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Lizardmen re-box?

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Hey everyone,

nothing but pure speculation here, but as some of you may know I have started to collect some Lizardmen recently and having gone on the gw web page today just for a look, none of the models are there anymore.

Over the last few weeks some have been going out of stock, which might mean they are the next army to get re-boxed with the new round bases, and hopefully, based on the skaven and nurgle stuff, might get some exciting new units with this re-release.

Here is hoping anyway.

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While I was in no way interested in the blood bound or aignarine codexs, purely because the first AoS big rule book had me sick to death of the same poor repetitive background and art work for them, I'd be interested in this book.
I've always loved th lizardmen, and think it'll be interesting to see how their background has changed.
Also these books are grea for giving clues for future releases. While there are no new kits/units for lizards on the way soon, the book may shed some light on their futire.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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