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this is a logan wing list that is JUST FOR FUN.

id like to know what you think of it. i mean go ahead and rip it apart, just keep in mind it is just for fun.

logan grimnar


wolf gaurd x7
6x jump packs
2x combi melta
fist x2

wolf gaurd x4
combi melta x4
2x chain fists
drop pod

wolf gaurd x5
2x fist
2x combi meltas



thunder wolf cavalry x4
wolf claw
melta bomb


long fangs x5
4x missiles


ok so you should get the idea, logan makes the WG troops. i have troop bikes, jump packs, and terminators. some fangs for support. lots of single shot melta. it will wiff and ill be screwed or it wont. logan with the termies in the pod. plus i have thunder wolf cavalry.

i wanted something faster than normal but i dont like using the sky claws or the swift claw bikers. also im not using any rhinos or transports other than the one drop pod.

i know that most likely logan wont get into assault because they will run away and shoot at him or lash him away but his job is really to make the other stuff scoring.

i figure ill turbo boost the bikes at them to give them a cover save and get them across the board, try to keep the jump packs behind stuff to get cover without making them take tests unless its necessary and get them across the board. run the thunder wolf cavalry for a second wave and drop logan right in their face but not in the bikes way.

so they have 2 major threats right in their face the bikes who can get the assault turn 2 and logan and the terminators. then the thunderwolves and jump packs as a second mop up wave who should get there turn 3ish. plus i have melta everywhere, fists doubled up in most places, and some missiles, not many, i admit, but some. maybe enough to take out a transport or something...

how competitive is it? it is mostly for fun but will it work? i think it will but im sure im blinded by how cool the idea behind it is lol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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