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I just played in a small 5 game tourney (38 players but very highly competitive and experienced players with two that played for US in ETC and a dozen or more ranked in US and known Indy GT winners or placers). Lizardmen armies did extremely well (second only to Skaven) and are very good/competitive in 8th edition due to casting abilities of the Slann and abilities of the units.

In 8th edition, I would only go with a Slann and one skink priest (either in unit or on Engine of the Gods). So you want 1 Slann, 1 skink priest on foot and 1 skink priest on Stegadon kitted as an engine of the gods. Anything more is not worthwhile for the points cost; adding another caster only adds more possible spells (you get 3 on the EOTG and are restricted to Lore of Heavens) and a 1/6 possibility of channeling.

You need at least a total of 20 temple guard (4 ranks by six wide with Slann taking up 4 slots) and preferrably 26 for larger points battles.
2 salamander models with handlers and maybe 2 razordon models (some like their stand and shoot abilities);
3 or 4 Teradon riders,
1 or 2 scar vet heroes
blocks of Saurus warriors (with spears and shields or with handweapon and shield needs to be considered) total up to 60 models
Skinks: ranked with javelins up to 24 (quick to fire javelins with poison and greater range makes this unit more valuable than before)
Krox: 3 (run in second rank of a block of skinks and FAQ change in great reach rule makes them harder to kill in combat); they get stomp against infantry if put in front but get 3 hits with great weapons without being hit in combat in the second rank now; the move rate of 6 of a skink and krox unit makes it interesting for Lizardmen armies).
Skink skirmishers: 20 total

With the Slann and skink priest on steg, that is about 3000+ points of models not counting magic items and banners and command model points. That would give you the flexibility to try different options and play standard 2500 point battles (like one Saurus warrior block with a Scar Vet and one skink and Krox block plus some skink skirmishers for core or 2 Saurus warrior blocks plus skink skirmishers as alternative).

A second stegadon (make so that you can run both gaint bow or blowpipe options)
A unit or 2 of chameleon skinks for war machine hunting (poisoned shooting is great against their high T)
A couple more Salamanders and razordons

You need to be able to go after war machines quickly. They are the greatest threat and you will see cannons from dwarves and empire a lot in 8th edition. Teradons and chameleons (scouts and skirmishers) can do that.
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