove it back into his back, once, twice, thrice, over and over. Each blow carving deeper into a already battered body.

Revving his jet engine Elliot heat his exhaust pipes to red hot temperature, the same pipes that ran up his back. The Tyrant bellowed in pain and leaped off. Twisting round Elliot fired burst of flame into the monster. The Tyrant backed a few steps back and a eirre pause happened. The Tyrant chuckled or did a low coughing bark. Elliot began to look around for something, only for him to wonder why were the Ultramarine not shooting at this thing?

The Tyrant roared again and charged foreword he swing his lower 2 axes in a uppercut and the upper two went to his head in a downward chop. Elliot blocked the two going to with his heavy bolter arm and jabbed with his other before it hit the Tyrant jumped back and planted all four axes into his arm again only this time did not let go and wrenched back.

Elliot stumbled then dug in his feet pulled him self aiming his left arm's heavy bolter at the Tyrants feet he fired knocking its feet out from under it. As the thing was pulled foreword Elliot jumped into it in a bone vaporising body slam. The Tyrant popped it axes out of Elliot's arm as it flew back word for a good 6 feet. Only to land on its feet with only a slight crack to show for it.

The Tyrant ran foreword and hammered its axes into Elliot's left side Elliot squelched his arm against his side pinning the axes into his side, he winced slightly as he drove them deeper but now the Tyrant could not run.

Swing his fist he smashed it hard once, twice, thrice, and then he grabbed it and pulled it. The Tyrant roared in pain as its body was pulled yet its arms did not move, until they were ripped from there sockets.

Throwing the Tyrant to the ground Elliot stomped down upon it killing it once and for all.

Or so he thought the Tyrant roared in pain as its spirit was freed from its body, only to be drawn back into the hive many miles in orbit to be reborn, it would take time for a new body to be formed but the Hive would do it. Though the battle would be lost.

With out high command the hive splintered each Prime following its own instinct which was some time wildly different. The swarm was disjointed and the Hive mind knew the battle was lost. Rather then lose more bio mass it retreated were once endless swarms stretched now the swarm melted back into the country side.

Soon the celebrations would begin and would stretch deep into the night, which was the plan,,
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ok i am have a problem writeing this next part,, this is a spoiler alert just a warning

how can you sneak 40 choas marines and 80 slaves into one of the gaps in the outer wall, i just can't type something convinceing, and good.
you bastard...... philip he's he'sssss...... he's gone!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO no no read the next entry. hes fine hes fine!:suicide: put the gun down, down, down, good. now get some tharpy (or a drink :drinks: what every works)
Chapter 15 suprise attack

I am less fond of this chapter then I would like, I welcome advice on who to change this chapter

That night a squad of shadows crawled forward toward one of the holes made in the wall by the assault earlier in the day toward the guard post.

In the biggest plaza close to Mican calx the Governor had broken open every drunken delicacy he could think of. Food, song and drink everything Kelof IV had the best of.

Granted officers had better but they always do and the avarge guardsmen still had a feast. Laughter echoed across the plaza, to the tune of the music. The only absents were the sister of battle (and even then a few acolyte had snuck out though they would get hell when they got back and discounting the Canoness Jesika there for invited for the ceremony) the men manning the observation post in the rubble of each hole and most of the Ultramarines.

On a raised platform Jerrilyn tried (pointlessly) to try and get attention only when Elliot threw his amplified voice behind it “QUITE!!!” that got there attention “Jerrilyn the floor is yours.” he gestured to the stage. “uumm thank you.” he was some what uncomfortable with a Dreadnought speaking for him

“Guardsmen we have won!,” Cheering drowned him out for a good couple minutes then it dried up slowly. “We have won the city is safe and we remain! As one we joined together Guardsmen,” “Huraah!” the Guardsmen yelled “Sisters of battle,” the few sister they Hesitantly yelled as well under the watchful eye of Canoness Jesika “and Space Marine,”
“HURAAH.” Elliot yelled at the top of his amplified voice volume the few Ultramarines who had shown up shook there head.

“but we were none of those things, we were the Imperium! And we will remain for a thousand years come hell or high water, xeno or heresy we will remain, and rememberer.” a dramatic pause “let us pause upon are rejoicing, and honor those who woke this morning, and yet died this afternoon and could not share this bounty with us tonight.” nodding to a priest who stood up to give a sermon for the dead guardsmen.

While that happened the squad of shadows was close enough, they froze and dropped behind any one of the amply number of corpse, there dark armor blending in perfectly in the dark. Then taking aim the squad leader sighted the spot light took it out in one shot, as the broken glass rained down the muzzle flash of bolter lit the field of battle up in a silent sympathy of silence ammunition. In less then a minute the guard were dead with out a sound.

