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Well here's what I think(didn't read the posts of others, so I'm sorry if I'm just repeating things)

Well what to buy: A Slann, he's the third best mage in the game, only archmage with Book of Hoeth and Teclis beat him.
Bump the TG up to 20, that's a great number.
And Salamandeers, a bucket load of sallie's, they rock
And some Teradons or Chameleon Skinks to kill warmachines.

One thing: If you have a Slann field 1 Skink Priest at max, your Slann will use the whole PD pool and will stay alive if your smart and don't have incredible bad luck, with 5 wounds and a 4+ ward he'll stay alive.

About Saurus, perhaps buy some more, 24(6x4) is a great number.
And about Lore choice you have to choose what you like, but if your going saurus heavy with a big TG block I recommend Light
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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