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What Lore should a Slaan take? I'm thinking Lore of Light to give them that nifty little I10 W10 spell
Light is good for Saurus heavy armies, especially if you want to field some Saurus Cavalry. However, it's not that useful for rounded mixed armies with Skinks, Chameleons, the odd Steg and weapon beastie.

It also depends on what you want to do. Lore of Death is amazing if you have a few Salamanders. -3 LD to your opponent, fry them with a Sallie, panic test on even 1 single casualty on trash leadership.

Beasts is good if you have multiple Steg + Krox. -1 difficulty to cast the buff spells combined with a free dice from rumination means you won't get easily shafted with a low power pool. The down side to beasts is you cannot cast Kadon. So you efectively have a lore with noe power spell.

Life gets you Dwellers, the single most powerful spell in the game. It also gets you regrowth and flesh to stone. Nothing says I win like a block of 40 T8 Saurus that you can bring back from the dead.

When it comes down to it, there really is no right or wrong lore for a frog. It's down to what you like the feel of.

What should be my next unit to buy (Either list the third or a replacement of the two listed)
1: Frog
2: Increase your Temple Guard to at least 30
3: Skink Priest on Steg.

Nuff Said.

What are some good magic items for these units? I'm new to the game so I don't know what would be good
Your Slann MUST have Cupped hands. He's goping to be the single biggest points investment so keeping him alive is priority 1. Especialy given his magical capabilities. Cupped hands takes your miscast and gives it to your opponent. Nothing's funnier than giving the enemy lvl4 -3 Wizard levels and laughing as he loses all his spells.

I like to take a Skar Vet with the Shield of the Mirrored Pool and stick him in my frog unit. Pop a semi decent weapon on him and he can issue and acept challenegs just fine and the shield gives you fantastic protection against magic missiles.

Cube of Darkness is a nice item to have. Especially if your opponent has powerful casters as you can remove one of his magic phases. This makes Teclis cry on the days he doesn't roll a double.

If you add cavalry at any point, the terror banner is a nice tool for them, especially if you go the lore of Death route and throw -3 LD about.
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