After the priest, Chaplin,(Elliot never did get a name) and the Canoness had blessed the dead Jerrilyn took the stage again “let us now enjoy this feast.” it was simple but enough promptly the music began again. Elliot was eying to see if any one he knew was in the crowed he found one, but what was Philip doing at the officers table? Elliot trudge over “so Philip moving up in the world?” Philip smiled at the slightly artificial voice. “funny thing I saved the platoon commander, and so he nominated me his successor, you seen Gawain.” as he spoke the other officer were uncomfortable with the dreadnought looming over the table. “not yet, but its not like I can hide, she see me soon enough if shes here.” he nodded “I think the officers want me to leave if I am going to talk to you.” Elliot agreed as Philip stood up and walked to the edge of the crowed “so, mind explain why you look a chewed can?”

Elliot look at the gouges carved into him by the hive tyrant “that bad?” a new voice chimed in “that bad.” up walked Gawain in one of her dull red robes “you know the colors of your Ordo are gold and black.” she shrugged “if I am not suppose to be here I may as well break other rules, and you dodged the question. “I fought Hive Tyrant and won, you?”

Philip trying to one up him “I stood my ground against a raging Carnifex.” Gawain “I killed a Warrior prime, and got a real arm.” she held up her new mechanical limb. It was steel covered with a cheap plastic coating making it look like the old one. Philip said so “it looks the same.” she bent down and picked up fork dropped by some one during the night and crushed in her hand. “you were saying?” “ok I give it to you.” for the next few minutes they traded tales.

A few guardsmen came investigated the lack of reporting from the observation post. When the closed to the post they were cut down by silenced bolter fire, save the radio operator, who a little slow saw his squad mates cut down and ducked into a building and started to dial the base “command,” “this is private Peter we were sent by are sargent to investigate the lack of communication from observation post Alpha, its overrun!” “Can you describe the nature of the Tryanids.” he thought about the silent muzzle flash's “not Tryanids, repeat not Tryanids, my squad mates were killed by something with a muzzle flash there likely,” then he heard a noise to his left looking he saw a marine wearing dark blue armor he yelled hoping the radio would catch it “chaos marines!” the marine lunged with a long wicked knife and that was the last the man ever saw.

A simple staffer ran up to Jerrilyn and wispered into his ear the new. His first word? “damn, what can 3,000 drunk guardsmen do.” turning to Jesika “do you think the Sister can help us?” she nodded then the Chaplin “we 'help' as you call it kill these traitors.”

Philip had just told his survive story when Elliot's PDA flashed. “Chaos?” Gawain frowned “what is it?” Elliot voice rumbled “Chaos space marines are attacking gap one. Why I don't know, my radio says the Ultramarines are going to attack along with the sisters though guardsmen form the other post's are going to attack, to few though.”

looking at them “I will return soon, your not slated to come.” Gawain hissed “like heck we will.” then Philip smiled “raging Xenos couldn't stop us. hump what are they thinking any way, this is are city and no traitor is taking it from us. Right Elliot.” he simple revved his jet engine.

At the gap, or rather in the field just before it. the Chaos marines leader had just arrived teleporting in on a beacon placed by the infiltrator team. 40 chaos marines arrived Dreadclaw that homed in on the same beacon. But by Valkyrie flying from a hidden air base in Tyranid territory 80 slaves were flown in and promptly put to work, digging.

The Marines showed up a few moments latter and battle broke out. The Ultramarines were held off by waves of bolter fire from surprising disciplined Chaos Marines, the city streets shook to the rattle of Heavy bolters and with in moments it got worse.

Chaos lord Lazerian eyed the growing forces with a vague worry. “Lord,” he clenched his fist as a acknowledgment “the loyalist are growing in number and we are but a strike force.” Lazerian sighed “I pity, I so hoped I would be able to save my baragian, very well if it must be done.” turning to the marine “bring me the artifact.”

Elliot was charging, or rather speed walking, toward the fight, speed walking due to the 80 guardsmen who had proven sober enough to know which way to shoot. Unfortunately they were the men of the 88th Cassandrin, the less steady of the two regiments there. The 77th was of gang recuitment and tended to gorge them self ins times of plenty. Elliot voiced these concerns to Philip, or rather sub Lieutenant Philip as his new rank “don't worry your self Elliot the more rounds, or lasbolt, beams? What are they called? Its like thing at the end of shoe lace you see it all the time but you don't know what its called.”

he shrugged “the point is that if you have put enough shots down range you going to kill something.” Elliot nodded at that. “Fair point.” suddenly they heard a sounded like like tearing steel. “what was that?” Gawain asked pulling the slide on her bolter. Elliot was confused “I don't know.” they kept moving. “the gaps right ahead.” they got to in just in time fore something to stride over the mound of rubble. It had six legs and two massive claws, high above its Scorpion tail was a 3 barreled Gatling gun.

Elliot grabbed Philip and Gawain in one fist and pulled them back out of sight behind the building they just came around. Other guardsmen were less lucky and were cut down by scything beams of light “Brass Scorpion,” the other Guardsmen who were slower now listened to him “a killing machine built to destroy. Its armor is blessed by the dark gods and there is little that can hope to dent it save the heavier weapons like Melta guns, Lascannons and Krak missiles,” looking over the guardsmen, “which we don't have.” he pointed to one man “you! Go to command get as every tank they have. Vanquisher would be ideal, but failing that Annihilator will do, GO!” the man ran off.

“what do we do in the mean time?” Elliot rumbled “nothing, you can doing nothing, I am the only one who can harm it.” he said raising his fist. “you against that thing? It twice your size!” “maybe, but when you get down to it, so are Carnifexs to you.” he said to Philip. After a moment he turned down the street away from it and then ducked into a side alley.

Lazerian was pleased, his bargain to summon the Scorpion worked it had shattered the space marine offensive splitting them into defeatable chunks. “Sir we have reached the temple.” Lazerian was thrown off his musing “perfect, remove the relics and prep the dread claws for orbital take off.” “what about the slaves?” The “Imperium will kill them , there of no use to us.” “and the Scorpion?” Lazerian turned to it again “its such a shame, but we have to leave it, but it will keep the Imperium occupied while we leave.”

Elliot went down that alley until he was beside the scorpion

charging the last 3 yards he braced his shoulder down and rammed it with enough force to tip a Leman Russ, and bounced off. Stumbling back he wrapped his arms around the leg and pulled nothing. The Scorpion swung around fast it huge left 'claw' smashed into him ramming him into, and through a building bringing the whole thing down.

The Scorpion waited for movement and when nothing happened turned to walk off but when it did Elliot shouldered the rubble off him grabbing a 15 foot iron beam and gave a cheesy action movie line “were you going I got you a present!” he then smashed it over the Scorpions back bending the beam so it conformed to the scorpions back “say thank you.” the Scorpion did not care though it just turned and charged bull dozening in to Elliot and throwing him back though a building. Elliot gave a sigh when he stopped it was going to be one of those days.

Gawain was flabbergasted “look at that thing! Nothing can stop it.” as if to add to the point Elliot charged into it once more this time trying to jump over the claws on top. Only it grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground like a rag doll before dropping him to the ground and started pounding him with both claws. “well what can we do?” Philip looked to his guardsmen “what do we have?” the result was dismile, only lasguns. “come on, think what is there.” Gawain yelled

Philip looked around and saw it. It was one of the Earth Shakers statically placed to hammer the hive fleet “Gawain can you lower a earth shake.” “yes why?”

Elliot rolled out from under the pummeling blows and fell back a few steps. The Scorpion fired it demolisher into him he jumped back a few feet but still got shaken. He walked back a few more steps eying the thing before him, cursing his heavy bolters, wishing for lascannons. “come on then you still want to fight!” Elliot was looking worse for ware huge dents in his body form the Scorpion, gash's from the Tyrant, holes form Hive Guards, pits from spore mines and claw marks from the warriors and the lesser beasts. Only the ancient armor of the Dreadnought held him together.
The Scorpion backed a pace off and fired it tail weapon at him strifeled up and down him only making more dents. It then charged foreword.

The Earth shaker dropped to almost level to the ground “so we hit it?” Gawain watched as five guardsmen man handed a shell into the gun. “we will, give me a moment to aim” she said as she did some finicky final adjustment to by spinning a few wheels traversing it a few degrees to aim it. The breech was slammed shut Philip watched as the Scorpion ran into Elliot and then held him by both arms. “no time to aim, FIRE!”

Elliot's servos screamed in protested to the pulling just when he thought his left arm would break off he heard a roaring boom followed almost instantly by a explosion. It hit the ground to the Scorpions right flipping it up on to its left legs dropping Elliot. Elliot saw his chance.

While the thing was tipped up Elliot grabbed it by its under side and started to shove it though the gap it had clambered though. The Scorpion struggled but its legs could get no taction over ground. Elliot stopped, pushed it over form its delicate ballence and then raising his fist above his head he slammed it. It rang like a debased bell it it shock once, gave a shudder and stood still.

“Elliot!” Philip, Gawain and the 80 Guardsmen Elliot turned “turns out they die like a fish if you hit them in underbelly, its not often I find myself in a position to thank some one other then a fellow space marine, thank you.” then a explosion echoed across the plain “but there is a battle to fight, to war!” and he led the charge across the plain. Behind him the Scorpion was still, until it twitched.
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